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EPISODE 32 Last of Season Barbaroslar Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

This is Episode 32 of Barbaroslar: Akdeniz’in Kılıcı means Sword of the Meditarranean with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. For Don Diego made Oruc Reis fall into the trap...For Don Diego made Oruc Reis fall into the trap......most probably, they were crowded.It doesn't matter if they were crowded.Oruc Aga was not a man, who could fall into his trap.There is something wrong in this.Such as what?Treachery.Who can betray Oruc Reis, Hizir? Is he someone from levents?Anyone can be him except the ones, who are closest to us, Piri.Let's interrogate whoever could do this.We can make him speak by torture.It's not needed.

When we get Don Diego, everything will be revealed anyway.Our only goal is finding and taking Don Diego's head now.The people of Algeria are also waiting for you to sit on the throne.First, we need to go Cicel and gather the levents.Then, I'll sit on the throne and go after Don Diego.We killed Oruc.And now, I'll take Algeria and sit on his throne!Then, we'll take CiceThen, we'll take CiceThe throne of Algeria belongs to Hizir now.He will also be there to sit on the throne soon.Let him come. We'lltake action before him.

For this reason, we'll invade Algeria right away.How many of the people of-Algeria are against-Barbarosas like you?Most of them still support them.If we get the throne, we can beat the Barbaros supporters.Fine.Then, for Algeria!Iron Awakens!Iron Awakens!Iron Awakens!Iron Awakens!I put the clothes.....of my both martyr sons in this chest.Then, Ilyas' clothes.And now, Oruc's clothS ?

Oruc' pain burned me down.I don't know how I can endure this pain.QOruc Reis was a father.He was a son, he was a brother.He was a friend, a Sultan and a hero.He means many things for everyone.Our prayers are for him......and for us, who have individual meanings of him.You just said......Oruc had a different meaning for everyone.He was all of them for me.I lost my brother.Oruc was the one, who killed him.

But he became such a brother for me that......I found a greater intimacy with him than my brother, whom I lost.You still have the cham&e to go, Oruc Go and save yourself!Drop your sword and surrender, Oruc!Or, you will watch your friend dying.Don't listen to him, Oruc!I have no one in my life. You have a family. You have goals.You have your revenge. Run and save yourself!Why have you done it, Oruc? Why?

I prefer dying than leaving my comrade in the lurch!Then, I saw my darling in my dream.When I wanted to come together with her......she told me to go to my friend.You should go back, Antuan.The path you will walk together with your friends is more important.The pain of losing my lover was gone thanks to Oruc's friendship.A friend, a brother, a companion. He was everything to me.It's true, with Oruc's death, everyone lost something.But I lost everything.Your loss is great.But all of our pain and loss are great.The people left behind are not enough to fill the emptiness in your heart?


Hizir’s existence is not enough to cover your wounds?You are right, Dervish.Just as how you need Hizir......Hizir needs you.His burden is heavy.He is a Sultan.He is the leader of this cause.You need to put your sadness and grief aside......and stand united.Where are the levents?I haven't seen the after the funeral.I will gather all of them.The time for lamenting is over.The most important thing we can do for Oruc protect what he left behind.And taking revenge from......that Don Diego!Reis!We lost Ilyas, I can't bear losing you as well, my Aga.Open your eyes my Aga.Awake.He is awake.These bullets can't harm him, he survived much worse!Ya re I i.What are you doing here?

What's with your clothes?I am leaving everything behind.I will live alone in this deserted cottage.What does that mean?What do you mean you are leaving everything behind?My Reis became a martyr.What do you think it means?It means.....that if my Reis is gone......using weapons and being a levent is too hard for me.That's how it is-from now on.I will become a,hermit.I understand your pain, Yareli.Oruc was my brother.He was my friend.But you are making wrong decisions with the pain.This does not suit a levent like you.A levent? What leventhood are you talking about?

I was a bandit before I met Reis.Look at my head, my face.There are countless wounds on my body, I fought countless battles.I learned to be a follower of this cause from Reis.I sailed to these seas with him.What does leventhood mean without him?Tell me.There is Hizir.Everything left from Oruc is on Hizir now.We all need to stand united around him.Well......I trust Hizir.But I can't do it without Father Oruc.I am his levent, why don't you understand?While the pain of losing him is still in my heart......I can't take up my arms and become a levent.Will you not take his revenge either!?

Won't we take his revenge from Don Diego who did this to us?Don't worry about that brother.I am Yareli.When I see that Don Diego, I will take my revenge from him alone.You can't do anything alone.To take his revenge, and to continue his cause......we have to stand united by Hizir.Hizir is our Reis now.And if you are a true levent......then you have to pledge loyalty to your Reis.Murat, everyone knows how much I love you......but I am sorry.Reis is gone......and I am no longer a levent.Peace be with you.I shouldn't have left you alone that day, Reis.My Sultan, the Spanish are attacking, you need to come!


We must get to Penon now, Reis.I can't go when the people need my help.We'll kill the Spanish first. Then we'll go to Penon.Take the Levents and seize the Spanish ships.I'll go to Tlemcen with other Levents.As you wish Reis.If I stayed by your side......maybe you'd be alive.What good is a Levent who can't protect his Reis?If I can't protect life means nothing.I sailed the sea’s with you.

And now, for you......I'll kill myself and turn the sea into my grave.I don't need to live anymore.Bulbul wait.What are you doing?Let go of the gun Bulbul.The day Oruc Reis was martyred......I couldn't protect him.I couldn't get there in time.I can't forgive myself.I can't live with this mistake Reis.My only to kill myself.Don't go crazy Bulbul.Let go of the gun.None of us made it in time.What should we do?Should die too?Allah wanted it so.Your situation's different.It's different.I was with Oruc Reis.I was the closest to him.You were just late.But what I did was a crime.What I did was ignorance.I can't live with this.What would Oruc Aga would say if he were here Bulbul?

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Talha Anwar
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