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EPISODE 30 Malik Shah Great Seljuke

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

This is EPISODE 30 of Great Seljuk with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. In such a mournful day of us……we don’t want any trouble….we don’t want any trouble.It’s enough for me, daughter.It’s enough for me, daughter.What peace are you talking about, Basulu Hatun?What peace are you talking about, Basulu Hatun?Since the moment you appeared… one has had any peace or unity….no one has had any peace or unity.Who knows what are you going to make us go through……when you return to the palace one day.We were mourning in our tribe.

And you came and caused disturbance.We understand you don’t respect us……but at least have some respect for the people people.I see you’ve had a bigger mouth since last time we met, Turna Hatun.Or, you are playing the Hatun of Melik even now?Don’t……try to do such a thing, Turna Hatun.Because you have no place…..either in dynasty or the palace.Put this into your mind.Even breathing the same air as you do is a torture for us.Therefore, I have no intention to come to the palace.Don’t worry.

This is enough.I don’t want any more arguments on such a mournful day.Short visits are better.We are returning to the palace.Let’s go.We entered to the city by breaking the gate.We killed all the Batinis……who came our way….who came our way.And Turansah came later.He also saw all the things happened.He’s tel I i e-$huth. ‘ ‘When I entered the city with my soldiers, Melik Tekis had already killed most of them.You killed all that Batinis.How couldn’t you capture Hasan Sabbah and Faysal?Some of the Batinis……ran away like bugs.And most probably Sabbah and Faysal…■And mp’st probably Sabbah and Faysal……ran away with them.We couldn’t get them.We (8©uldn’t get them.Thanks to the sacrifice of our servants……Turansah believed Tekis took back here by sword.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے اسکرول ڈاؤن کریں اور پھر Watch Here پر کلک کریں، شکریہ ۔

And now Meliksah will believe it.First, we took it from Seljuk….:and we will settle Selemzar by using Sultan’s brother against him.You made Meliksah fall into a great trap, father.What I saw and what you told me indicates that you took it by your sword.What you did is for the good of the state in any case.What ypu-‘’is-Cfpr the good J of the.state’in.-any case.What you did is for the good of the state in any case.For you took it for the state……I am giving you here.Selemza.. .belongs to ‘you., Tekis.Here should be mine, my SWItan.Because they took it like vultures…Because they took it like vultures……how could you give them what should b.e mine?My Sultan.

They took Selemzar back for the state.Are you going to let Melik Tekis get the city, even though he cooperated with the infidels in the past?Bygones are bygones.Bygones are bygones.Our Sultan has made his decision.Know your place now.You used to be like a cat.And you become a lion, when you hide behind your father now?Don’t reach out your hand, thinking that you are invincible as you are the son of Sultan!Or I’m going to cut your hand, and tongue off!I still remember my revenge I want to take from you.Come take it, if you can.Come take it, if you can.

I will cut your head off, just like I cut the head of your man.I will kill you!I will cut the head of anyone that does not sheathe his sword!Selcmzar belpngs to J (Melik ^ekis’.now.Selemzar belongs to Melik Tekis now.Everyone willobey my decision.Now, release the innocent people.I’m going to call you to give you the document.As you command, my Sultan.•I don’t care about Selenpzar at-alj;. Know this, Sultan-M.eliksah.1 / • •We expect you to do what’s necessary about Sencer and Nizamulmulk!InshAllah you won’t make a decision that will put all dynasty in a battle for throne.

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