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EPISODE 20 Malik Shah Great Seljuke

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

This is EPISODE 20 of Great Seljuk with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. I told you Turnn your face, Hatun.Terken Hatun.If you have finished seeing our Sultan, come in front of the tent.Father.My Sultan.Allah is the greatest!They’ve turned this place into a bloodbath. We need to retreat.But the documents are thereDon’t mind the documents. If we die, we can take nothing ever again!Albert!Save yourself! Let’s go.Sabbah and Markus have gone.Go after them right away! Come on!He wrote down every state secret he has learned, and hid them.

That bastard..Thank Allah we got them before the infidels got them.Our swords say the last words in these lands!You will all learn it!Until things c^tm dow , you shouldn’t have left the palace.What if ^someone harms the baby you carry?How can we give the account of that?How kind of you to worry about us to this degree, Zubeyde Hatun.I’m worried for the state.And you are the family of our Sultan.That s the region for your worth. And that’s it.I think of otir state……and out of respect for your position, I stay silent.For now!

I don’t need my position against you.Do your best.Now, since you saw our Sultan, you can go!If you remove his head*just because he spitted on you, all the effort you showed for our cause would be for nothing.And these are important people for Crusaders. We need to interrogate them first.Come on, we will take the Counts and the documents to the palace.Send news to the tribe, the mission is accomplished.When our Sultan opens his eyes, the first thing he should hear should be the good news from us.Come on!a? * 0When I learned Terken left the palace and came here, I saw the danger, and came here right away.I’m glad she didn’t see you. If she learns this secret……it would bring great catastrophes, ma/ Allah protect.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے اسکرول ڈاؤن کرکے watch here پر کلک کریں ، شکریہ۔

Call the doctors quickly, Hatun.Meliksah.-Zubeyde…Thank Allah.You are awakeWait.Thank Allah, my Allah did not let you die by the hands of the treacherous enemy.Allah Almighty bestowed me with days to take our revenge, before I die.Meliksah.I saw my father Alparslan in my dreams.He talked about our Prophet PBUH, his friends, and the Sanjac of Tawheed.It should be raised…..stay on the skies, and never fall.All the world has swore to make us fall.Every treacherous one has made an oath to tear that blessed Sanjac apart.But we won’t fallThat Sanjac will bring order to the whole world.How is Kamac? And my soldiers?

They are fine, thank Allah. Head Doctor, Turna Hatun, and all the healers of the tribe worked hard.And they healed all of them.Basusaw Basulu hereHer face was right in front of me.Here.She was looking at me with worry.I saw her in my dreams before too, but this time…It was too real to be a dream.You were in a difficult situation.You were both wounded and poisoned.You thought you saw such thing with the effect of your situation and the medicines they gave you.You should have rest.It’s not the time to rest, Zubeyde.Prepare me now.

There are things that the eneVny has to pay for.When did you come here Isaakios?I came here when Livia told me that the Seljuk would set an ambush.Did you give the documents to the Counts?\Ne couldn’t resist the ambush.The Seljuk killed the Count’s soldiers and seized the documents.Damn it! Everything was dependent on those documents for me!I broke the agreement I made with Meliksah I was relying on those documents!Moreover, Meliksah is still alive.Where is Count Albert?I told him to escape from the scene of the fight.He’ll be at our meeting point if he could make it.If something happens to him, the Emperor, Christian Kingdoms and the Pope won’t forgive us.These all happened because of you, old fox. Nothing you promised happened.Did you use usDid you sell us out for the Seljuk?You can’t separate your friend from your enemy because of your rage.At such a time when we should be united against our enemy more than ever…..are you trying to make me your enemy too?

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