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EPISODE 31 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 4

This is the story of EPISODE 31 of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. 107.BOLUM What do you have to say about the charges against you, Sadeddin? My Sultan. I’m surprised to see how one brave Bey, like Ertugrul Bey… has allowed himself to be deceived… by this corrupt infidel, my Sultan If you cannot refute these charges… your death will come from my own hand As you ordered, I came into your presence, my Sultan. May I have permission? My Sultan, I am really sorry, but I will have to disappoint all those here who wait to… see me beg and cry like Emir Nizamettin did only yesterday… when he threw himself at your feet crying that he is innocent. What do you mean to say, Sadeddin?

I will not allow to be intimidated by empty accusations of one infidel and. one naive Bey of Principality… who has allowed himself to fall into his trap However, if you think that my death will help to bring the truth to light, then J it would be my honor to comply I was informed that Ertugrul Bey has died by his own mother and wife I relied on their statements. And so, since you have ordered me, to provide a continuation of peace, and. . to ensure that Hanli Bazaar would not be left unsupervised… I urged Dundar Bey to sell it to Bahadir Bey. And why9 To prevent this inglorious one to buy it. You are the most despicable man I have ever come across, Emir Sadeddin. I return your kindness. I gave you a chest full of gold so you could buy Hanli Bazaar. You personally took that gold, and you gave it to Bahadir Bey… by your own hands. But then. that greedy Bahadir Bey… since he could not buy the Bazaar he took the advantage of my absence • a and he sought to build an alliance with Ares. If I am guilty, my single crime is that I have trusted Ertugrul Bey’s mother… his wife and his brother.

You prevailed upon my brother Dundar to sell Hanli Bazaar, Emir Sadeddin. If your brother Dundar is not.. as quick and decisive person as you are… I am not to blame for that, Ertugrul Bey. My duty was to . prevent that your Bazaar fall into the hands of infidels! Liar! – Bah! It is clear that… the Emperor who previously used Emir Nizamettin… now wants to continue with this conspiracy… but this time through me, my Sultan. If you wish to expose the betrayal… by killing all of the Emirs in your State. then please yourself. I put my neck at your disposal, my Sultan. The one behind the attempt on our Sultan at the Bazaar… the one who lured me and my Alps into a trap, and… the one who sent a letter to Ares is you, Emir Sadeddin. Is it true, Ares? Ekaterina said that she had received an unsigned letter. The letter indicated the time and route that Ertugrul Bey would take. Was my signature there on that letter, Ares?

Swear by the names of Mary (Maryam, a.s) and Jesus (Isa a.s) that it’s mine. Answer to me, Ares. No, there wasn’t. But we knew that the letter came from Emir Sadeddin. Be ashamed of yourself, Ertugrul Bey You accuse me relying on the words of this man, hah? My Suit n Who saved you from the assassination by Emir Nizamettin? It was me If my intention was to kill you… I would just sit back and watch you die. Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah”… [I bear witness that there is no god except Allah] Wa-Ash-hadu anna Muhammadan ‘Abduhoo”… [And I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant…] Wa Rasooluhu. [and Messenger] Dispatch our Alps in all directions. Search the mountain, look under every rock, turn all upside down. Do not come back without finding them. As you order, Hayme Mother. As you order, Hayme Mother. Is there permission, Hayme Hatun?

Come in, Artuk Bey. My mother! My mother! Where are Hafsa and Aslihan Hatun? Have they come back yet? Not yet, son. They run into the woods. Those villains went in hot pursuit of them. I’ve sent the Alps, but… there s no news as yet. As per the Alp who brought us news, they were not on horseback. How did those villains manage to do that? How could they have come all the way here and do slaughter? How could they have done it. mother? How could they? Because of this one here! Because of this one! For, because of his obstinacy, he threw even his own hatun into the fire, mother! If my Hafsa is harmed, you’ll pay for this in the both world. Turgut! In this world or the other, but you’ll pay me for this We wiM save them, no matter what. Bamsi, let go of me, now… let’s go after them. -Ah! isweg Bamsi! Bamsi! That would be enough, Bamsi! It’s not time for that now. The hatuns are missing! We must act quickly! Is there permission? Come in! In shaa Allah, they bring good news. This man wants to see you, my Bey. And who you might be? Titan has sent me My Sultan. Don t do it. If he didn’t come with the army just on time, what our fate would be in the Battle of Yassi Chemen? [fought in Erzincan Province, 3-5 August, 1230 ] We are all witnesses of Emir Sadeddin’s services, not only… as an outstanding soldier… but also as a talented architect, and a shrewd politician.

And. thi infid I by trying to deceive you, as he has deceived Ertugrul Bey. is effectively putting our State at a risk of weakening. None of us can possibly know where all of this. would lead, if you waste one Emir of the State . by listening to the words of an infidel. Detain Emir Sadeddin! I’ll give my verdict tomorrow! Ertugrul Bey Follow me. Alps. Take Ares to the dungeon. Are you still sticking by these allegations, Ertugrul? I carefully weighed my every word, for days on end, my Sultan. I deliberated and evaluated them, so as not to leave… even the slightest shadow of a doubt. May I join you, my Sultan? Come here, Mahperi Hatun Ertugrul Bey Just so you know, at the time when I thought you were dead. I became suspicious of Emir Sadeddin, too I hardly restrained myself from taking his head off with my sword. I followed closely every step he made. But I was unable to find a single piece of evidence… a single implication… that might have compromised his innocence. I have no doubt, not in the least, that he is the traitor, my Sultan.

I am ready to do everything in order to prove my allegations. If Emir Sadeddin is a traitor that means… Emir Nizamettin unnecessarily paid the price of my anger with his life. but it means that if Emir Sadeddin is not a traitor… you would then make an attempt on another innocent person’s life. Mahperi Hatun is telling the truth. All my edicts will come into question in the sight of my Emirs and my State’s Dignitaries. My Sultan.. – Ertugrul Bey! It is obvious that I will be deprived of my sleep tonight. Tomorrow, before embarking on the campaign, I will bring my verdict about Emir Sadeddin. Come to me tonight. I have another important matter to discuss with you. As you order, my Sultan You crossed your limits by sitting on that infidel’s tail, Ertugrul Bey.

You’ve brought down displeasure of those sitting in the Sultan’s Divan, upon yourself Are you threatening my life which Allah gives and takes, Atabey? Praise be, we are not afraid of the enemies we face on a battlefield. And, we are not afraid of the traitors in the Palace, either. Tomorrow, the fate may change its course Keep that in mind Your deeds will surely come at a price. If you are wrong, then go back while there is still time. But. be aware that first head to go will be yours. Our soul is only a guest in our body. The day will come when we will all become a dust in the wind.

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