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EPISODE 49 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

This is Episode number 49 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. How could you do this, ilbilge? You betrayed your own brother and our tribe! You submitted to Ertugrul, he swept you off your feet. You trampled on me. And you? How could you murder all those people? I took you for a brave man. But you turned out to be a man that kills men and children alike, a murderer! I’m ashamed to call you my brother. You disgrace us. But we shall put an end to it. I am not a traitor! I did the ri htthin ! I hunted the treacherous tribes, not Turkmen tribes!

I prevented those stupid enough to resist the Mongols from causing a mutiny, thereby saving many innocent lives! Whatever I did, I did it for the good of my nation. To protect us from the wrath of the Mongols. To prevent clueless daydreamers ike Ertugrul… from rebelling against the Mongols, thereby saving us from extinction! Don’t you get it?

You want to hide your betrayal, by saying you did it for the good of your nation. If it weren’t for the traitors among us like you, our nation would never have fallen prey to the Mongols. The conflict between us involves the whole country now, and not just my lands. Whatever those who betray our traditions deserve, you shall get it in abundance, Albasti. Turgut. You will die here! Come, then, weasels.

If you trust in your backstabbing knives, we trust in our axes, wielding justice! Attack! You are determined enough to pull out your sword, huh? Both of you shall fall here. My face will be the last you ever see. You will choke on the blood of the kids you killed, and the spit of their mothers. I will make sure you feel eternal shame.You won’t even have the grave in Sogut that you wanted so much. I will erase your name from Sogut. I will destroy all your family, your kin.

I will kill everyone who joined hands with you and resisted the Mongols. Starting with you two. I will kill you both. Come! Kill them both! You know me well. Do I know you? It was you, huh? You and your chief will get what you deserve. Albasti will be the death of you all. Next in turn is Albasti. However, your punishment comes first. Take the survivors captive, and watch over them. As you wish, Turgut Bey. Dumrul. Come with me. This is the end, Ertugrul. This is the end. Brother. Once you told me you’d rather hunt, and that I could have the feast. Now we both hunt. Artuk Bey told me everything.

This bastard ambushed my son and murdered him. You joined hands with the Mongols and attacked our tribe. You murdered my brothers. You killed my son. Ibasti… I will shred you apart myself. Know this. Your son said the same thing before he died. You will meet the same end as him! Attack! Ertugrul! Come this way! Alps! This way! You have nowhere left to run, Albasti. Our family and tribe have suffered enough because of you. Give yourself up! It’s not that easy, Ertugrul. Not that easy. I won’t let you die an easy death.

I will make an example out of you. I will take you back alive for that. I won’t let you use me to increase your popularity, Ertugrul. Do the right thing for once in your life. Surrender! I have no life to give you. Dumrul, take some men and go down to the river. Don’t return until you find Albasti’s body. Go on. As you wish, sir. He’s the murderer of my son, Ertugrul. I won’t rest until I see his lifeless body. Sooner or later, his body will wash ashore, Brother.

I hope so We caught three of Beybolat’s men alive. Well done. Does anybody from the tribe know that you came here? o, I went to Sogut first. I told Artuk Bey not to say anything after I heard the news. o, he didn’t tell anyone. Then head to the camp first. I have business to resolve with llbilge Hatun at the Umur camp. We must take precautions in case of a revolt. Their soldiers must learn just how treacherous their chief was. Gundogdu Bey.

Please accept my condolences for your son Suleyman. None of us could foresee how treacherous my brother could be. Forgive us. If Ertugrul Bey recognizes your good will, then I have nothing to say. Ilbilge Hatun. You’ve been through a harsh test. However, you passed that test. Password for this Episode is dIRsea5WuRsEp49.I know what you’ve done isn’t easy for you. owever… know that what you did helped save many innocent lives. Ertugrul Bey. If not for you, I wouldn’t have been able to see the truth before me. The veil over my face has been lifted thanks to you. The truth is out. his is… the biggest reward and consolation for me. Everyone! Take the captives and go to the Umur camp. As you command, Bey. They say spring has come, Son.

However, in my heart, it’s a cold winter night. Everyone has their sons and husbands by them. But I have no one. h, my poor son. It’s like time stopped, and there’s still no news. Where are you, Brother? Come back. Brother! Brother?

Men and worVien of the Umur Tribe! I brought these soldiers to punish them for their crimes. They will be judged here, and they shall be punished here. What’s their crime, Ertugrul Bey? Treachery Nobody can blame our men of treachery! We won’t allow that! Everyone! Stop! Say something, llbilge Hatun. What’s going on? Ertugrul Bey is right. Now, calm your nerves and listen to what he has to say. Does Beybolat Bey know about this, Ertugrul Bey? Where is he? Umuroglu beys, come to the tent. L I will tell you all about it inside. Bring the criminals in. You’re coming in, too, Sirma Hatun. I wonder what happened. They have the flag of the Kayi. It’s the Kayi flag. Who are they? Thank god! Gundogdu Bey»is here. Thank god! It’s Gundogdu Bey.

Who would have known? It’s been years, but he looks young as always. h, Gundogdu Bey. Grandmother? Is that Gundogdu? It’s your uncle Gundogdu! My son!1 Thank god. I got to see you alive again. God bless. Wfelcome! Welcome, Gundogdu Bey! Welcome, Bey. Welcome, Gundogdu, my son. elcome. How I missed you… I missed you too, Mother. You, my tent, my tribe, y brothers, my friends… I missed you all. Gundogdu Bey. It’s been years since we last met. You still look as majestic as a mountain, Bey. Come here. You look just as majestic, Bamsi. Now are like a range of mountains.

We haven’t fought together in so long. So true, Bey. Gundogdu, this is your nephew Osman. Welcome. Uncle. Thank you. God bless. A wolfs cub is a wolf, as they say. God bless my nephew. He’s a wolf, too. Where is Selcan, Mother? Selcan went to Suleyman’s grave. How is that possible? He wouldn’t do that!

The soldiers disguised themselves as bandits and attacked us. The others paid for their betrayal with their lives. brought them here.. so they could admit their treachery to the people of your tribe. And so that we could punish them here to make an example of them. What does Beybolat Bey have to say? He should be here. Or we won’t agree to it. He was the master of this treachery. What is he saying^ llbilge Hatun? He’s right. Beybolat Bey attempted to murder me and Ertugrul Bey. Why would he kill his own sister? There must be a mistake. There’s no mistake. Beybolat Bey revealed his face, he’s been hiding it even from you. What does it mean, Ertugrul Bey? Beybolat Bey is Albasti. Soldiers! There’s no trace of him. Where did he go? He should have risen from the water by now.

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