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EPISODE 29 Barbaroslar Urdu Subtitles

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This is Episode 29 of Barbaroslar: Akdeniz’in Kılıcı means Sword of the Meditarranean with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. My sword is on your neck finally, Gabriel. It won't be put into its sheathe again, before it takes your head. You might have taken Modon but... won't be able to take my life. My father's sward is still with me. I will knock off your sword with your head, Gabriel. My sword will pass the judgment for the outcome of our feud. Draw your father's sword. My Oruc Aga went after Gabriel for revenge. We won't return without finding him! If we lose Oruc Reis, it doesn't matter even if we conquer a thousand Modon. My Aga, they are there. Let's go! I won't die, before I turn this world into hell for you and your brothers, Oruc. -We've arrived my Aga! -Let's catch that dog! Leave him to me. \Ne will settle the account both of us.

If you beat me... ...they will release you. And this is the last chivalry you will see from me. Make your move. -My Aga! -Reis! I will break your Reis nto pieces before you... ...and walk away freely from here. Wait there;, warriors. Even if the wolf is wounded, he is still a wolf. But the king of the forest is always lion. I forgave you once but you became even a worse enemy. You won-t be forgiven again. It was all to take your revenge father. I've failed. Forgive me. We take both the enemy's castle and head, my Aga. May our victory be blessed! EyvAllah, warriors. My Aga. Let's exhibit his corpse in Modon.

So, it may be a lesson for everyone. So, it may be a lesson for everyone. It doesn't befit us, Ilyas. After all, he was also a leader of a community. Let's give him to his people. So, they can bury him properly. The sword we've used is the sign that we rule over Mediterranean. But every victory is a start for another struggle. Until our sword takes all the seas under his shadow, we won't stop, warriors. Come on, you go to the ship. And we'll go to Kemal Reis with Hizir. ****/»« i fl I Don't be afraid. Don't be afraid. Are you hungry, son? Make sure you give everyone food. Feed everyone.

Hand out clothing anyone needs it. Warm up anyone cold. Do it right away. As you command, Dervish Aga. As you command, Dervish Aga. What are you going to do to us We will do what justice require. Peace be with you. Peace be upon yo Modon Castle is now property of Ottoman Empire. And as you are the Modon's non-Muslim folks... ...are under Ottoman Empire's rule. After Fatih Sultan Mehmed Khan conquered Bosna... ...he released a firman. "The non-Muslim folks who are loyal to the state will be able to... ...freely perform their prayers, and their churches will not be touched." This firman is a mark of Ottoman Empire's justice.

This firman is a mark of Ottoman Empire's justice. According to this firman, you will be... in your religion and trade. Don't forget, the justice of Ottoman Empire is... assurance of the rights and freedom of whole world. May God protect you. Cutting Gabriel's head was harder than taking the castle, Oruc. Congratulations. EyvAllah. Gabriel's head has fallen. The conquest is complete now. May it bring good for all of us. EyvAllah, may it bring good for all of us. Ameen. When I look at you, I see my own youth. My hot blooded ages in the seas. I want you to have authority in all seas.

With the Modon's conquest, we control East Mediterranean Sea. Your part in it really great. Not just Kelemez... ..I want you to rule over all East Mediterranean. I will make the necessary request to Sultan Bayezid. What do yo When my Aga is here, I can't talk about positions, We are soldiers of sea, Kemal Reis. Our hearts beat all around the seas. Our ships should always go one step further in the seas. You should appoint state officials. You should appoint state officials. All we need is a ship, and a sword. EyvAllah. Dervish Huseyin Afendi... ...if it's okay for you, too, we would be glad if you stay here and bring prosperity to this place. EyvAllah. EyvAllah.

We should return to Kelemez no.w,. Don Diego will probably cause trouble soon. As you see, bigger fights are waiting for us. May you have a safe journey. EyvAllah. Do you keep your secret in your heart? Yes. One day, in history, everyone will hear... ...about his name. He only takes shelter in t-he;words of the Haqq. That levent can even make the winds obey him. Who is he? Hayrettin. Where is Hayrettin? In a cave. A cave dark as a mother's womb. You will make Mediterranean Sea the home of Turks... ...and we will rule over the world. You will accomplish such conquests... ...that we will call you "The blessed man of our religion." Your name will be Hi-zir, and you will be known and Barbanos Hayret-t-in.

Protect that secret in your heart, and in your tongue. We were about to sink all the Turk's ships in Sapienza... ...and then Burak Reis blew up all of our ships. ...and then Burak Reis blew up all ©f our ships. I survived by swimming. I survived by swimming. ...our fleet is destroyed,, is that it? And you came here to tell me this with no shame? Brother I- Don't call me that. Don't call me that. I despise my brother and I respect the enemy now, Pedro. This man risked his<®.wn life... th'a't hie wen’t/be.defeated. that he won't be defeated. And you... ...failed with a huge fleet... ...that's rjmiuch bigger t-^an his. ...that's much bigger than his.

Look at me. Look at me. If you ever.... ...make a mistake like this again... ...I will kill you myself. I promise you brother. This won't happen ever again. I'll take revenge from the Turks soon... ...and prove that I'm your brother. ...and prove that I'm your brother. They destroyed our fleet. They took Modon. They didn't pay the price. What are we waiting for Don Diego? We're not waiting. Rosa. We're not waiting. We'll make a move right away. I 'll make them pay the price with my sword. It's time for Kelemez to meet the wrath of Don Diego. I 4s Unfurl the sails! We received news from Modon.

They've officially began the conquest with the Sanjac and the Salah, thank Allah. Thank Allah. That devil's den was full of sinners for long. InshAllah it will be fixed with the conquest. My girl. Get some grains from the storage. Take it to the almshouse. Give food to the poor and the kids. Give food to the poor and the kids. In Kelemez... ...all the poor ones will be fed and dressed. Okay mother. I'll do what's necessary. Don't worry. Aunt Huma. Oruc, Hizir... ...Ilyas and the others... Are they alright? They're in perfect health. We have a tradition. We plant trees in the places we conquer. So that people know it's our home. And it'll bring us more fortunes. You are the young trees of our family. You'll be the ones who grow our home. What marked the conquest of Kelemez.. ...was Oruc and Isabel's marriage. That vow still stands. Now, what will mark the conquest of Modon is... ...Hizirand Meryem's marriage.

If it's for the best aunt. This is for the best. You can't wait for what you want any longer. And... ...a double wedding brings double fortunes. Anything suspicious on the deck? Everything's good. Traders are unloading The fishers are doing their job on the shore. Everything's secure. Modon has been conquered thank Allah. When the Reis comes, we'll have a joyful celebration. Good day. -Thanks. There are not a lot of men here because they're in Modon. But they took precautions just in case. It doesn't matter though. With our soldiers in fishing boats, we'll attack Kelemez.

Can we get on the deck before they fight us off? Rosa. I didn't come empty handed. This is the weapon of a might warrior. It's enough to destroy them. It'll blow up and burn the place we throw it. We'll raid Kelemez before they know what hit them. I Pedro and the others are disguised as fishermen and they'll attack from the other shores. We'll trap them all. Don't forget. Our goal is to head to the castle and capture the family. Let's do it before Hizir and Oruc comes. There are 3 ships are approaching brother. Who are they? Let's tell Reis. What are you looking at? There are 3 ships are approaching.

They're Spanish boats. I told you-they'll trouble us. We didn't pay them the price. Do they want to battle Reis? They didn't ready the cannons. They might have stopped us just to talk. We should be cautious anyway. Let's ready the cannons. Our levents should be careful. As you command, Reis. Ready the cannons! -Come on. -Push it. -Allah! -Here we go. Go on. Don Diego's ships are not a good sign. Oruc Reis is readying the cannons. We ended one enemy, another one popped up. Come at us. You can all come. We'll be cautious, too. Ready the cannons. Ready the cannons!

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