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EPISODE 60 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

The story of the Season 2 is going well. Episode by Episode the interest is going up and up. Dirilis season two with Urdu Subtitles Episode number 60 has been released. Gonchagul and her family are still slandering. She comes to Guldaaro and asks him about his health. Guldaaro is wondering about how she is telling lies on his face. Guldaro is very embarrassed to Shahnaz. He is very pity to think what he said to Shahnaz and didn’t listen to her.

In the invitation of mother Hayma, Maherdin and his family are here in the feast. On the dinner, they are talking about the murderer of Sardar Khushnud. Maherdin intentions are to execute Gul Bano and also want to catch Roshaan. The reason to catch Roshaan is to trap Ertugrul. He wants that Ertugrul fights within soldiers and he can blame Ertugrul. Guldaaro was worried about his brother that he is not with him in this difficult time.

Noorgul is reporting to Ertugrul about the people of the tribe. He told him that people are not interested to go on enemy’s border. Ertugrul is ambitious to open the secrets of Maherdin. Noorgul and Baber tell Ertugrul that they are with him until their last breath. Tahir is also with them and very courageous. When Babar ask him that will he go to China if Ertugrul goes there? He has a passionate answer that he will go to Venus if Ertugrul bey wants.

Now Aliya is doing new trap for Ertugrul. She wants to tell Taimoor about the Roshni one-sided love with Ertugrul. She wants to flame the fury of Taimoor. Their plan is that Taimoor become furious and he murders the Erttugrul. She told everything to Taimoor but Taimoor remembered all words of Ertugrul. Ertugrul was told him that they will not stop on this night.

They would make angry with their new slanderers. Taimoor asks Roshni about the Ertugrul and her love. Roshni tells all truth to Taimoor that this love was one-sided but now she is in true love with him but Taimoor was not listening to her. Taimoor become very angry once again. Shahnaz is serving his husband with full devotion. She didn’t let him alone for a while. The password for this Episode is Oldepisode

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