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EPISODE 22 Malik Shah Great Seljuke

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

This is EPISODE 22 of Great Seljuk with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. He still has a pulse.He still has a pulse!He’s still alive. Hace he is still Alive.We’ll take him to the palace immediately. Hang on, son.-Soldiers!Be prepared! We’ll take Melik Tapar to the palace! Come on!Hace!Come òn!Son, hang on! We are taking you, hang on!Hang on, my brave son! Hang on, my lion!There is Turk’s blood on our sacred spear.Soon, I’ll shed the blood off others……just like Tapar’s blood.Come on.Let’s take this good news to Isakios now.From now on, you will be on guard with Turna Hatun’s soldiers before the gates of Selemzar.And you’ll be on patrolinside the city.Never stop following Turna Hatun’s orders.As you command, my Bey.Sencer Bey.Markus and the crusaders raided the workshop.So, we took the equipment back to the tribe.What is the situation?

It is been destroyed and Melik Tapar…What happened to Melik Tapar?He’s badly wounded. They said it it was so hard for him to recover from that.We’ll go the palace right away, warriors.We’ll both learn the state of Melik Tapar and take action for revenge.Mother.You stay here.1*11 let you know.Okay, Sencer Bey.My Allah……grant my Tapar to ti$.Don’t open an unhealable wound on my heart.Sultan Meliksah made our soldiers hand over their swords.He also made his own soldiers retreat.Yet, he forbade hunting to us.Your uncle told us to establish our tent at the back of the hunting grounds.He didn’t tell us not to hunt.He also knows quite well that……no one can preventme rom hu ti g.Melik Hadrath!What is it?I have important news.

If it is not important enough to scare my hunt away, I’ll shoot you.The crusaders raided the military workshop.They slaughtered everyone. And Melik Tapar was heavily wounded.They say it is hard for him to recover.How can it be?How can the heathens raid the military workshop of Seljuk?How can they try to kill a Melik of Seljuk?Obviously, the ones ruling us cannot deal with the enemy.They can’t even protect the dynasty.The great Seljuk is ruled by such people!But……I am also a son of the dynasty.I can show the power of the Seljuk to all the enemies and friends, it it is needed!

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے اسکرول ڈاؤن کریں اور پھر Watch Here پر کلک کریں، شکریہ ۔

Go right away!Find the crusaders, who raided there, and kill them!Only, we can be the ones, who can take the revenge of this state!We’ll go to the palace, too.So, we can both check the situation of my nephew……and call them account for putting the state in such a weak situation.J ‘GPrepare the healing room! My son is wounded!Hang on, son! Son, hang on!My Tapar!What did they to you? How could they do this to you?Daughter, you are preghant. Go back to your room. We’ll let you know.I can’t leave Tapdr.I need to be with him.Gevher Hatun! Gevher! Gevher!Allah forbid, something will happen to you child.Don’t forget the child you carry, Gevher Hatun! Help!Call the doctors!Prepare her room!-Gevher!-Take her To the room!

I raise my pot to the one, who devastated Tapar……and destroyed Mpliksah’s military workshop……Markus;Long live Markus!This has been our greatest attack until now.And Emperor had better take action by exploiting Meliksah’s weakness.Don’t worry.I’ll let him know.Our soldiers in Constantinople will infiltrate Anatolia as soon as possible.They’ll massacre the tribes of Turks.Meliksah will certainly try to take revenge.We need to shackle him one or another.As far as I heard, Meliksah’s brother Tekis is around.He had always problems with Meliksah.Tekis has a greedy love for the throne.We need to provoke Tekis against Meliksah, Isakios.

Then he will stop coming after us.And maybe, it will be his own brother that dethrones Meliksah.Don’t worry, I know well how to impress men like him.When the time comes, it won’t be hard to get him on our side.Now, let’s drink for the blood we spilled from the eliksah’s son Tapar!For the blood spilled from Tapar!Hold on, my son!Hold on, my Tapar.Stay strong.What’s his situation?His wounds are deep, his internal organs are damaged.He is getting worse.But we will do our best to keep our Melik alive, my Sultan.Bring new cloth and heat up the needles!Hold On my lion, you got worse wounds than these, you will get over these as well.Hold on my tapar.My Sultan, we need to get out for the doctors to start the surgery.We have more a than father and son with you.

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