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EPISODE 21 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 4

This is the story of EPISODE 21 of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. [EKDEIM FILM] Oh, the treachery, you who are more cruel than the enemy… I will make these lands a living hell for you. Move our martyrs away from the fire! Come on, come on! Extinguish the fire! Come on, Alps Yagiz Alp. find Bahadir for me As you order my Bey Samsa? esuies There’s a martyr here, too! My brother Samsa. esuies My Samsa, my brave brother esuues My brother, how could they have done this to you? How could those bastards have done this to you’? Until we bring them to account for your blood they shed… there will be no peace for you in your grave or for us on this earth, my Samsa. I swear this to you. I swear this. Degenerates They’ve done a great slaughter^ my Bey. We gathered all our martyrs, my Bey. Get ready to take our martyrs back to the tribe. And find B h dir Bahadir Bey is missing, my Bey. We didn’t find him among the dead. What do you mean you didn’t find him, Yagiz Alp? Did you thoroughly search for him among the martyrs? We did, my Bey. He is not there. Bamsi Alp . it is clear who was charged with this duty here. Identify all our martyrs, right away. And let me know if there is only Bahadir missing among them. As you order, my Bey As you order. Hurry up, hurry I h v to find ut another way to get out of here and reach Ertugrul Bey. Amin -Amin Aag A|/| All the Alps who were on duty here have been martyred. The onlyone missing is Bahadir. Maybe those villains who did this, have taken Bahadir their hostage? With so many Alps they killed, why would they take Bahadir hostage, Bamsi? That’s not highly likely that those who. persecuted us wouldn’t have killed Bahadir too The Bahadir is neither dead nor taken hostage. When we have so many martyrs… when our catapults were burnt… it is obvious that he chose to run away Traitorous dog. And he even boasted of his heroism on the battlefields. Did he run away from the battlefield like cowards?

We will find out soon, whether he had run away out of fear or due to his betrayal, Bamsi Turgut, go back to the tribe, immediately. Obviously Bahadir has returned to the tribe. Find him and bring him to me, without delay He will explain to me the reason why he fled to the tribe… when so many of my Alps were fighting and were martyred. It is even possible that Bahadir and Ares acted together. Be cautious on the road. As you order, my Bey Go on And we have to take our martyrs back to the tribe. When people see that the catapults were burnt the first day and that we have martyrs • ♦ they will fall into despair. And I need to be there to raise their fortitude, to prevent them from falling into despair. They must know that the war has just started, that we haven’t lost yet. EyvAllah (you are right), my Bey, eyvAllah. YagizAlp, notify the otherBeys, immediately^ Everyone will continue keeping their places. Gunkut, Dumrul, Abdurrahman, they will appoint others as the heads to the Alps in their charge… and they have to return to the tribe without delay. As you order, my Bey. My Bey, we could have conquered the fortress with these catapults, fairly quickly And, we have organized the Alps counting on that. The catapults were burnt. What are we going to do now, my Bey? We won’t change our plans and arrangements, yet again, Bamsi. We will put our back into it, but we will make new catapults. Eyvallah (we will), my Bey, eyvallah. And, they will see that they cannot intimidate us Let’s go, brave-hearts. Be careful. Titan has done it again, Sir. Catapults were burned to ashes. And, Ertugrul’s Alps were killed, too. Titan alone can substitute the whole army, Kostas. He proved that once again. Ertugrul will not be able to recover from this defeat, so easy. I razed his reputation to the ground In the eyes of Turkmen tribes.

Now I’ll make him live through the succession of great defeats. I won’t let him take even a single breath. Divide et Impera [Latin: Divide and Conquer] Divide and Rule! Ertugrul must have gone mad from anger. Now he will attack our walls in a rage. If he makes such idiocy . he will bring about his own end. Do not be so sure, Kostas. Ertugrul is not so stupid to act in a rage and attack the walls with his Alps He will mourn his dead Alps and will look for a way out of this defeat. In the meantime, we will deal him a fatal blow] How would we do that, Sir? Bahadir Bey. By now, he has raided the Qavdar tribe. Now it’s the time to use him. What are you going to do, Sir? I will lure Ertugrul into a trap with the help of Bahadir, Kostas. Find me a brave soldier who will go to the Qavdar tribe. He will leave through a secret passage to take my letter to Bahadir Bey. You have united the Qavdars and increased our power, Bahadir Bey… may your Beylick be blessed, may your path be open. May your Beylick be blessed, Bahadir Bey! Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim [In the name of Allah swt, the Merciful and the Compassionate]. I, Bahadir Bey, the son of Karagavli. I swear a solemn oath on the Mus’haf, on our flag and on my sword. [Mus’haf – the 1st Qur’an book, collected by Hz. Abu Bakr, RA] If I abandon the customs of my nation, my religion and… the path of my older brother Candar, then. for the sake of the right of Qur’an and the honor of my flag… may I be cut by my own sharp sword. I swear, I will merge the Qavdars into one… I will enliven our tribe and bring it to full flourish. and will not depart from the path of my older brother Candar. Bring Aslihan Hatun in here. Aaah! Let go of me’ Swear your obedience to Bahadir Bey, Aslihan Hatun. I would rather die a thousand times than… obey him once. You all are cowards At the time of war, you betrayed the Bey of Principality of your State. You dared to attack my Beys and my Alps. You will all get what you deserve. I extended one last privilege to you, Aslihan. Know to appreciate its’ value. Otherwise, your husband Turgut will die because of your obstinacy. Swear your obedience to me, so. I may spare the lives of both of you. Both you and your Beys, who sit in the tent soiled with blood. you have long since crossed all boundaries, Bahadir Bey. You will pay with your blood, the price of claiming the Beylick and… assembling the Council that is steeped in blood of my Beys and Alps. Sooner or later, my Ertugrul Bey will make you pay for what you’ve done. Whoa! Whoa, you impertinent one You still shield yourself behind Ertugrul, and try to pontificate me. The one who caused the death of your own father and… spilled the blood of your older brother Ural, was it not Ertugrul? You still want to ride on Ertugrul’s tail without any shame, hah? Before you have time to apologize and run with tails between your legs… you will die in this tent you stained with the blood of your brothers Enough, that s enough You, brazen woman! Are you looking for trouble9 In that case, together with your husband Turgut. .. you are going to fill your own grave May you burn in Hell’ Aag A|/| Aag A|A| Ertugrul Bey s Alps have been attacked while under siege. All the catapults were burnt. All the Alps were killed. Imbecile. Imbecile He lost the war before it even started Let alone conquering the Castle, but he won’t even find the power to fight. He couldn’t protect the catapults in which I put so much effort to make them He wasted his Alps in a villainous ambush. And he considers himself the Bey of Principality. I will make you the dust of my feet, Ertugrul.

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