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EPISODE 46 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

This Episode is another one of my Favorite Episodes. When news of Shahnaz reached to Tribe there are very emotional scenes of Guldaaro. Hayma Ana becomes very cruel when she knows about Shahnaz.

In the Last Episode, you have seen Goncahgul stole the seal. Hayma Ana is in a very aggressive mood when she knows that her own tent is not safe. The people of her family are betraying. Noyan demand for the Seal but Sarim is stubborn to not give the seal.

Guldaaro was very disappointed by his brother. Mr. Arif is again done a useful job. The first journey of Ertugrul for his struggle is very fruitful. They learn a lot of new things in his way. Guldaaro was alone to get Shahnaz. Suddenly who come with him?

Dirilis this Episode is the heart of the drama because maybe after this Guldaaro emotion for Shahnaz will be changed. Password for this video is Eyvallah.

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