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EPISODE 55 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

This is Episode Number 55 of Dirilis Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles. So you have seen in last Episode Taimoor is very Emotional about his Father’s Death. He just wants to kill Gul Bano on the spot as Maherdin and Aliya also want this. Ertugrul wants to reveal the truth but Taimoor was thinking that he is supporting his Father’s murderer. After the death of Sardar Khushnud whole tribe is very angry and want the revenge from Gul Bano. Roshan is very sad to see his love in danger.

He just wants to save her at any cost. Aliya and Maherdin are flaming Taimoor fury and wanted a Court after Funeral of Sardar Khushnud.

Ertugrul has known that Gul Baano is innocent. Hayma Mother is crying with all situation in the camp. Mr Arif is supporting Ertugrul and told him the words between Taimoor and Maherdin. Ertugrul was reaching th bottom of Issue. He just investigates about the old woman who was died near the tribe.

Ertugrul made a plan for Gul Bano that how to save her. Tahir is badly missing hi Baba Damir. Gonchagul was thinking that she has won. She came to Shahnaz to ask her that that did she get what she want to? Condolences are continued in the Episode.

Ertugrul persuaded Taimoor for gathering beys for choosing a new bey of the tribe. Maherdin don’t want to call a court under a new bey. Here Ertugrul was playing his game but on the other side, Maherdin is also playing cross games. Ertugrul told her mother about his future planning. New bey ceremony is held and the other games are also going on. Guldaro is once again against the Ertugrul plan.

Mother Hamyma asked him about the Ertugrul holy struggle. Guldaro again wants to join the forces with Dodurga tribe. Some os beys are against Taimoor Beyship. They said Taimoor was not succeeded as head of Soldiers then how will he took responsibility for whole tribe.

We are uploading this Episode very early. You can watch this episode today anytime.

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