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EPISODE 44 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

This is Episode 44. In this Episode, everybody has continued their missions. Some people have holy missions and some have evil. GonchaGul trying to emotionally blackmail Guldaaro. Guldaro is very clever he just shut the mouth of Gonchagul. Roshan is totally in deep love with Gul Bano. When Ertugrul tells about the next day Journey Roshan become a little upset to miss Gul Bano.

Babar is making fun of him. You will watch who the lady will be kidnapped and how. What Hamza do in this Episode. He is really back to hi senses or still betraying Guldaaro. In the last Episode, Sarim wanted the help of white beared (Wise men). In this Episode, Ertugrul tells Arif to help Sarim in this cause. How is Sarim health now? When he will fine he wants to move immediately to what? GonchaGul accomplished in a very big but evil mission.

At the end of Episode, it is a very touchy the End. It is a suspense which breaks in the end. Some important things are done in this Episode. When you will watch this Episode you will be more curious for the next Episode because the end of the Episode can’t stop you here but you have to wait with patience until next Episode come.

Thank you very much for Watching!

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