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EPISODE 52 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Dirilis Season 2 Urdu Subtitles Episode number 52. What a tearful Episode. While Translating and adding subtitles with this Episode my eyes were full of tears. Deli Damir Funeral and his voice over with funeral is very Emotional. You should stop the video and read the sentences of Deli Damir. I cant control my Emotions. The FIrst part of the Episode force you to cry.

Saedtin Kopek shocked with the news of Tangut. Noyan is wonder why Tangut revolted against him. Saedtin kopek started a new game when he saw that Tangut has died. Noyan understands the game of Kopek. Shahnaz is moving forward with his plans and this time Gul Bano help her.

How she help you can watch it in the Episode. Shahnaz is in attacking position in this Episode. Ertugrul talks to Esadetin and judge that there is something wrong. This time he suspects Maher din and decided to talk to him.

There is no password for this Video and this video is uploaded to Youtube this time. Let we check that is it ok or not? We are uploading the video to 720p.

This Episode is very late and we also don’t confirm the time so we are very sorry for late and also sorry for that we cannot inform you early. From the next Episode, we will tell you the time when Episode will be ready. Thank you and Enjoy watching Episode 52.

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