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EPISODE 47 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Episode No 47. What an Episode. Shahnaz has been saved by Guldaaro or Tangut came to help Noyan. Hamza is now come to back to his tribe and in the Last Episode, he shut up Noyan. Hayma Ana is worried about Shahnaz and Guldaaro why didn’t they come back?

She is also investigating everyone to fine the seal. Maherdin family is worried to hear that Mother Hayma is questioning everyone for this. On the other side, Noyan is very clever. He was whispering bad thing in the ear of furious Taimoor. What Tahir has to do if he wants to become a soldier. Is he ready or afraid of something?

Khushnud is very ill in the Episode what Arif suggested to him but he didn’t listen to Arif. Gulbano is there with Khushnud Sardar when he was very ill. What Maherdin suggested for Sardar Khushnud.You ‘ll watch All of this in this Episode. Hope you will like it. The low resolution is uploaded here which is not as much low.

Actually, its is very good quality 480p. People who are facing problem check on their side. Maybe they didn’t select high quality. Password for this video is yaAllah. Letter ‘A’ is capital and the rest of letters are small.

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