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EPISODE 58 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3

This is Episode number 58 of Dirilis Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles. Ertugrul is returned with victory to the tribe. He has brought the carcass of Visulis to The Han. Everybody congaratulate him. Emir Seadtin also give him blessing with a bad heart as he already tried to defeat him in the battle with a Conspiracy but Ertugrul manage to kill Visulis and return to his Tribe with success. Ertugrul informs Sultan that he has sent the word to castle to took over their Governer’s Carcass. He also take permission from Sultan to display the corpse in th Bazaar as an example. Sultan tells him that Wolf does not hide his prey like jackals. Roshaan revenge has been taken and his wife Gul bano born his baby. There Gulbano seeing his baby remember his husband Roshaan.

Hafsa tells her that he is not here but his revenge has been taken. Halima comes to Gul Bano after seeing Ertugrul and his soldiers. Gulbano thanks Halima to take carre of her and Halima tells her that she is only doing her duty. Halima also tells the good news to the women. After listening this Gul bano becomes emotional and she remembers Roshaan. Sultan is sitting with Ertugrul and telling him about the traitor who has informed the emperor that i was here. Sultan tells more to him that so Visuilis might have been at the bottom of my poisoning. Ertugrul tell Sultan that Untill we didnt know who were those archers who help Visulis your life is under threat. Sultan tells that fact is that the plan is only known by the people inside the Han so its mean that the villain is within the Han. Ertugrul also give a signal to named Kopek that all troubles started upon sadeddin Kopek’s arrival to the Han. Sultan tells him that if the traitlr in palace has not been caught and confessed to everything i would have doubted him, too. Sultan tells more that when he comes here to han Kpek didnt know about my arrival. Then Sultan summoned Sadeddin to his presence.

Aslhiaan is standing in her room infront of a mirror, Kopek comes to her again. Kopek thanks her to recieve him but Aslihan reply that a request from Blessed Emir, i would regard as my command. Kopek again start talking that remove the word Emir from this as he came here only as Sadeddin who has wretched man for her. He tells Aslihan that i come here to talk with that women who promised to spend her life with him but then went back on her promise. Aslihan replies that this book is closed for me. How many times do i have to repeat that? i agreed to become your wife as i didn’t want to go against my father. Emir Sadeddin become angray there and tells her that revenge of Aliyar has been taken and now your have to leave the great Cavdar Tribe.

Aslihan tells him clear that no power can separate me from my tribe. As they are talking the hot issue, Sultan man comes to summoned Emir Sadeddin to come to the presence of Sultan. Then Kopek go away from there and leave Aslihan alone. Ekaterina and Nikolas are still waiting for the news from Visuilis and they are restless with this. As they are still talking here about the survival of their castle a soldier come to them. He tells Nikolas that a Turk comes who has envoy of Ertugrul. Nikolas call him in. This is Safdar whom Ertugrul sent here to tell them to get the carcass of their Governor from Han. Safdar tells him to take the body from Han and the people who will come to Han to get the body they will not be harmed in any way. Nikolas becomes angry and he becomes upon Safdar that I will kill all of you one by one. Safdar fearlessly replies to him then start from me if you have enough power. Ekaterina stops Nikolas to that because if he kills Safdar they will feed governer’s body to the scavengers. Nikola leaves him and lets him go.

Sultan tells Ertugrul that when you will get back to your tribe you will send Mr, Arif as Envoy to the castle. Sultan wants to give the last chance to surrender the castle. Ertugrul is also agreed with him and Kopek comes to Sultan there now. Sultan tells Kopek to sit with them. Sultan informs Sadeddin that either Nikolas will surrender the castle to me or they will all die together with all inhabitants. Sultan summoned his army for the siege. Sultan tells them that until his tent has been settled he will as a guest in the Han, Kopek warns him that it’s a right decision but the traitor who gives you the poison is still in the Han. Sultan replies that then it is your responsibility to take precautions. Then Sadedin gets permission from Sultan to talk one or two words to Ertugrul and he describes to Ertugrul about all situation he faced after poisoned by a villain.

Ertugrul argues with him that we have to know about our enemies and friends. Nikolas is remembering and moaning for Visuals. He is talking with him that I should have prevented you from going after Ertugrul and I should have died instead of you. Nikea will never forget its brave Commander. Ekaterina stops him to mourning then he replies that why are you so stone hearted he was my friend, Ekaterina replies that she has seen the death of her child so no one’s death can touch me. This is enough for this Episode as this is 3rd last Episode of this Season as we are trying to finish this Season in this month. Watch rest of Episode on your screens. Password will be announced when Episode will be uploaded. Password for this Episode is ErtugrulEmotional. so watch and Enjoy. Thank you!

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