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EPISODE 59 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Suspense is going up and up. This is Dirilis Season Two Episode number 59. The end of the last Episode was when Taimoor sees the truth with his own eyes. Ertugrul asks him for a little more patience. He tells him to welcome the murderer of his father and mother in his tent for one more night. Guldaaro is fully captured in the trap of Maher din and Amir Sadedtin Kopek. They lure him with the Beyship of his tribe for their own trust. On the other side, Ertugrul mission is going on.

Shahnaz has a fight with Aliya. Shahnaz comes back to tribe safe and sound. Gul Baano has run away with so-called Evidence. Later on, Shahnaz also managed to escape from Aliya. Guldaro is coming back to the tribe and thinking about the Beyship of his tribe. When he reached back to the camp he knows all the truth. This truth was unbearable for him and his boil is also going worst. When he was listening to his mother and brothers he was fell down.

When Shahnaz was on the mission with Aliya, Hayma Ana was very worry about her. She was waiting with restless. Before Shahnaz, there was Taimoor come back with tears in his eyes and talk to her Aunt Hayma, that what he did, How he was very blind from heart and eyes. Hayma Mother courage him with her words. Later on, Shahnaz also comes and Hayma mother comes back to her life.

Taimoor was very grateful to Shahnaz. He said,” You have told me but I didn’t listen to you and you have to risk your life for showing me the truth”. Gulbano is worrying about the Evidence but Aliya is still hopeful that her brother will handle the issue.

Ibn ul Arabi is telling about the love of Prophet Mohammad and Mother Hazrat Khadija. How Prophet Mohammad was careful and loving about Hazrat Khadija and how prophet respects her wife. Hazrat Khadija was the first supporter of Hazrat Mohammad after first Revelation۔ What keeps wife and husband together, is love, respect and faith. Guldaaro boil is going worst and he is having a bad fever. When Shahnaz knows about hs condition she runs to the

camp to look after his husband. Mr Arfi is very worried about the arm of Guldaaro. Arif told to all family that boil is becoming a big trouble. The trouble is complicated that Blood is mixed with pus so Mr Arif cannot remove puss

from his boil. Maheerdin is back to Tribe and the rest of Episode you will watch. Thank you!

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