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EPISODE 23 Malik Shah Great Seljuke

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

This is EPISODE 23 of Great Seljuk with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. The heathen, Markus and the crusaders have been defeatedly our swords.We ‘ve taken our revenge for their actions now.May your sword be never damaged, my Sultan.We have also a good news for you.Melik Tapar has finally stood up.■uos A|A|My brother has stood up, thank Allah.Thank Allah.I promised a wedding to Turna a long time ago, Hace.We’ve taken our vengeance now.And we don’t have an urgent duty.It is the right time for the wedding now.Turna Hatun worries about the security of Selemzar.Our Suttan assigned me the matter of Selemzar to me.Don’t worry.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے اسکرول ڈاؤن کریں اور پھر Watch Here پر کلک کریں، شکریہ ۔

Until a new order is assigned……Selemzar is under my responsibility.Eyvallah.The wedding is my happiest day, but……I know I can’t invite my father.Because, if he comes to the tribe, he sees my mother.He is the man, whom I want him to be with me most in my happiest day.My heart won’t be at ease, Hace.Keep your heart at peace.Whoever had your position, his heart would be broken.Of course, one day…you will get the rewa^ of your perseverance, son.Now, we’ll wait for the suitable time for the wedding.I’ll let you know.Thank Allah.You’ve stood up safe and soundTry to get better first.

Then, we will crush the heathens……back to back, shoulder to shoulder……and together again.I know I made you angry by having my mother’s grave opened, father….I didn’t do it because, I wouldn’t believe you……but because, I couldn’t control the pain of mother inside me.I know that pain inside you best.I suffered so much…..while your heart was burning.We had no choice, son.Except taking up our pain and trusting in Allah.You mother……always caressed you by saying the peak of the black mountain.You are standing up like that black mountain now.I’m sure her soul rests in peace now.Don’t do anything that causes us set against each other again, son.Don’t do do such a thing……and don’t let her soul get hurt.

Markus was someone, whom our Emperor cared so much.With his death……we lost the sacred spear and it was a disaster.If we can’t get that spear, which touched the Jesus Christ’s holy body……the Emperor and Christian Kingdoms never forgive us..Did you send our meeting offer to Meliksah?We did, sir.We must get the sacred spear by making an agreement with Meliksah.Otherwise, it will be so hard for us……to make our Emperor forgive us.We’ve learned that Seljuk soldiers keep searching for the remaining soldiers of Markus.Tell our menLet them find Markus* men…..and tell them run away from where they are.Livia was with them, too.If Seljuk captures her…..she can tell everything she knows about us with anger.-Make sure they kill Livia too.-As you command, sir.

I wish you rested a bit more, Tapar.Why are you going to the council room now y father will talk about the campaign preparations.And I want everyone to see I am healthy.TapaI heard your father hit you, while you were in the workshop.You didn’t tell me its reason.Why did he hit you?I wanted to have my mother’s grave opened.He learned that.He got angry by thinking that I didn’t trust him.You never do such a thing in vain.Why did you want to have your mother’s grave opened?My uncle, Tekis.When he came to the palace……he said that I had a brother that my father hid from everyone.And he told me that my mother could still be alive.Because all of this happening, I couldn’t control my curiosity.Why did your uncle say you had a brother anyway?He said my grandmother, Seferiye Hatun told him.Yet, you know my grandmother’s consciousness was poisoned.

I made a mistake by believing all of these, Gevher.What isTell me, what happened, Gevher?Seferiye Hatun is not sick, Tapar.What do you mean?Wasn’t my grandmother poisoned?Didn’t you, Elcin Hatun and Turna Hatun come together and reveal that?We did.But we had had all the lamps collected.The effect of the poison must be gone by now.There may be something hidden behind this matter, Tapar.Seferiye Hatun is not sick, Tapar.The effect of the poison must be gone by now.””n|nsegYou are alive…What does that mean, Hatun mother?Son…Your mother didn’t die.Can’t you recognize her?Melik Hadrath.When I saw you in the palace, it was not without a reason that I resembled you to Alparslan.

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