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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 51 (24) Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles GiveMe5

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

This is Episode 24 (51) of Season 2 Kurulus Osman and EPISODE 51 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitiles by GiveMe5. Am I allowed to leave?Alps!Let him leave.Why are you letting him go Osman Bey?If you’d let me, I would tear him apart and feed him to the dogs!Umur Bey......I didn’t want a father’s mistake to kill his daughter.Come to the tent with me.We have things to discuss.Aris, Lord of Yarhisar.Don't look so glum.You will be good for something for the first time in your life.Take him out.Umur Bey.You are a wise man.How could you make such a mistake and let Malhun Hatun go to Lord Nikola?

Don't you know he’s my enemy?I sent my daughter as an envoy, to demand that they hand over Togay.Umur Bey!How dare you go over my head on this matter?That's rich coming from you, Osman Bey.When did you ever ask my opinion about your plans?You forced my hand, Osman Bey.If you had captured Togay.....I wouldn't have had to do this.Umur Bey.I told you not to overstep your bounds.But you didn't listen to me.This is my final warning.You will not act without consulting with me first.What is your decision, Osman Bey?

Tell me.I will gather the Beys.Then I will announce my decision.What happened to that one?Is she dead?Get upGet upI said, get up!It worries me that she’s been in there for so long.Go to the tribe.Let our Bey know.Lower your weapons! You're coming to the castle with us.Let go!Or they’ll all die!Let go of the sword!Take them all!Move!Let go of me!Let go!Move!We cannot leave Malhun Hatun to the infidels' hands.

We cannot leave Malhun Hatun to the infidels' hands.We must hand over the lord and take back Malhun Hatun.Once we make Nikola leave his hole......and find out thatMalhun Hatun is alive......and if we find a way to save her without handing over the lord......we will attack them and take her.Osman Bey, I fear Nikola will figure out as much.He will want to take the lord but not give Malhun Hatun.An exchange of prisoners is an exchange of lives, Osman Bey.There will be tricks within tricks, we must have our own.Hear, Umur Bey?

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے نیچے اسکرول کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں، شکریہ ۔

I will make a move to rectify your mistake.What are you thinking, Osman Bey?What do you mean to do?Umur Bey.You will be our guest for a little longer.Rest in your tent.We will figure this out.Osman Bey, this is no time to rest!I will be there during the exchange.You are in no position to argue.You must obey me, Umur Bey.She's my daughter!Her life is my responsibility!How can you think to act without my knowledge!You'll find out how we act soon enough.You'll find out how we act soon enough.A forced guest finds no hospitality, Osman Bey.Be a friend......and stay our friend......else, you'll hurt yourself, llniur Bey.Alps!Take Umur Bey to his tent.It seems.....that Nikola will set up a new game.I will have my own.

We will go to the location of the exchange with my Alps beforehand.And Nikola will not know about this.The other Alps will bring the lord.If Nikola tries to trick us......then I'll take to the field and have his head.Let s move.We must be quick.What do you want?You've taken lives.You've shed blood.That’s what I’ve heard.I’ve brought you that you'll grow stronger, healthier, Malhun Hatun.We won’t leave this place alive.You know that.Your eyes......are as sharp as a mole's.Feed yourselves.So'll be well on the way to your tribe.What are you keeping secret, Togay?

I’m not afraid of you, Togay!Fear would not suit a good mare like you.Your courage gives me strength.Malhun.Burn in hell, Togay!Burn in hell! anywhere Togay breathes upon.What does this infidel want, Malhun Hatun?We ll see, Alaca.We'll see.You seem worried.For what reason, Bey?I’m not worried.I’m furious, Bala.You're furious becauseMalhun Hatun is a prisoner?What is my goal, Bala?Tell me.What is my goal?What have I been saying ever since I took Kulucahisar?What do I say?You say, "Inegol."-That's right.I say, Inegol.I say, Bursa.I say, state.However......what do my enemies do?

They make plots to stop you, my Osman.They are enemies, it’s natural that they do.And what do my friends do?They cause you more burden.They hinder your plans.They delay conquest.That's why I'm angry.That’s why I'm furious, my Bala.However...However......however, are not like are not like them.You are a mountain behind me.I will always be, my Osman.Always.Ambush!

Protect the lord!Protect the lord!Protect the lord!Alps, formations!Hang on, Aris!Start a fire, now!We will cauterize the wound!Move!Hang on, Aris! Hang on!We must keep the lord alive! Move!Hang on! Hang on, Aris!He won't survive.Who did this, Cerkutay?

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