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EPISODE 48 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

This all episode is about the love of Shahnaz and Guldaro. On the other side, the Noyan execution is near. Ertugrul is finding new ways to his goal. What game is Tangut playing? why he didn’t help Noyan in the previous Episode.

Who is still with Noyan and angry on Tangut. Ertugrul is finding new lands but with that, he is also facing new enemies. On the way, he met with a Darvish about whom Kirman Afandi told Ertugrul. Noyan still has hopped to relieve Execution. Halima and Shahnaz also playing their role in the tribe. Gonchagul was crying in the whole episode

because she feels stupid in front of all.

After coming back from Noyan Shahnaz have a new peaceful soul in it. MaherDin is curious about Noyan. Sardar Khushnud is not well. In this Episode, his health is felling down and down. The work in this Episode was too long because this one Episode is Equal to Two Episodes. The reasons are:

FIrst reason is Episode is long in duration and seventeen minutes longer than previous Episodes and the 2nd reason is All Episode has more dialogues. Fewer fights and sequences are there in the episode. If we write 500 Subtitles for previous Episodes and we have written 850 Subtitles for this Episode so this Episode was the most tough Episode till now.

The Password for Low-resolution Video is megaepisode

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