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EPISODE 54 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

This is Dirilis season 2 Urdu subtitles episode 54. What a thrilling episode. There are a lot of suspense and thriller all together is in this episode. Maherdin played a very clever game. In last episode, you watched that Aliya was making a very dangerous poison with a scorpion. Wedding of Taimoor and Roshni brings happiness to everyone’s face.

In these hard day’s this was a reason to smile. Everyone was happy on the occasion but the devil people can never rest. They are doing their evil things in this blessing day. Everyone was celebrating the wedding but devils were doing their dirty plans. In all these happiness and joy suddenly a bad news came and all situation changed suddenly.

Who was offended? The crime was done by the criminals but the blame was on innocent people. This time who is the target of Maherdin, Aliya and Gonchagul. Shahnaz is doing a great mission but this time all secrets are revealed. Who revealed these secrets and why you will learn in this episode. Roshan was very angry about what? Ertugrul had known everything. Ertugrul always angry with Halime.

Guldaro was angry with Shahnaz. Guldaro tried to kill Shahnaz. Who saved Shahnaz? Mother Haymarket is also very angry when she know about the mission of Shahnaz and Halima. Maherdin is in the very hurry to finish his plan but if Ertugrul is there nothing can be done easily. Is Aliya is successful at her job or not? What about herself? What was Gonchagul part in all this trap? 

One thing I have to tell all of you viewers. Please be patient. There are a lot of problems we have to handle. Last night Episode was ready but have to watch final I take this episode to my old office. I thought that I ‘ll watch there and just upload but I faced the problem of slow and old systems of my office.

So I have to do it at home and for this Episode, I came back to the home early. When I reached home there was unannounced load shedding. The reason for telling all this to you is that we have obviously some problems when the episode is late so please be patient. Sometimes even we don’t know the exact time or approximated time.

But we still do sorry to you for late. Remember we will upload Episodes according to the schedule announced. Someday we’ll be there. Thank you! Stay blessed. Be happy watch Dirilis and Enjoy! Allah Hafiz.

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