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EPISODE 28 Malik Shah Great Seljuke

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

This is EPISODE 28 of Great Seljuk with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Don’t do it, brother.Brother, don’t do it!You don’t kill a horse that stumbles just once!This:is-noUa.simple mistake.I .tpl.e.r-ated many mistakes ©P yours!When I made a mistake as a kid……you always used to protect me.When my parents got angry with me… always came forward for me!I… I made a mistake!Protect..Protect me again.Our parents died.I have no one……..’that J. ca’q_ask mercy!Forgive me, brother!You are my brother..You are my brother.You are my blood.I’ll protect you as y.ojjr brother one l.ast»time.

I won’t kill you.Yet, what you did w©n’£ be left unpunished.Yet, what you did won’t be left unpunished.To prevent you frpm another rebellion…punish y.ou it is.needed.l am Meliksah, the f ‘son of Alp Arslan!J k rI subdued the rebels!I beat the rioters!I have-the sword :of the state in my. hand!’never want that this sword….Guts the sons of the state.Now. either the heads of the rebels fall……or the ones .obey are forgiven.Long Live Sultan Meliksah. May your sword reach the skies!Long Live-Sultan M.eliksah. May your sword reach the skies!Long Live Sultan Meliksah.

Our faith in your victory has never wavere.d.Your wrath has become a lesson to those who doubt your rule.May you be always victorious.When-they couldn’t see the •lion;on the-.battlefields……hyenas think that they are the rulers.Thank Allah that you didn’t leave the battlefield, and the sultanate to anyone else.May your state last forever, and your sultanate be strong, my Sultan.The state will last forever for sure, .and-the sultanate will belong to the one that deserves it……but what about your health, my Sultan?, Did they treat your wounds? Are you okay?■ ‘;.My beautiful daughter.The Jove in your beautiful heart made me. better.With your words, all my wounds got healed.Now!We will give/the necessary punishment to the’ traitor!It will be a lesson for those who are ambitious…..and to those who don’t do yvith what they have.My Bey.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے اسکرول ڈاؤن کریں اور پھر Watch Here پر کلک کریں، شکریہ ۔

There are traces that lead somewhere else.Tihese traces are still fresh.Togan, Balaban!Go to the river.-\Ne will follow these traces.-As you command, my Bey.Come on!Alps are killed.Mother!Mother.Basulu Hatun is not among them, my Bey.It looks like there is a trap in this.They lured them to this way deliberately.These ones carry signs belonging to Batinis, my Bey.It looks like it’s their trap.It looks like there are other people who are after the secret, mother.My brother has also told me.

May your sword reach the skies!Lpng L’iv.e Sultan Meliksah. May your sword reach the skies’!Attack!Meliksah was able to ascend the throne years ago thanks to you.He is going to lose the throne with your existence now.When I reveal your secret…..your state will be destroyed.How could you spit on great Seyuduna i c .’ ‘7js; ’l-KJHJE OBfi”92aidl MINIMisyao ainiaIf they raid thesriyer, they can also attack the.tribe.Some»pf you take position at the entrance of the tribe.And some of you secure the tribe’s sides.-As you command, my Sultan.-Asyou command, my Sultan.Sencer!j euj n_LThank Allah. I’ve returned to you and my home.We became victorious in the throne war.You made my heart and home happy.-Welcome.-Thank you.saw Hatuns sent by Zubeyde Hatun and our Alps increased the security. What is up?\f\le learned there was going to be a raid on the Hatuns in the river.

My mother took the Alps and went to the river.And I increased the precautions ip the tribe.They did the same thing before, my Bey.Obviously, Basulu mother didn’t want to let it happen again.Hasn’t my mother still returned from the river?She hasn’t.They might have a trouble there.We’ll go to the riverside right away!Aydogdu! Ayaz! You take care of the security of the tribe.Let’s go.Let’s go.f s -*«•When they realize Basulu Hatun is kidnapped……Sencer and Tapar will come after us, father.They will come after us, but they won’t be able to do anything.Now we will rip the heart of Seljuk.We are going to take over that valuable treasure right in front of their eyes and……they won’t be able to do anything against us.Because the greatest treasure that will stop them……is in our hands.ISFAHANSultan’Meliksah Hadrath! /<S-ultan-M.eliks.ah hdadr-attr —S-uItara-Meliksah Madnath!Take him away. He will wait for his punishment.My Sultan..’Our faith in your victory .

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