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EPISODE 31 Malik Shah Great Seljuke

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

This is EPISODE 31 of Great Seljuk with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Where are all the……soldiers protecting this place?Why is no one here?We are here, Turansah!We waited for you with our swords.You set me up.Do you know……why wolves love the foggy days?Because hyenas think the wolves have left……and get out.But they don’t know that……wolves wait to rip them apart.I intentionally put fog in the air by saying I was going to Kuvel.And like a hyena, you came right out.The claws of the ; wolf will be on your head.The claws of the wolf will be on your head.

Trying to attack the capital……and steal the sultanate……is an unforgivable crime in the eyes of the dynasty.Until now……you always tried to……scare me with the dynasty.Now when I kill you……the dynasty won’t say anything.Because even though you always spoke of tore, you disrespected the tore yourself.Tapar and Sencer have surrounded your soldiers outside Isfahan.Now……taking your head is my fair right.

You’ve been guilty and I’ve been innocent in the eyes of the dynasty until today.Now, you became right and I became guilty.I am ready to die.But I present you a deal that you can never find again now.What deal are you talking about?Tekis and Hasan Sabbah are acting together.I got them captured by my men.They are going to lock them in a cave.Turansah!The traitor tricked us!Turansah was even more evil than Meliksah.If we can’t get out of here……it means our ends have come.I closed his eyes to open the eyes of his heart.But I should have ripped Tekis’ heart out, too.I rebelled because, I thought you had the throne wrongfully.I am a rebel.But I am not a traitor.Tekis is the one, who is a traitor.So, I captured him with Sabbah, who cooperated with him.If I’d had any intention of treachery against the state……I would have acted with them.And maybe, I wouldn’t be in this situation.If you will believeI am not a traitor……I’ll tell the location of Hasan Sabbah and Tekis.My Sultan.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے اسکرول ڈاؤن کریں اور پھر Watch Here پر کلک کریں، شکریہ ۔

This is not a deal that we can easily decline.Hasan Sabbah is the greatest enemy of our state.Capturing Sabbah is more important than killing Turansah.My Sultan.We can send words to Melik Tapar and Melik Sencer.So, they can raid where Tekis and Sabbah are and capture them.Send troops to Selemzar, Hace.Make sure they take down Tekis’ soldier and seize there.And you……tell the location of Sabbah and Tekis.You are waiting for nothing, Mithras.Put down your swords.Put down your swords.Sultan Meliksah won’t come here.

His campaign to Kuvel Castle was a lie to capture Turansah.He captured Turansah in Isfahan with his soldiers.Meliksah played with us.Where are Sabbah and Tekis?So you keep my father and Sabbah in the cave, Turansah?I will do what’s necessary……and save them.Turansah might tell the location of Sabbah and Tekis to save his own life.Then, if Meliksah captures them……he will take Selemzar as well.If he takes Selemzar, Kuvel will be next.Kuvel shouldn’t be next.No matter what happens, we need to find Sabbah and Tekis before Meliksah……and close down Selemzar.We will find Sabbah and Tekis before Meliksah.Come on.r-My Sultan.-My Sultan.As you commanded, we had taken precautions in the palace without revealing that you set up a trap in Isfahan.

Thank Allah you captured the traitor.Thank you, Hatuns.Turansah captured Tekis and Sabbah……and closed them in a^cave.When Tapar and Sencer brings them……we will punish all of the traitors.Thank Allah that He bestowed…..someone like Meliksah upon-this dynasty.If he wasn’t here……nothing could be achieved in this dynasty!We took care of Turansah’s men.Now let’s go and save Sabbah and Tekis.There are traces on the ground, Melik Hadrath.These are new.Someone else reached the cave before us.Others might want to capture Melik Tekis and Sabbah before us.There are two paths leading the cave, brother.We will follow the traces with my alps.You can go the other way and set up an ambush.In case they try to escape the cave from the other side when we attack it, they will fall into your ambush.Aydogdu.Stay with my brother, Aydogdu.

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