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EPISODE 45 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 4

Your are Watching 45th Episode of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles.Where that arrow came from? Ertugrul Bey Who are you? I brought you Husamettin Karaca s greetings (Salaam). Husamettin Karaca7 Alps, be on guard Whose blood is lawful to be shed? Sadeddin dog’s Take it easy, Alps. Where is Hiisamettin Karaca? He waits for you in the cave on the Kargi Hill There s an important issue What do you think it could be, Ertugrul? Since Hiisamettin Karaca diverted us from our path. it must be really important matter, brother. We better set off, without delay. When we surround the fortress completely, then. we will keep striking the bulwarks with catapults, without let up. During the night, our soldiers will howl like wolves around the bulwarks.. and they will play drums and blow bugles We won t allow them to have any sleep, nor will we let them have tranquility. They won t even be able to stick out their heads because of fear. We will intercept all the paths that lead to the fortress. Not even a wheat kernel will be able to get in. Due to the hunger and fear, they will have to eventually surrender to us What if they resist, Blessed Emir?

If they resist, we will give them a hard time with our Army.. and we will crash the fortress over their heads. Now go back to your troops. I don’t want you to make any mistakes, not even single tiny one. As you command, Blessed Emir. As you command, Blessed Emir. Is there permission, Blessed Emir? Come in, Kayraldi, come. Blessed Emir There’s not any problem with the military camp, In shaa Allah. Everything s settled down within the military camp. Blessed Emir. But there is some important news from Konya. What s the matter? Sultan Giyaseddin and his mother Mahperi Hatun. have left the Palace They left the Palace? Where have they gone? I m afraid that nobody knows it, Blessed Emir. What do you mean nobody knows? What are you talking about, man? Didn’t I tell you to inform me even if a bird flies over Palace? Sultan and his mother have left the Palace and you dare to. stand before me, saying you don t know where they went. Blessed Emir… Be silent! Leaving the Palace without anyone being the wiser, hah? This is not good This is not good at all. Welcome. Ertugrul Bey Nice to see you Husamettin.

For what reason you diverted us from our way? Follow me. come. My Sul an. Mahperi Hatun. Welcome. Ertugrul Bey. Glad to see you, my Sultan. Come over there, please be seated. I see you’re in disguise, my Sultan. Did anything bad happen in Konya? Not yet Ertugrul Bey But it is about to. Sadeddin Kopek got rid of everyone that confronted him. He took hold of all the positions within the State… from the Army all the way up to the Divan of Justice We can’t even take any step around the Palace. They are all his men. All their eyes are on us. They give us looks like a decapitator does, Ertugrul Bey. That’ s why we had to disguise ourselves and go in secret so we could talk to you. If you don’t crush the snake under your foot, if you let it grow .. the first person it will sink its fangs into will be you. Unfortunately, it is only understood that it was a snake. after someone got poisoned by its venom It’s clear that if Sadeddin achieves a victory in Samsat. .. he will dispose of us. before he makes it to Konya. We can t wait for Emir Sadeddin to return from Samsat in triumph.

We must bring him down, before he makes it to Samsat. It doesn’t matter how big the snake is… our swords are strong enough to cut its head off, evelAllah. I ve no doubt of that, Ertugrul Bey But, there’s a more important issue we need to deal with first. Just issue a command, my Sultan. May it be good. Sadeddin Kopek got hold of Emir Kamyeri. too. Emir Kamyeri is a person of exceptional value for the State. If he has caught him, then he wouldn’t keep him alive. His intention is to eliminate the last powerful Emir that opposes him. And once he Kills tmir Kamyeri… there would be no one who will dare to oppose him. You know that Emir Kamyeri has a very loyal powerful Army. I know Husamettin Bey, I know it. If Emir Kamyeri dies, Kopek will take over his Army. His State power and his Army will be incredibly strong then. Before Kopek gets Emir Kamyeri, he must be saved without fail. Let’s take to the road, immediately.

This sultan and his mother .. have sprung into action to kill me. When a magnificent victory awaits me… nothing can prevent that Listen to me, Kayraldi. Dispatch your men to every direction. Tell them to learn the whereabouts of the Sultan and his mother. If they return to the Palace, they are… not to be allowed to leave again, before I make it to Konya. Will we keep them detained in the Palace, Blessed Emir? Yes, we will. I cannot allow them to occupy my mind whilst I m on the conquest And when I return, I will put the seal on this issue. Have you got any news about Emir Kamyeri? He’s been caught and detained, Blessed Emir. He will be brought to your presence, he’ll be here tomorrow. Superb.

Just let him come. I will personally take his head. Before embarking on Samsat conquest, we must finish him off. We must finish him off, so that his army will merge with ours. Seize all his properties and credit it to my treasure. However you wish, Blessed Emir. Big conquests are ahead of us, Kayraldi, so very big. Once I conquer the Samset fortress… I will make a hill from the heads of my enemies. and I will build my throne on the summit of that hill. My scouts have informed me that the soldiers escorting Emir Kamyeri. have passed Yilanli Mountain. It means that by tomorrow evening, they will reach Kopek s Army camp. Then we need to set off. without delay. We will raid them in the early dawn, and by Allah’s leave, we will rescue Emir Kamyeri. We will go back to Konya, then. My Sultan, they must have already learned that you left the Palace. Now it would be dangerous for you to go back to Konya. You may not be able to leave the Palace again.

Then what shall we do, Ertugrul Bey7 It’s best that you don’t go back to the Palace, for the time being. My Sultan, Sultan Alaeddin has been poisoned in front of my eyes. The heir apparent, K1I15 Arslan died in my arms. Now, in all good conscious. I cannot send you to your death. Then what are we going to do? If you d be so kind to accept I wou d love to welcome you in my tribe. Your tribe9 Yes, my Sultan. In my tribe you will be safer than you’d be in the Palace. Till that Kopek problem is over and done with, you can be our guest there You’re thinking right. Ertugrul Bey. isiueg Yes. my Bey Take Dumrul. Melik§ah, Abdurrahman and Oguz along with you too Escort our Sultan and Mahperi Hatun to the tribe. You know shortcuts and hidden troughs. Take that path I know, my Bey, evelAllah. As you command. I will get the horses ready. May your path be open Eyvallah (thank you). You thought it well, Ertugrul Bey. But leaving my Palace behind disturbs me. My Sultan, the traitors prowl around the Palace like a nightmare.

Now the Palace is a dungeon for you. As soon as we destroy those traitors… you can illuminate your Palace with the light of your sovereignty again. I set off on this journey, leaving my tribe and my Akga tent behind too. Till we set our State and our homeland free from traitors, we all are on a mission. You should be at ease, comforted by the knowledge that… you are fulfilling an important duty for your State. Eyvallah (alright). Ertugrul Bey May you enjoy good health, my Ertugrul Bey. May your sword be sharp. May your roads be open, my Sultan. Let s set off for the duty, valiants. The battle awaits us. at the dawn. May it be easy, sisters. Think you Halime Hatun. Ma i o eas 1 Thank you.

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