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EPISODE 21 Malik Shah Great Seljuke

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

This is EPISODE 21 of Great Seljuk with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. When I went to visit my mother…..Basulu Ha tun was wandering about a secret son.Who is this child, who was borne by Basulu Hatun?Who is Tapar’s brother, whom he doesn’t know about his existence?Don’t you know my mother is sick?She says such things because, she is confused.She says such things because, she is confused.And are you telling me this, as if you found something important?And are you telling me this, as if you found something important?How can’t I, my Sultan?If it had been known that you had a child from Basulu Hatun, while she was exiled……no one would have accepted your ascension to the throne.If such a thing is proved today……it means your sultanate is questionable.You are coming here with just deliriums of a sick person.Do you have any evidence that I had a secret son?I don’t.Then, don’t come to my presence with such rumors again!

And don’t confuse anyone, too.Otherwise, I’ll punish you dearly because you caused disorder.¥As you order, my Sultan.Send away the soldiers of Tekis from Isfahan!Seize their weapons and assign soldiers to check them!Until you move your soldiers where we want, you will stay in the palace……where I can see you.I won’t let you cau& any frenzy.Brother.As you order, my Sultan.My uncle almost kept us as prisoners by keeping us in the palace, father.Why didn’t you object?It’s better for us to be inside rather than being outsidd fo now, son.Let’s see what kind off an order my brother has established for years in the palace. What has he done?Let’s meddle with the order of the palace, so that, we can get the sultanate easily, when the time is right.And there’s no smoke without fire.And that secret son matter won’t be ended immediately.We’ll investigate it thoroughly.

This matter…..will be our greatest leverage to the thron My Sultan. Melik Tekis comes up with this rumor to cause disorder.Yet, he can’t dare to open this subject again, after your words.Yet, this matter is not closed for me.For I don’t have a secret brother……then, how can he claim such a thing…..with such confidence?I warned your uncle not to cause any disorder!And are you affected by that ^disorder now, Tap£r?Of course, I’m not, my Sultan, I just–You know what can such an rumor cause!This matter won’t be mentioned again!Otherwise, I

won’t forgive whoever he is!As you order, my Sultan.Tapar is right, Hace.How can my mother……wander it without knowing that I have a secret son?…this secret reached some others and you still don’t know about it?My Sultan.There is no explanation for this ap rt from Seferiye Katun’s sickness.Most probably, Melik Tekis spread this rumor by himself……by using Seferiye Hatun’s deliriums.My Sultan. The news has come about the caravan coming from Melik Berkyaruk.My Sultan. The news has come about the caravan coming from Melik Berkyaruk.

The caravan was raided-All the goods were stolen.-Who?Who did this?It’s not known yet, my Sultan.We’ve sent soldiers to the incident scene.Those goods were crucial to the campaign preparations!The absence of the goods means the delay of the campaign.This is not an ordinary attack, my Sultan. Obviously, it was committed by the ones, who know about our campaign preparations.This matter was under Zubeyde Hatun’s responsibility.Call her here quickly.As you command, my Sultan.> < > •• to I • t • • I •SelemzaThe longing I had for my mother was already hard on me…I found strengthin your existence.You would never leave me alone, father.And now you left me alone too.It won’t be understood that we poisoned him, right?Be at ease, there is no possibility for them to understand.Did you do the necessary examinations?Is there anything else behind his death?He died of an heart attack, my Bey.They couldn’t find anything else.I’m sorry for your loss, Turna Hatun.Emir llteber was a good person.I wish you were aware of that when he was alive too.

I lost my father too.-If you want to share sorrow—-There is no need, thanks.My loved ones are with me to ease my pain.Be strong, my Tuma.You won’t be alone.We will be your family.I warned you about this matter. I told you that those materials were too important!Yet you didn’t take the necessary precautions.We made a mistake by trusting you!My Sultan.-I took the necessary precau…-The materials are captured by the enerriy because of you!The campaign has almost come to an end before it begin! How can yotfStill defend yourself!?And I’m going to make Berkyaruk pay too! He is also responsible for this mistake!Berkyaruk has not done anything wrong, my Sultan.I’m the one that’s responsible for this failure.

Don’t let there be a resentment between father and son in these hard times.He is my son, as much as yours! Who do you think you defend from me!?Everyone will pay for their mistakes!You are right to say anything, my Sultan.I will accept the necessary punishment.can only Comply in this matter.My Sultan, Terken Hatun wants to see you.Call her in.The greatest punishment that can be given to you is not to give you serious responsibilities gain.Now leave my presence!My Sultan, I have heard that steel materi s important for war have been stolen.I want to talk to you about that.If you allow me, I want to replace the stolen steels from the Karahanli lands.Even though we are not on good terms with Karahanli right now……I can use my royalty influence, and make the necessary connection.Thanks for your good intention, Terken.But it’s not just about steels.In that caravan that was raided, there were special springs for big catapults.Springs?Springs…Special springs..I thought there were only steels.Making one takes a long time.If we cannot take them back, it means that this campaign is over before it begins.For now, we have no other choice but to take back the stolen materials.

I understand, my Sultan.Excuse meYou deserve this victory wine, warriors.You ended the great campaign Meliksah planned before it began.Meliksah, who couldn’t conquer Kuvel, and protect Caucasus, won’t be able to go to Constantinople either.Constantinople?He won’t even be able to leave Isfahan!We’ll take the booty to a safe place now.When Prince Isaakios secures the road he will inform us through Father Petrus That’s when we’ll go to Kuvel.We’ll attack Meliksah with his own weapon when it’s the right time.I raise my glass for Jerusalem.g5r the holy Jerusalem.For Jerusalem!My Sultan.My Sultan.Sencer sent news from Selemzar.Emir llteber has passed away.Do they know why he died?His daughter examined him. He died of a heart failure.May Allah rest his soul.Turna Hatun is left alone. We must give her the necessary care and support.*W‘* ’iExpedition materials…Emir llteber’s death…The issue about Selemzar…We need to take care of all those as soon as possible, Hace.Tell Sencer to come to my presence.As you order, my Sultan.There were not only steel materials in the stolen caravan……but also special -■? rings for the catapults; Taculmulk.I didn’t know that those special springs were on the caravan.Obviously, this was a very confidential information.The plan we made for Zubeyde Hatun to fall into disfavor caused problems for us because of your carelessness!And it harmed our state!You’ll make up for your mistake as soon as possible.Where is the caravan now? Who has the^naterials?

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