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EPISODE 29 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5

This is Episode number 29 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. Besides, if you do something like that, you would… What do you mean How dared you to raise a hand against my sister, hah? It is the strict order of Principality’s If we became daunted on this path… may our own sword , whetted to a sharp edge, cut us down… may we be scraped away like the swarthy Earth and scattered by the wind like the black soil! May my sword cut me through as sky-blue and come out red! [red from blood] May my sword cut me through as sky-blue and come out red! May my sword cut me through as sky-blue and come out red! May my sword cut me through as sky-blue and come out red! Hey. Masha Allah, there are my valiants! As-salamu alaykum (peace be upon you). Na alaykumu as-salam (and peace be upon you too). Na alaykumu as-salam (and peace be upon you too). So, just because he got his tent back he defied our Beylik of Principality’s title huh? He insulted us openly, my Bey. A dam, build from pebble stones like you cannot stop the rushing waterfalls like us.” he said.

Did you have no tongue to answer when he said that, hah? When I bring them to ruin… let them see then who are the small pebbles and who the rushing waterfalls. Have you found this Suleyman yet? We will find him, my Bey. Ne are searching everywhere. Do not tell me that you will do it. but that you found him, Yinal! Just let me lay my hands on then I II start menacing them with him first Now, go. Go on Now that Ertugrul escaped from Alincak, all in one piece… Kayis will walk around with their noses in the air. And we regarded them as our friends and kin. If it wasn t for me, Alincak would kick and juggle their heads by bow! Now, it’s not my fault whatever happens. You are right, my brother. Now. we can’t be soft and easy-going we have to be as tough as steel. They lost the Principality’s Beylik but they’re still acting all high and mighty. You’ve seen the attitude of Hayme Hatun and Selcan. They were being too opinionated in the Kilimhane. And they are glad that their children run away.

Will you accept this kind of disobedience to their Principality’s Bey? I will descend upon the Kayi tribe like a nightmare, and… I’ll show them in whose hands are the power and control and who upholds the customs. They still don’t know who I am. Blood will have blood! If there’s blood to be shed I’ll be there! You two, do not leave hatuns unattended You are the sisters of the Bey of Principality. Commander Almcak has assigned you this duty. Grant quarters to no one. Those rugs will be finished. There is an order from Hiilagu Khan my Bey. The Mongols made a deal with the Byzantines. The Byzantines with whom Izzeddin Keykavus II took refuge… [1238-79, 12th Seljuk Sultan the son of Giyaseddin] have agreed to deliver him to the Mongols. And Hulagu Khan has entrusted Almcak with the duty… to get Keykavus and deliver him to Hulagu. Izzeddin Keykavus II used to share reign with… his brother Riikneddin K1I19 Arslan IV.

[between the years of 1249-54] When Riikneddin KiIiq Arslan aligned himself with the Mongols… [Rukneddin ruled the eastern part of M. Empire] they dethroned Keykavus, my Bey. Keykavus has been betrayed because he didn’t want to sell his soul to the Mongols. However, by acting out of anger he has made a mistake. While the Turkmen tribes think of him with respect and reverence… he went and took refuge with the Byzantines And now, there is one lawful Sultan, who… submitted to the Mongols and who cannot even rule his own Viziers and.. there is the other one Keykavus who resorted to seeking asylum in Byzantium.

How did our State come to this my Bey? The State Officials do not uphold the integrity of Daw’ah… but they are pursuing their own personal successes and riches instead. Turgut. If they were united around a mutual Daw ah… would they be in this situation? What could Hulagu want from Keykavus, my Bey? Keykavus is considered to be much loved among the Turkmen tribes, because he didn’t bend his head. Forthat reason, Hulagii Khan wants to execute him… and by doing that he intends to threaten every Turkmen tribe that defies the Mongols. Then we will have to rewrite that letter and prevent that from happening, won’t we. my Bey9 Quite contrary’ Ne will let him get this letter, Turgut. Why would we allow this letter to reach Alincak. my Bey? In order to make a first move, and take Alincak by surprise from where he least expect us Bamsi. The fight alone will not suffice if we want to… finish Alincak off and to expel the Mongols from here. The more we fight them the more and more they will come. That’s why we’re going to raze Alincak’s reputation to the ground, first. Ne will frustrate every duty he has been entrusted with. With our every strike, he will sink further and further into disgrace. We will make him fail miserably in every mission he has been given. If a prominent personality as Keykavus. slips through Alincak s fingers… that would greatly discredit him. Besides Keykavus’s execution by the Mongols… could have a profound impact on the Turkmen tribes. Hence, we must prevent this, so their resistance movement does not end in failure. Alincak will go to get Keykavus. However, we will get there ahead of them… and save Keykavus. And when Alincak comes he will stomp around in anger like a water buffalo wallowing in mud. ha. my Bey. Ne will gradually ruin his reputation. Alincak who came here with pompousness the size of the Great Mountains.. will become a dust in the wind. Make sure Alincak receives this order early tomorrow, Mergen. As you command, my Bey And. tell Bell-ringer to come to Alaca Hill in the morning. I have things to tell him. Password for this Episode is OsmanEagle29.

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