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EPISODE 27 Barbaroslar Urdu Subtitles

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

This is Episode 27 of Barbaroslar: Akdeniz’in Kılıcı means Sword of the Meditarranean with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Give me your gun.Let no one leave alive here!How could Sahbaz's men enter Kelemez? How?Finish them right away! Come on!You'll pay the price of selling me, Gabriel!Oruc! Oruc, come here!Isabelle!Hamza Bey.Hamza Bey!Kill everyone here!Raid the castle and capture it!Come on!Don't let them raid the castle! Come on!We'll raid the castle and capture it.Stop!Uncle.The wolves of Kemal Reis! Show the wrath of your swords!Oh Allah!Oh Allah!Kara Hasan.You finally arrived, brother.Well, it's only fitting that we are reunited in battlefield, brother.Kemal Reis?Damn it!Kemal Reis!We need to escape quickly!

Come on.Come on!Sahbaz is running away!Yareli go after him!Where did they come from? Why am I not informed about it?It was so sudden my Bey, even Mesih Pasha did not know about it.I prepared a boat for you in the west harbor, hurry up.Fine.Why did you do this?I still need you.They shouldn't suspect you.What happened to you?Who wounded you?Sahbaz.That bastard. Where did that dog go?Tell me.He went towards East.You, take him to the doctor. Others, come with me.Come on, get her up.Hold on Isabel.You will survive, hold on.You will survive, hold on.Don't worry, son, we are on her side.Take her quickly.How is Sahin?He is badly wounded.We will take him to the castle quickly!

Come on!I am fine, what about you?I am fine.Quickly! Do your best!Don't let anything happen to Ha'mza Bey!Hurry up!We didn't understand wh'at happened, they attacked suddenly.Who were they? How could they come into Kelemez and spill blood?Is this how you guard here?Didn't you hear anything?Sahbaz had the slaves attack here.Our Levents went after him.But this bastard's behind this attack too.Catch him.Slowly.Let me go. Let me go!Let me go!You can't arrest me.I came here for peace.I wouldn't have given you Sahbaz if I came to battle.This is just a game.You're the only one who could have planned this attack.Hizir's right.This happened before we left for the Modon siege.He's responsible for this.

You're making a mistake Kemal Reis.I'm an honest man-Shut up!There was a massacre in Kelem Shehzade Korkut's kethuda, Hamza Bey got injured.The suspects will be punished.You're a suspect too.I'll deal with Hamza Bey.And you take care of the wounded.This will be discussed in detail.And lots-of people will die.Thank Allah we found you my Bey.We don't have time, Sansar.Mesin Pasha's helper brought a boat for us.We'll use it to escap.e-. Come on.Sahbaz.You'll die by my hands.You'll never catch me.Never.Attack!How is he?We did all we could but..But what?Aren't you a doctor? Heal him.Don't force it.Don't force it Murat.My time is up brother.Don't say that boy.Don't say it.

I've always die at the battle field......while I was fighting like a an enemy's sword.But it wasn't meant to be.I wasn't meant to be a marty I couldn't, Father Dervish.Now, I' in a bed.......and I'm my brother's bullet.Don't say that son.Don't say that.Your brother.....was a traitor who worked with the enemy.You were wounded for our cause.The one that shot you is the same as the infidels.You.....will be remembered as a brave men who died for this cause.I pray that.......Allah will bless you when you go to Him.I want to see Oruc.I want to see Oruc.I want Oruc here.Hang on son. Hang on.Hang on son.

Why are you waiting Hatun?Take the bullets out.We have to stop her bleeding first.Son.She'll be okay InshAllah. Be patient.How can I be aunt?Look at her. She's lying there bleeding.The doctor and we will do everything we can Oruc Reis.Don't worry.We'll open up the wound and treat the wound.Excuse us.Son. Come on.You'll receive good news InshAllah.Go outside Oruc. Come on.Sahin wants to see you Oruc.How is he?Come see for yourself.Come.Sahin.Come here Oruc.Come.I wanted to tell you my last my final moment.Don't say that Sahin.You'll survive this injury.Where's the doctor?Call him here.Wait. Wait Oruc.This wound will kill me.I know it.And my own brother did it.I'm only happy......that I was shot......for my friends, and for the cause....for my friends, and for the cause.

You and I had a falling out before.I upset you.Give me your blessing.What are you saying Sahin?Of course I do.You gave us so much hope... You're the one who should give us his blessing.It was all for the righteous path......we were on.I hope that you emergi victorious on that path That dog Sahbaz......hurt us many times.

He caused my father......and my sister to lose their lives.I have one last wish from you, Oruc.Don't let him get away with it.Take revenge for us.Don't worry.I promise you.I won't let him get away with it.I won't have to look back and worry.I witness that there is no god......except the One Allah......and I also witness that......Mohammed is......His servant and prophet.My condolences.I heard the doctors are tending to Hamza Bey, but......his situation is not looking good, Kemal Reis.

Hamza Bey......took away all my control in Kelemez......and gave it to Oruc.You can see what they did with it.If it was me, I would say...You began to gossip again.Everyone already has their problems.Either say something good or stay quiet.-To say the truth...-We can reveal the truth ourselves.Oruc's levents are already after that traitor called Sahbaz.We will punish him accordingly when he's brought in.We should just pray for Hamza Bey to survive.Otherwise, the state and Shahzade Korkut will wreak havoc.Come in!I have news from the doctors.Hamza Bey...Our dear son Sahin has always fought for the righteous path.On that path, he got shot by his brother.And......he lost his life on the righteous path.

Sahin is our martyr.May Allah grant him a high honor, inshAllah.-Amin.-Amin.Sahbaz has Sahin's blood on his hands, too.Now, it is our duty...Haven't we still eard from levenl Weren't they able to catch traitor Sahbaz?We have nothing yet.But they're definitely after him.Let's bury our brother Sahin.Levents will be back by then.

Oruc Reis.My condolences.Thank you.Kemal Reis is asking for you, it's urgent.What is this about?It's about Hamza Bey.Shahzade Korkut's kethuda, Hamza Bey, became a martyr.Shahzade Korkut and the state will wreak havoc on all of us now.They weren't even able to protect Kelemez from a single traitor.

Let's see how they'll manage to protect themselves from the wrath of the state and Shahzade.Oh, my Hamza...We raised you ourselves.We turned you into a brave man who serves his state.But......I didn't know we were destined to see you wrapped the sanjac of that state.Long live our state.If we can't catch those who attacked him, no one will be left alive.Did you catch Sahbaz?Our levents are still after him. We'll get him sooner or later.Do you know what will happen to us if you can't?

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azi aziz
azi aziz
Apr 17, 2022

lagta hai givme5 wale thak gay hn


Farid Alvi
Farid Alvi
Apr 16, 2022

aslamu alaikum bhai na hi video chalti he na download hoti he

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