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EPISODE 34 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 4

This is the story of EPISODE 34 of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. Ertugrul, Some of you will lay in ambush with Angelos outside of the Bazaar. And some will hide in the cart with me to sneak into the Bazaar. When everyone is ready, we will attack them. You disguised as traders, slip into Bazar and wait for my signal. Off you go When I take the offensive, along with your men… you are going to do the same I hope you won’t mess this up as well. Give me a break, Titan. That happened one time only This time, there will be no mistakes. If you don’t want your father the Tekfur to get your head, do that. Get ready, we’re leaving V dd. Let’s go. How could we have known that this would happen, Hayme Mother? I swear we didn’t have any issues with you. We just wanted everyone to establish their own order of things. My daught r We know that you had no ill intentions toward us. Do not beat yourself up. What’s happened has already happened. We can’t do anything now except to place our trust in Allah (SWT) and pray. Why have Turgut and Bamsi not come yet? Once they left, they took a long time to get back. They may have gone after that villain, Titan. They will come back well and unharmed and. my daughter Hafsa will get better, In shaa Allah. What more could I want? In shaa Allah, mother Hah. How is my daughter Hafsa doing, Sir? I have done everything I could for our daughter Hafsa. Now, everything is at Allah’s discretion. And you, don’t leave her without your prayers. May Allah heal our girl, in honor of His name Al Shafee, In shaa Allah. Amin Amin Oh my Allah, please help us, o my Lord (Rabb) j Ah Is there permission, Hayme Mother? Come in here. Our Artuk Bey has sent me, Hayme mother. I have an important message for you. They neglected the Bazaar’s safety, due to their own ankle-deep troubles. Just the way we wanted it When we get in front of the Han, we will attack. Be ready. Attack, Warriors of Hell !i Archers Haydir Aljah (Al Hayy – The Everlasting Allah) Ugh Ugh Ugh Eh Ugh Ertugrul Bey, the time has come. We’re leaving. Aziz! Drop your sword and surrender! Whose dogs are you? What impudence is this Theyare servants of the big dog We will neither surrender ourselves… nor the State, to your owner My Ertugrul B y you were right again. Kill them all Archers! It’s a trap! It’s a trap! Protect yourself from the archers! Ahh Ertugrul Ah’ Ah Ah’ Ahmet’ Ahm t9 Ahmet’ Hold on, your injury’s not serious. I will save you, hold on. Hold on My Bey, my appointed time has come. How can I leave you Ahmet? I won’t leave you. I won’t leave you.

Do not be sad for me, my Bey. I am having… y share . of the sweetest death. I am giving my life for my friend, who is. the reason for my rebirth. Go and complete your assignment. Save the Sultan. I will not leave you. Retreat! Everyone get inside the Han Run inside! Shield yourselves from the archers. Ah’ Run inside, everyone! Run inside! Run inside, everyone! Get in Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Run inside, everyone! Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah. Allah Let’s go. The bloodbath is starting. Attack’ Attack Ah’ Haydir Allah (A[ Hayy – The Everlasting Allah) Haktir Allah (Al-Haqq – The Truly Existing Allah) Alps, attack! Put the infidels’ neck to the swords. This is a trap. O, Allah, bismillah (in the name of Allah). Don’t leave a single one of them alive Attack! It’s a trap! Retreat! Retreat! O, Allah, bismillah (in the name of Allah) Allahu ekber (Allah is the Greatest). How did we fall into this trap? What are we going to do now? T is way amsi Tu gut You will pay for both, for kidnapping children and kidnapping hatuns There’s nowhere for you to run, you wicked one. It is time to reap the consequences of your actions. So everything was a game, was it? The real game begins now and it will be a bloody one at that. Brave hearts! Attack Haydir Allah (Al Hayy – The Everlasting Allah) Mdd. Mdd iinjiunQ You kidnapped my Hatun, huh? And my baby you kidnapped my baby, huh? I will not kill you before you groan bitterly. I will not kill you before you groan bitterly. I have not beaten someone good like this for a while now. This pervert s flesh and bones were tough. But Bamsi’s fist made him very tender. I rolled him like dough The other villain ran away scared with his tail between his legs. Thanks to you, we will get him too, evelAllah (with Allah s help SWT). Turgut, if anything happens to my Hafsa and my baby… I will make you pay. Turgut Bey is not the one who is going to pay The one who will pay the price is Marya. What are you saying, Artuk Bey? I’m saying the traitor among us is Marya, Bamsi Artuk Bey, this is a heavy accusation. Marya is your Hatun. What is it that you know, Artuk Bey? Only one person could have been able to tell Titan everything we talked about… and that is Marya. However, we need to be sure of that. We wiM be^TurgutBey^wewill. We will set them up so well that… we will simultaneously reveal the traitor among us… and finish Titan off for good. What will we do, Artuk Bey? We got rid of that trouble. We also got our revenge. Now, let’s see you hug and cuddle in a manner that is befitting you both… and put an end to this resentment. Come on. I made a mistake, brother. We re all humans, brother.

We re all humans. When my Hatun and my baby were kidnapped, I’ve lost my mind. Not only did we save them, but… we finally got better off those blackguards, brother. EvelAllah (with Allah’s SWT help). EvelAllah Praise be to Allah, brother, praise be. Besides, brother, I cut off you punishment at the fortress. What else do you expect? Let it be our friends who cut off our punishment. The death that comes from your hand would be the sweetest sherbet, brother. My brother! That’s my brother! That’s m brother My brother. My brother. Ahmet, wait there. Your wounds are still fresh. You must lie down. Ahm t Ertugrul Bey Where is my Ertugrul Bey? My Ertugrul Bey has cauterized and dressed your wounds himself. Then, he set off on the road to see the Sultan My Bey entrusted you to us until he is back. I was supposed to be with my Ertugrul Bey. He needs me. You can’t go anywhere in this state. Brother, by Allah’s (swt) leave, my Bey will come back unharmed. You must focus on healing your injuries until his return. Oh Allah, help our Ertugrul Bey on his way] Amin -Amin Hah Blessed Emir. Blessed Emir. Nasureddin Ah I groomed you not to lead a dog’s life… but rather to attain a position you deserve in the Palace… under our Sultan’s command. Now you are on the verge of attaining this position. The fear is eating away at me, Blessed Emir. Do not worry. All your worries will end tonight. Our Sultan is in good health on his last day, In shaa Allah. He went hunting with Prince Giyaseddin. Superb’ While he enjoys hunting those birds he loves so much, he will… have his name inscribed in the Haqq’s book of life. It will be the end of an era with all its sins and good deeds. As for you, your days of paradise will begin. They will begin, won’t they, Nasureddin All9 Ee… They will, Blessed Emir. Superb’ Send me word once you’re absolutely sure you’ve completed your task. Let’s meet here, then Let’s meet, so… I may reward you with the bliss you deserve. The Bey of Principality, Ertugrul Bey will be here soon, I know. Our Sultan will dispose of him, In shaa Allah. It’s better, however, to err on the side of caution. This will be over tonight. Did you understand m 9 I said, did you understand me. I did, Blessed Emir. The Sultan will meet his Creator tonight. Superb1 Our State will be grateful to you for your services. Now, off you go Water. Come on, bismillah (in the name of Allah). I know that your injuries hurt you brother Ahmet, your pain is deep. However, you must be patient. Besides, there are many lessons for us to learn from these pains. If not for pain, we wouldn’t know the value of remedy. Being Al Shaffee, Allah will alleviate your pain, In Shaa Allah. [Al Sheffee – the Only Healer] Abdurrahman what do you do when you suffer this way… and when ointments and remedies. do not work7 Brother Ahmet, the real cure for us is. the recitation of our Noble Book, Qur’an-al-Kareem. For, the Qur’an-al-Kareem heals both our hearts and our bodies. Abdurrahman . would you please recite the Quran-al-Kareem to me? EyvAllah (alright). Take this pheasant to Nasureddin All.

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