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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 48 (21) Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles GiveMe5

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

This is Episode 21 (48) of Season 2 Kurulus Osman and EPISODE 44 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitiles by GiveMe5. Osman!You have nowhere to run!Son! Son!Hang on! hang on Archers!Archers!Alps!Shields up!rawBrother!jasooqShield wall!DrawjasooqHang on!Hang on!Alps!rawLoose!Come on, brothers!Come on!Brother!DrawBrother.Loose!DrawLoose!Keep your shields up!-Draw!Loose!Hang on, menHang on, son.Come on, brothers!Hang on...ion.DrawLoose! March!We must get him out of here, brother!We will get out, brother.Alps!Hang on!Hang on, men!March!Shield formation!Move!Come on!

Keep it tight!Hang on, brother. We're getting out.We’re getting out.MoveTake the wounded Help the others!Move, Alps!Boran!Cover me!Get the woundedMove!We're carrying the wounded soldiers back! - Come on, son!Come on!Hang in there, Bayhoca!Help move the wounded Baysungur!-My Bey!Pull!Everybody, move!Pull!Help, Alps!Shields!Ya Allah.BismillahirRahmanirRahim.Hold!Hold!Hold!Where were youWhere were you, uncle?I went to Nikola, nephew.What did you say?I went to him so that he won't be suspicious."Do you think I'm a traitor?" I told him.It sounds like you fell into his trap, uncle.Osman must die.• ueiuso...must die.

Osman, who took our sons from one battle to the next......who made us enemies to our sons, must die.He must die.You worry about Aygul.You're right.However, she chose her own fate, Dundar Bey.Don't worry in vain.Do you think that's easy, Hatun?She is one and only daughter.Even though she doesn't think of me as her father......she is my life.She is my everything.I ask my Rabb......for Osman's for my daughter.For both of them.....I can’t do anything......and so I wait......and pray.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے نیچے اسکرول کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں، شکریہ ۔

Don't blame yourself for no reason, my bey.Don't.Just wait.Just wait.You're right, Hatun.You're right.We will wait.The news of Osman death will arrive......and I will leave this a Bey.We will wait.We will wait.We will wait.Hold!Now! Attack!Attack!Attack!Now! Attack!Swords!Attack!Swords!Attack!We're retreating!Retreat!Move!Retreat to the narrow pass!Retreat!Retreat!Don't let them get away!Retreat!Move!Hang in there, son!Be careful! Careful!Hang on.Almost there!Alps, hold him tight!Hold him tight!Come on, son!Come on, son!Hang in there, son.Hang on.Hold him tight!Move the rest of the wounded!Hang in there, son.Hang in Hang on, son!Hang on.Move!Easy. Easy.Come on.Come on, Alps.

Let's move.Let's go!Shields up!Make way!Make way soldier!Why are you stopping? Move!Don't let them get away!They hold the entrance, sir!They have archers! We can't get in!Osman!You won't get away this time!Soldiers! Make way!They hold the pass!Soldiers!Move aside, soldiers!They have archers! We can't get in.Osman! Damn you!Nikola, we can't let him get away!He lost most of his Alps. He can't fight us.Let me finish this!

Let Osman feel the pain of defeat!And enjoy your victory, Flatius!Nikola, when you return from Constantinople, I want to offer you wine from Osman's skull.Dear friend, Rome wasn't built in a day.Don't turn this victory into defeat.Enjoy the vengeance of your father.Soldiers! Bring me fire!Get the documents from Goktug.Then kill him.Root out the traitor in the castle by the time I return.I will, Nikola.Let's move, soldiers!Come on!Let's go, son.Let's go, brother.Come on.Brother.

Let's move.Come on, son.My nephew.This was your first great battle. It won't be the last.This is not thewound that kills you.I finally got to fight by your side.I thank my Allah, my Bey!My Osman Bey...We were ambushed, we were betrayed."Asa A|/\|Nikola knew we were coming.The shadow of betrayal is cast away by the light of the sword.Even if it was my father who betrayed us, you shall draw blood from him, my Bey.Alps!Bring the horses.Brother, take Aygul and take the wounded to the tribe.

Brother, take Aygul and take the wounded to the tribe.Brother, take Aygul and take the wounded to the tribe.I won't return without Flatius.Let me come with you, brother!Brother, go with them.If I cannot get Flatius......we cannot find out who the traitor is.Be careful.We survived the traps of evil......thanks to our faith.For the love of "Best of Planners."If we do not demand payback from the infidels......may our swords break in our hands!

May our eyes be blinded......if we do not demand blood for blood......may the breath we take be forbidden to us!May it be forbidden!May it be forbidden!/Osman must have sent away the wounded on horseback.He must be on foot.They have fewer numbers.But he has the best of his Alps with him.SoldiersWe're splitting into two groups! Mistakes will not be fofgiy.en!Move!Lena.You are worried about Bayhoca.I know.Do not worry.

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