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EPISODE 49 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Episode 49 of Season two with Urdu Subtitles. So you have seen that Saedetin Kopek is there to save Noyan. In the previous Episodes you had only listened to the name of Saedettin Kopek. Karabek always brings greetings to Noyan. In this Episode you ll watch that Is Noyan will be saved or not. People are very angry at Noyan as he burnt their beloved ones in front of their Eyes.

It is very difficult to walk Noyan like that. What Kopek said that have to Obey. Khushnud health is going down and down with every Episode. On the Other hand, Ertugrul is very happy to his journey. He is thinking that he take a good decision to come to these lands.

There was a surprise for Ertugrul on those lands. Babar is very happy to see crusader like raindrops. What Tangut is trying to do and Baachhu is not with him. Bachhu is frightening Tangut with Souls. Shahnaz and Halime mission is getting a speed up now. They are very close to their Goal. Shahnaz wants that Halime leaves this mission. She wants to proceed alone butHalime didn’t listen to her. Gul Bano is in between her loyalty and curiousness.

Guldaaro, Taimoor, Hayma and Shahnaz are on one side and Maherdin, Khushnud and Sarim on the other. Guldaaro is wondering that what happened to his brother Sarim. He can’t believe that Sarim is talking like that. Password for this Episode is SultanA. In this password you can see First letter is Capital and the last letter is also Capital.

If you face any problem in password why you people dont just copy the password and paste it in the video. This Method is very convenient to prevent mistakes in password Writing. Thank you and Enjoy!

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