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EPISODE 60 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

This is Episode number 60 and last of Dirilis Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles. I think this is the longest Episode of Season 3. Babar invited hi friends to his tent for the happiness of Noorgul marriage. Hafsa has made the meal but it is all vegetables and there is no meet. Gunkut is worried about him that how we can eat these and how would be the taste of. When they start eating that they are wander that the all meal was very delicious and they have never eat this taste. They all are very happy after eating and Hafsa Goes to Gul bano to take care of her.

Babar has a light funny talk with Gunkut and others. This scene is enough long and very interesting. They also talk about Karachisar conquer there. Ares is waiting for Ertugrul and Saedtin. he is thinking that we are seeing very ordinary nomads and they have become our strong enemy.

Ertugrul and Saedtin has reached there for negotiation into the castle. Ares welcome them on the gate. Ares tries to be very polite and good on the face of Ertugrul. He tells him that he heared of his bravery. Ertugrul replies him that he didn’t fight for fame but for justice. Are tells him that we are enemies but we both fight for the same purpose and that is justices.

Ertugrul tells him that our respective pirposes are as different as the day and night.What you assume to be justice is oppression infact and i crush oppressors under my feet. Ares also talk with Saedtin Kopek and invite them to show the way to go inside but Ertugrul tells him that he knows the way because he has come to castle many timnes.

Ertugrul and Saeditin are setting an agreement with Ares in the Castle. Ares tells them the conditions that we will pay 400 gold coins and and 200 silver coins in every year and also they will get their share in the trade. Saedtin looks like he is agree with the offer but Ertugrul here talk there that these are all your conditions and we have not talk yet. Eketrina asks Ertgrul that what do you mean. Ertugrul tells that i have also my own conditions. He sets high demands like 400 thousand gold coins and 200 thousand silver coins. The castle doors will always remain opened to all Turks and Muslims. No taxes or interests will be hoisted upon them for trading within the castle. All of the trade routes will be controlled by Turkemen Tribes.

The number of soldiers in the castle will be limited and we will determine their number. The Seljuk’s state will be the guardian of all Turkmen and Muslim traders who will live and trade within the castle and it will be kept updated of everything concerning them. Ekterina talks at once that these condisotion are unaccaeptable. She talks to Ertgrul that you.didnt not come here to negotiate an agreement but to conquer. Erugrul is very aggressive in the negotiation. Ares ask for sometime as the conditions are very harsh but Ertugrul tells him that i am going for a while and until i will be bak you have time to think.

Ertugrul also tells Ekaterina that either you will agree with this or we will crash the castle on your heads. When they go away from, Kopek asks from Ertugrul that what he is doing? His conditions are is equal that they conquer the caslte. If because of him they will lose what Ares already offer them then he will pay the price for this. Ertugrul tells him that i do nothing special i just do it what we have to do here, Saedtin tells him that our Sultan is busy in east with Ayyubidis, do you not know this, Ertugrul tells Kopek that i know but Ares dont know this. Ares and his soldiers are thinking that our armies are moving towards their borders.

When they come back Ares is agree to all the condition unconditionally. He tells Ertugrul that i have only one condition but Ertugrul shut him up with saying that your condition is only your lives which we spare. If this agreement fail then we will devastate this castle here. Ares tells that we both have lost a lot of lives because of ex governor Visuilis. But now i am only demanding forthe trust. Ares wants Ertugrul to trust on him. Are also forward his hand to be friend with Ertugrul but Ertugrul tells him clearly that i have never trust on you or any kind of you. He also warns Ares that if you oppress anyone i will be stand in-front of you. They all set the agreement and stamped done.

There is lot of dialogues and lot of scenes as this is very long Episode. This last Episode is the longest Episode of Season three. There is no password for these two parts of last Episode. So i think you can easily download this from Just copy the link and paste it to website and download. Only first part has done today they second part will be upload tomorrow inshaaAllah. Please be patient and Enjoy! Later on we have set the password for these Episode which you can find below. Note: Password for the first part is Alhamdulillah and the second part is ShukarAlhamdulillah.

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