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EPISODE 44 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 4

Your are Watching 44th Episode of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles.When I was getting myself ready for the Samsat conquest… I was subjected to such an assassination attempt. That low-life! So. he turned traitor who’d go so far as to kill an Emir ready to die for his State. It’s nothing, Gunalp, nothing yet] Until we kill him who knows what other harm he is going to bring to the State Gun Ip When I embark on the campaign, don’t let me worry about what I left behind, son. Don’t you worry at all, Blessed Emir. I wi I find him Superb Let me tell you where you can find him. He is aware that he has now become a fugitive. So. then he will firstl o to his tribe to seek… his family s pardon for the ast time. Then he will take to the road, in order to kill me. Along with… his brother Sungur Tekin and… with these unruly Turgut and Bamsi. However, when they get to their tribes… they will find the corpse of that woman… they sent to kill me. But, don’t give them any quarter.

Find all of them and execute them all. Gunalp. Don t have any mercy upon anyone from his tribe, regardless of their age. I’ll do what I’m supposed to do. Superb Blessed Emir. Ertugrul Bey had his opportunity Wonder why didn’t he kill me? It put me at a loss trying to get the answer to this question. Gun Ip He is doing this to leave you in doubt and to… prevent you from wreaking havoc on his tribe. Don t you ever .. don’t you ever be deceived by his machinations. Now go and do what you’re supposed to do. Ugh Save the state from this outlaw. As you command Nothing s wrong, In shaa Allah Someone’s coming. I wonder who is coming. Nothing s wrong, In shaa Allah. This large drums don’t herald any good, mother. Mother. they re bringing a corpse on this cart. Oh, my Allah, please Our Lord, burden us not with that which we have no ability to bear. [Al-Baqarah; 2.286] Oh, my Allah What if it is Ertugrul My daughter speak of good, so that good may happen. Tell me soldier, whose corpse is this7 It is Aslihan Hatun’s who attempted to kill Blessed Emir Sadeddin.

What are you talking about? -Aslihan? Aslihan’ What have you done to yourself, sister! Why did you sacrifice yourself? Ah my baby Aslihan, my sister. Soldiers! We re leaving Oh. my Allah, let this Sadeddin Kopek go through a thousand times worse pain, for making us go through this sorrow. Who did this? Let’s take our hatun’s body. Let’s take it. Get away! Get away! Move away Don t touch this brave hatun’ She is now the brave and loyal hatun of Kayis! Not the Hatun of cowards like you Ge away Get away Cowards!^She is right! Alps! -My daughter Take Aslihan Hatuns body into the main tent immediately Stop! Get away She is a brave hatun who sacrificed herself for us. 674y 01:18:53,836 ~> 01:18:54.976 Ha uns Bismillah (in the name of Allah). Lift her up nan.

Ah. Aslihan Hatun, ah Ah my brave sister Hayme Mother Ertugrul Bey and Turgut Bey have arrived. Artuk Bey. Look after Turgut. Mother9 Artuk Bey Who is that? Aslih n Aslih n She is just sleep, isn’t she? Huh? Hayme Mother? Hayme Mother, please say she’s just sleep. Please say she is going to live. Artuk Bey. Artuk Bey, please say she’s going to live. Hayme Mother… say she s going to wake up. Artuk Bey As . Aslihan… Aslihan’ Aslihan1 Aslihan. wake up. Aslihan! My valiant, my valiant Aslihan, Aslihan. My braveheart, my braveheart… My brother. – My braveheart. Son My valiant Son My valiant. -Turgut Bey. My son -My valiant. Aslihan. How dared they to kill her? How dared they to kill her? Who has done this? Artuk Bey, who did this? Emir Sadeddin Kopek! I will claim the Sultanate… that I deserve, mother. Not as an illegitimate son, but… rather as the lawful successor to the throne.

By becoming the Sultan. I will make my father pay… for the shame he put us through, mother. The twig’ Found the rose blooming one morning ” The rose” Thinking it was a fairytale, was scattered by the breeze.” See the treachery of this world. In ten days only, the rose has’ grown bloomed and withered, then it disappeared. When you take mercy on me” I’m not afraid of my sins.” As long as you’re with me,” I wouldn t be afraid of tough paths or slippery slopes” May Allah revive me with a clean face” I know, the Book of my life,” Is filled with my sins. I’m not afraid of the dark. [Omer Hayyam – “Dal goncayi bir sabah”] Ugh I’m going to kill that degenerate I’m going to kill that degenerate I’ll leave him under the Palace’s ruins! My Turgut! -Get off of me! My braveheart! My brother! -Let go of me! Let me go.

The fire scorching my heart won t be quenched, not until I get… the head of that villain and swing it from the Palace My Turgut We know your heart is like a glowing ember, but try to keep a level head, my Bey Brother, come to your senses first! First… first let us bury our brave sister Turgut brother! -MyTurgut Turgut1 Turgut! Pull yourself together brother! Get a grasp on yourself, my braveheart! Come to yourself. Brother, brother, pull yourself together My Bey, I beg of you, please let me go. I can’t get a hold of my mind. I can’t stay here like this, my Bey. Turgut Brother, we need you alive. Hmph7 You can get your revenge only if you stay alive. I can’t deliver you to that degenerate. Being patient for now, is up to us… the revenge belongs to us… and suffering and agony will be Sadeddin Kopek’s lot. Get a grip on yourself, my braveheart. That low-life Kopek will taste such a death that… nobody will ever dare to do anything of that kind, after that!

Tomorrow as soon as we surrender Aslihan Hatun to the soil. we will set off on the road to kill Sadeddin Kopek. My heart is like the hot ember, my Bey. My heart is on fire! I know, my braveheart. I know it Until I see… this vile one, coming from a bad stock, bleed to death. my heart will not mend, my Bey. My heart will not mend. You will see that happen, my braveheart. You will see it, my brother We will take our revenge for Aslihan sister… and for all those innocent people Kopek has killed. I swear it upon Aslihan Hatun. and… upon all those innocent people, my valiant. I swear a solemn oath! What s the situation in Kayi tribe, Aydogmu§? They re in mourning, my Bey.

They will bury Aslihan Hatun’s body, tomorrow. May Allah forgive her sins It’s clear she sacrificed herself believing Ertugrul’s duplicity. Ertugrul has .. deceived her just like he deceived us. Inform the soldiers that no one is to withdraw to take a rest. We will take to the road at once To where, my Bey? Dispatch some of the soldiers to surround Kayi tribe immediately. We must make them aware that we won’t give them any respite. Ertugrul. Bamsi. Turgut, Sungur … they all will go to their tribes to say their farewells. They II attend the funeral tomorrow once they learn that Aslihan died. I will get them all while they’re in the funeral procession.

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