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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 53 (26) Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles GiveMe5

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

This is Episode 26 (53) of Season 2 Kurulus Osman and EPISODE 53 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitiles by GiveMe5. We’re in the presence of my Sheikh.In his presence,..I don't want to cause unrest.This thumb ring..Why do you have it?If you have had it for such a long time ..why didn’t you tell me?Thanks to Allah,..I have words to say, Osman Bey.Let's go somewhere else then.Forgive us, my Sheikh.My Beys.You didn’t....get invited to this dervish that your disagreement would get deeper or your resentment would turn into hostility.Don’t worry, my Sheikh.But..But excuse us.I don't want to fail in respect.Then let what is to happen happen.And repeat your promises.BismillahirRahmanirRahim.

The arrow which was targeted for Potter Idris....obviously stuck in Osman Bey, Kumral Abdal.Osman Bey will take that arrow off his chest, my Sheikh.But I don't know how he can stop the blood.» *-Is Osman Bey inside?-Yes, Dundar Bey.Umur Bey!Tell me now.How did you get this thumb ring?It was my daughter Malhun Hatun who found that thumb ring.How?She found it while they were following the arrow who hit the potter traitor.We followed the trails in the direction where the arrow came from.It’s obvious that the trails won’t give us anything.Malhun Hatun!Tell me,.Is there anything that we failed to see?

No, Osman Bey.When I came near her,..she picked up the thumb ring of the killer....and didn’t tell me, huh?Why did you hide it from me?It was clear that the owner of the ring wasn't an ordinary man but a bey!I didn’t want to put you and her in a tight spot before I thought the issue over.What are you even saying, Umur Bey?Do you know how many times I got ambushed and how many martyrs I lost....because I couldn’t find the traitor since Potter Idris died?I lost Bayhoca as a martyr in the ambush of Mount Armenia!What are you even talking about?Neither your daughter nor you acted friendly.Both my friendship and hostility have a price!If she had given me the ring in the first place, Bayhoca wouldn’t be underground now!

When I was after the traitor, were carrying in your belt.Osman Bey.These words are hard to swallow!Could we talk, Osman Bey?I will talk to you when it’s time.Now go and think about the deaths you caused with your father.What kind of accusation is that, Osman Bey? What are you hiding under your tongue?What about the things you hid from me?What did I hide from you?Nobody but that traitor should come near me today....unless they want to experience my wrath!Bring uncle Dundar to me! Drag him if you have to!He has just got in the dervish lodge, my Bey.Surround the dervish lodge!Find him! Come on!Let’s go, Alps’You check upstairs.He’s not here, my Bey.He’s gone.Look everywhere! Everywhere!-EyvAllah,my Bey.-Quick!Come on!Don't let him run away!Come on, brothers!-Come on!t * •' ( •Come on, Alps!Aag A|fl|We looked everywhere.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے نیچے اسکرول کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں، شکریہ ۔

Dundar Bey isn’t here.Osman Bey.My Sheikh.Forgive me.I left untimely.And also, I had to get the dervish lodge checked.It wasn’t something we desired.But I understand your concern.Obviously, you found the traitor who put fire in your home.Now it’s time to make him pay the price of treason, my Sheikh.Boran, you stay here.

Goktug, come with me.Alps, we’re going?You won’t even let a bird fly!Hold all the gates!Come on!Who is the traitor who made Osman Bey so furious?He found out who was the owner of the thumb ring.But he didn’t tell me.He didn’t want it to be heard before he got the traitor.Malhun.You go to the Kayi tribe.I don’t really think that Osman Bey wants to see my in his tribe.Explain to him why you gave me the thumb ring.Our reasons will make him angrier.Yes, they will.But..In the meantime, you will find out who the traitor is.

Don’t bother, my Bey. My men will carry your fabrics to your home, evelAllah.-Come again.-Thanks.Come again.Boran Alp.I’ve got very nice fabrics from Konya as a present for your hatun.Come, I’ll also make a discount for you, brother.Have you seen Dundar Bey?He was just here, but..He’s gone to the inn to see the relatives of martyr alps.Take care!Take care!What’s going on, Petrus?I didn’t like the way Boran Alp looked.Dundar must be in trouble.If Osman has suspected something, means we are in trouble as well.What are we going to do?Improve the measures.We have to find out what is going on.You summoned us, Osman Bey.Take a seat first.

This thumb ring....once upon a time....was given to my uncle by my father as a present.Yes.It must be Dundar Bey's first battle.He took it off his finger and gave it to his brother.Those old good days.Grandma Hayme told me about it.What a battle it was!Do you remember, brother?Yes.Of course, I do. Grandma Hayme heard that uncle Dundar was taken captive in that battle.She told with tears what happened in the tribe.It tore our hearts out.May Allah bless their souls and let their place be Heaven!-Amen.-Amen.I grandmother’s tears had dried up....and this thumb ring of my father’s....would be a rope....around uncle Dundar's neck!What are you saying, Osman Bey?

My uncle......was a wound in my father's heart.He ripped our hearts out.He was my grandmother’s tears...He took our eyes out!He was the breath of our ancestors’ He took our breath away!My uncle......may all Beys' curse including my Oghuz ancestor be on him!Osman Bey... what happened?You would never damn someone...Osman Bey...You are not giving comfort to your father and your ancestors in their graves!Osman Bey...How could your silver tongue that showed your mercy to the folk say these things?I wish I became speechless......and hadn’t said those things, Bamsi Bey.My brother...We don’t know what happened, tell us.

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