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EPISODE 43 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

This is Episode 43. In this Episode, Sarim is back to Camp. What an emotional scenes of a mother when she saw her lost son after years. The tearful Episode is this. Another son of Suleman Shah is there so the enemies are very worried that how they can handle now if they cannot possess the two sons of Suleman shah before.

Everyone including the furious Taimoor is suspecting Ertugrul that why he didn’t come to Battle and where he goes and meet Noyan and Sarim. Guldaaro is very worried about that what Ertugrul is doing and what he wants.

Shahnaz is continuing her struggles against the traps of Aliya Family. Noyan has moved to new headquarters. Shahnaz tries to convince Gulbano but failed. Taimoor and Roshni are again playing foolish games. Hamza is in the cage what he wants from Guldaaro? What news got Maherdin from Saedtiin Kopek. What favour want Shahnaz and Halime from Roshan. See all this in this Episode.

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