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EPISODE 23 Barbaroslar

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

This is Episode 23 of Barbaroslar: Akdeniz’in Kılıcı means Sword of the Meditarranean with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.I will kill you with your men, Hizir!Kill them all!Who are you?We are going inside the dungeon Oruc Aga is held.You take position behind.If there is a trap, you can raid.Ottoman is everywhere.Attack!Come on, warriors!Kill the infidels!Don't die!Don't die!Don't die!Leave Ilyas to me and kill the rest.Leave Ilyas to me and kill the rest.I will not give up until my last breath, Gabriel!I will make you pay for your schemes!Everything happened because of your stupidity, Ilyas.Oruc is suffering in my hands.And he will keep suffering more.Hizir will die in Modon.And I will kill you here.My father used to be the duke of Lesbos.And your father was leading the ones, who conquered the island.He caused my father's death.Now I will go to take Levita.Then I am......going to destroy you, and all your family.I am sure that's how your father talked as well.But our sword brought his end!And he left a child like you behind!Your father must have died suffering by our hands!And now we are going to kill you Gabriel!I will kill you slowly, just like Oruc.While making you suffer.You are my prisoner now.I killed many Muslims in Andalusia.I have been longing for it for a long time.

Now I will kill you and spill Muslim blood, which I have been longing for!I will cut you down and make you feed on your own blood, don't worry!You took the Andalusians from me, now I am going to make you all slaves and sell you!You, your brothers, the woman you love! All of you!Just as how we imprisoned your brother Oruc, we are going to make all of you slaves!This is......the revenge for the innocent people you hurt, and my levents you killed!Your head will be cut too!I will take revenge for this Hizir!They took Pablo away.Let’s catch him and kill that dog.Let's make him pay with his life for what he did to us.The punishment I gave to him is enough for him for now.Let's not go after him and bring more trouble for ourselves.Oh Ilyas!You ruined everything!We got into lots of troubles to save Oruc Aga.But with your mistake, you destroyed all our hard work.Who knows how Gabriel entrapped them.Our ship is waiting at the harbor in the East, Reis.It will take you to Kelemez safe and sound.Oruc Aga and the fleet is in Gabriel's hands.

Let's return to Kelemez and think of how to save Oruc Aga.And we will make sure these......mistakes made behind us are paid for!Let go!Let go of me!I will not surrender to you!I will not let Gabriel get away with this!Enough!Just as how we imprisoned your brother, we will imprison you.You will all be Signor Gabriel's slaves!Let's take him.Signor Gabriel is waiting.Get up!You and Hizir are like wolves.But Ilyas is still a naive lamb.I made him fall into my trap.I killed his levents in front of his eyes......and took my fleet back.And now he is my prisoner.Being proud of treachery only suits bastards like you.We will make sure these mistakes are paid for among us.But.....first I will escape here......and make you pay for what you did.Let go of me!Let go!Let go of me!What's happeningAttack!How can you be this reckless Ilyas!?Sahin and soldiers took precaution.But they got attacked.I will go after Sahin! Come on!They saved Ilyas at the last minute.Our soldiers died.You couldn't win Gabriel.You'll see.Hizir will leave Modon safely.You think I care about that?I got my fleet back.

And I captured you.Now I'm going to take Levitha Island.You'll have invaded our land.We took that island.....with conquest Sanjac.....conquest Salaah......conquest sword and martyrs' blood.We won't let you invade it.I don't care about the things you said.My father's sword.The symbol if our dukedom and our noble blood.This is the weapon I'll use for.revenge.The holy cross.The holy cross.It was given to my family by the Pope centuries ago.Symbol of our sovereignty.Patron Saint of Venice, St. Mark's bible.The symbol of our Great Christianity domination.When I take Levitha, I'll destroy everything you put there......and show everyone that the island is a Christian land with the holy relics.Darul Islam lands......can never be a Christian land.What you're doing......will lead to a great war Gabriel.Even Venice can!t save you.But that's what I want.Let the great war in the Mediterranean begin.I'll take Levitha Island......and spill the first blood.Then we'll both see.......who owns Levitha and 12 islands......and also the Mediterranean.Unfurl the sails!We're going to conquer the Levitha Island.

Who attacked you from behind Sahin? Did you see?No. I didn't see them but......they went that way.I'm okay. Go after them.Go and catch them.Stay here and help Sahin and the wounded.I'll go after them.As you wish.Where did the Hatuns come from?They might come after us.Let's split up brother.Okay. Let's go.0 *You cover your face, so I must know you.I'll see who you are, traitor.Where are you Meryem?Are you okay?We'll be exposed if they come here.Come on. -Meryem.They attacked before I could see them.But I'll expose who they are.Did Gabriel release Oruc?He got the fleet and fooled you.You got tricked and now Oruc's a prisoner.I took precautions.How could I know they would attack?Hizir told us very strictly not to give the fleet.He risked his life to save Oruc Reis.You put your brothers at risk.Enough.Enough. Don't pressure me.I did this to save my Agas lives.Pray that Hizir comes back alive.Or I'll consider you the killer of your brothers.Hizir Aga will come back......and Oruc Aga will be saved.Gabriel said he'll invade the Levitha Island.Before he takes the island......we must take action.Sure, go.Guardian of Kelemez.But don't do what you did just now.You want to save Levitha......but don't lose Kelemez.•0Gabriel has both Oruc Aga and the fleet.

We will surely find a way to save Oruc Aga, but......Gabriel will definitely have a new plan.We must stop whatever he is going to do.I wish I could say......our people in Kelemez can handle it......but they are all too blind.How could Ilyas do this, reis?I don't know if it is.....blindness or betrayal.How could a levent sit at the Post of his reis?How could he disregard you and make this mistake?Ilyas dishonored the glory of being a levent.We can't accept his our reis, to you......and to the glory of being a levent.It doesn't suit us.If you can't......bring yourself to do it......since he is your younger brother......don't worry, Hizir Reis.Give us the command.And we'll do whatever is needed.No one will do anything.There is no "younger" or "older brother" in our path.There is only......loyalty and betrayal.Ilyas broke that loyalty.I will make him pay for that.You've been backed into a corner at the chess game of the Mediterranean.Now, I have the fleet.....and you.When I also take over Levitha Island......I will checkmate you.Even Ottoman is not helping you.They left you to my hands.They are not doing anything.We will take care of that matter internally.But don't get so happy.With Allah's permission, I'm strong enough to come at you on my own.

When I told you we, all the Christian states, have come said "You should all come with your navies!"What happened?You can't even protect each other.How are you supposed t® defeat fis?I am enough for you even on my own.Isn't your fear of that the reason you're keeping me with you?You know how my sword will be....coming at you once I am free.You can only talk like this when my hands are tied.But don't worry.Jackals get frightened......the moment the lion roars.I am keeping you with me so will see......what I'm doing and I'm capable of.I got my fleet, destroyed your brothers.And now, I will take Levitha Island right in front of your eyes.If you invade that island......not even the Crusader states you rely on can save you.Take a good look at this map.You can see how we shared the Mediterranean among ourselves as Christian states.The British, French.....and Spanish Kingdoms, Venice, Genoa......the Holy Roman Empire......the PopWe all already took our own pieces of the Mediterranean.We won't leave the islands in the Mediterranean......or the abundance coming from the Mediterranean to Turks.You won't be able to stop us./ Firstly, my sword will take care of that island which no one has been able to share.I will walk all over your martyrs' graves there......and turn your musjid into a church.I will also build city walls around it.And you will just have to watch bitterly.Keep this map, Gabriel.

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