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EPISODE 45 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5

This is Episode number 45 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. Albasti will not leave here. We will retreat on my signal. His men will follow us. We will pick them off one by one. nd then… we will come down on them like a hammer. Alps! Retreat! Attack! Retreat! Go! Kill every one of them. After them! Go! Dragos’ I did what you wanted to get my son back. I will not be defeated by your treachery. I will not bes-defeated by your treachery! If your sword was as^shanp as your tongue, you would rule the world instead of us. Soldiers! Kill Bamsi and his son! For Allah! For Allah! For Allah! For Allah! Arrows! Soldiers! Aag A|/| Ertugrul Bey! Ertugrul! There he is again Come on, Son! Come on! For Allah! Allah! Allah! Come on, Son! Come on! Allah! Allah! Attack! Father! The stronger the enemy the more famous the victory. You will be the strongest enemy I have killed so far. You’re not brave enough to deserve to die standing up. That’s why great enemies eet standing up… and the inferior ones bend the knee. When you desired death, I didn’t kill you. Now that you want to live, you will have that death. Ertugrul. ly Bey… The men who went after Turgut haven’t returned. Should we go and look for them?

No need. If they can’t take those alps, let them die. We need Ertugrul and Alincak’s heads. ‘Very good. my Bey., Alps! This time I will finish you, Ertugrul! I took off your mask. And now I will take off your head, bastard. This is the end. No more talk. Now our swords shall speak. You don’t deserve an easy death. You will die a thousand times for each of your crimes. You’re not the first enemy I’ve crushed beneath my heel. And you won’t be the last. It was always your des iny to be destroyed like the others Take that bastard to Sogut. We will find out what plans he made with Albasti. Are you all right, son? I’m fine, my Bey. Thank you.

I’m proud of you, son. Go on. Go to the alps. My Bey I’m so ashamed. Do you know what you have cost us, Bamsi? What on earth were you thinking? My Bey, Albasti is alive. I didn’t know. I didn’t listen to you. I did it for my son. Now… Now that he’s been saved you can have my head. I will accept any punishment you give me, my Bey. Turgut and the alps went to trap Albasti We are late joining them because of what you did. You better hope they survive the day, Bamsi. Let me come. My brother Turgut’s life is on the line. Let me come. Let me fight alongside you. You don’t deserve to fight by my side] Go back to the tribe. We will talk when I get back. Alps! Bury Alincak. Leave no trace. We need to move fast to catch up with Turgut. Go! Go! Go! Where are they? Alincak hasn’t arrived yet. Aag A|/| What happened? Did Dragos get Alincak? He had him, but then Ertugrul came. Ertugrul? Where did he come from? I don’t know, my Bey. Dragos took Alincak.

Then Ertugrul came and saved Bamsi and his son. And Alincak? Ertugrul killed Alincak. I came here straight after. f Alincak is dead… We’re no longer in danger, my Bey. And Dragos? Is he dead? He was still alive when I left. I don’t know, my Bey. The infidel Dragos always manages to save his skin, one way or another. But if he’s been captured, that will be bad for us. There’s no point in us fighting, my Bey. You’re right. No need to wait here any longer. Let’s go back to the village. Come on. Alps, protect our brother! Protect our brother! Are ou all ri ht brother? I’m fine, my Bey. Fine. Very good. We finished those that came after us.

Their numbers dwindled. Now, we will go after Albasti. Take care of our wounded brother. Let’s go. alps. IT’S TIME FOR OUR FINAL B TTLE.. TURKS WILL BE DROWNED IN THEIR BLOOD. Branas, there was a disaster. Ertugrul has captured Commander Dragos. Damn it! How? Ertugru[came with “his alps1 as Dragos was taking Alincak A wounded soldier brought the news. Alps have taken Commander Dragos to Sogut. Ready the soldiers If they’ve taken C6mmander Dragos to Sogut alive, we still have a chance. We will attack Sogiit tonight if need be] Commander Dragos’ orders are here. He’s always so careful. If he’s killed or caught, this is what he says you must do. We will carry out his orders. It’s time for the final great battle for Sogut. We won’t be alone. Albasti will be with us. How can we trust him, Brahas? What if he turns his back on us? Then Ertugrul will realize he’s still alive, and Beybolat will be unmasked for what he really is. Beybolat will keep his word.

He will fight alongside us to the very end if he has to. For Commander Dragos, we fight to th Jbnd! For Commander Dragos we fight to the death! jSoBejg’jepuewuioo joj Turgut Bey, they ve run away. There were lots of them. they didn’t need to run. Albasti wouldn’t have left without Alincak. omething’s going on. Alps… We will be cautious and wait for Ertugrul Bey. What happened, Turgut? You were right, my Bey. They came to set up an ambush. We fought. But they ran away even though we were outnumbered. Albasti wouldn’t have gone without Alincak. He must have found out that Allncak is dead. Alincak’s dead? How? Bamsi made a big mistake, Turgut.

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