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EPISODE 46 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 4

Your are Watching 46th Episode of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. May Allah (swt) not humiliate us Amin Someone is coming. Let s take care of it, with Allah’s leave. Blessed Emir. Ugh Ah Hope nothing s wrong. Husamettin Karaca? May you victories be everlasting, Blessed Emir. How quickly yoy forgot your hatred towards me, and now… you grovel bowing and scraping before me and kiss the edge of my skirt. And. what about you9 Emir-i Alem Togan, hah. Hah. More than two years ago by not obeying my order you set Sultan Alaeddin against me. My Efendi.. we seek shelter in your generosity. You’re not just a victorious commander, but… you are the protector of our State, you are Emir of all Emirs. We are here to. beg your forgiveness for all our previous mistakes. Oh. is that so? My Efendi. you will give us an honor if you would take time to rest in Sivas… before engaging in the siege of such a formidable fortress as Samsat. I don t have time to rest, Husamettin Karaca.

That traitorous Kamyeri has run away When our State is threatened by traitors and enemies. there is no time for me to stop and relax After Kamyeri has managed to escape… he sought a refuge with me, my Efendi. For failing to comply with our State and with your orders. we welcomed him in a friendly manner. Soldiers! Then afterwards, we put him to the sword . along with every single soldier who helped him escape death… all of them. This belonc ed to him. Yes, Blessed Emir. This hat (Bork) belonged to Kamyeri too. When I took his life, this Bork was on his head, Blessed Emir. Superb You did a great service to our State. You will be rewarded accordingly. Efendi if you honor us by… establishing your Army Headquarters in Sivas. that would be the greatest reward for us. Now, before you go to Samsat, please do come and. take a rest along with your Army, my Efendi. Superb Kayraldi. Blessed Emir Notify my Army We are going to rest in Sivas for a while. As you order, Blessed Emir. Deh!

We were the hunters who became the hunted ones, my son. There are people among us and within our borders. as well as around the world who cannot stand the power of our State. Additionally, the Mongol’s menace is about to swoop on us. like a nightmare. I want to be sure that if something happens to me… my State will be left in good hands. Giyaseddin Jackals have descended upon this glorious State you entrusted to me, father. They forced their way even into our own Palace. Give me a remedy to soothe this pain inside me, o my Allah (swt). Is there permission, my Sultan? Please, do come in As-salamu alaykum (peace be upon you). Alaykumu as-salam (peace be upon you too). My Sultan. I heard you were here… I wanted to visit with you. You did well You brought me honor It is our honor to be with you. my Sultan. So, please take a seat Respevted Ibn-i Arab) . first of all, I would like to express my gratitude to you. Because of the traitors that formed a net within our State.. I almost brought in Ertugrul Bey’s death verdict.

Thanks to Allah and you, I’ve been saved from such a great mistake… and. I ve set Ertugrul Bey free. Now, with his help, we came here for our safety. Whenever someone does a favor to someone. there is Allah’s power in that, my Sultan. No one can bring a verdict other than Him… and the Divine Power belongs to Him. If we are instrumental in bringing about a good deed. this is because of Allah’s Grace. How beautifu ly you put it. Ertugrul Bey has set off on a formidable journey in order to… p rge traitors from our State and to save us from a great trouble. As for me, I can do nothing else but wait. However, every moment I spend here waiting. pierces my heart like a dagger. It looks as if my State is coming to an end in front of my eyes. and there is nothing I can do. but wait.

The most intense moment of the darkness is… the moment which is closest to the light. You should recognize the blessings in these challenges that you face up to.. in order to bring the State back to life, my Sultan. Those who strive for the cause of Allah (swt) and. those who face up to the challenges and persevere… will always earn the Grace of Allah [refers to An-Nahl; 16:110] However, you need to be patient Without a doubt, the wrath of Allah (swt)… will strike down on tyrants and traitors like a lightning. In shaa Allah. May Allah (swt) show us these days. For, deserting Konya and my Palace and… being far away from there, fill my heart with shame. Every winter is followed by spring, my Sultan. [refers to Al Inshira; 94:5-6] Separation ultimately ends in reunion [refers to Yusuf; 12:83-99] In shaa Allah. In shaa Allah After announcing his prophethood. our beloved Prophet’s (pbuh) and all those who followed him. were subjected to all kinds of unjust calumnies and. humiliation by the Mushrikeen (polygamists). Thorns were strewn in our Prophet s (pbuh) way.

Dirt and filth were thrown at him [while he was praying]. They wanted to discourage him by calling him a magician, a poet and a soothsayer. They were subjected to all kinds of taunts and insults. Oppression and relentless persecution were reaching its limits. in the end, tey forced our Prophet (pbuh) to migrate (do Hijrah) from Mecca. the city in which he was born and raised. This situation was heavy on the heart of our Holy Prophet (pbuh) However there was a great wisdom of Allah (swt) in this situation Thus, our Prophet (pbuh) saw the results of his patience and perseverance. while he was still alive. Eventually, he triumphantly entered Mecca as the commander who conquered it… while he was grieved when he left it earlier. The number of As-sahabah (Companions) who came to . listen his final sermon amounted to 124.000. And almost the entire area in the vicinity accepted the religion of Islam.

Password for this Episode is GunalpisBack. The patience is a way to attain victory. [refers to al-Anfaal; 8:46] Patience (Sabr) is bitter, but its fruit is sweet, my Sultan. You aspire to make Islamic world more powerful and. to guard our State. You are a soldier of a holy cause. Now, put your heart et ease. In shaa Allah, before long, the endeavors of Ertugrul Bey… as well as yours will produce results. and with Allah’s help we will purge traitors from our State.

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