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EPISODE 61 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

This is Dirilis season two Episode number 61 with Urdu Subtitles. İn the last episode you had watched that Maherdin was in the trap of Ertugrul. Halima and Shahnaz hostage by Aliya and Gonchagul. This Episode is all about the Maherdin, Aliya and Gonchagul.

Everyone has paid their prices. People of the tribe are very angry with Maherdin and his family. They were talking about them that they are the people who divided the people of the tribe. Everyone knows that these are the real traitors.

Maherdin still continues his stubbornness. He didn’t accept that he did anything bad. He is realising Taimoor all the way that Ertugrul is telling lies. Taimoor has already listened with his own ears how he can believe him.

Shahnaz and Halima life is in danger. Aliya and Gonchagul push their swords on the throats of Halima and Shahnaz respectively. İn the meantime Hayma Mother came and she cleverly dodges the Aliyah and Gonchagul. She sends Abdul Rahman to the camp with a sentence in Which a signal for Abdul Rehman to bring the arrow and bow. This strategy of Mother Hayma worked.

On the other hand, Maherdin has caught by Ertugrul and Taimoor. Taimoor is torturing Maherdin as he is very angry with him. Ertugrul stops him that he should executive in front of the people of the tribe with dishonesty. When Maherdin came back to tribe people want to kill him right away. They want the murderer of their Bey. What is the end of Aliya and Gonchagul? What happened to Shahnaz and Halima? You will watch rest of story in the Episode.

We are not open all story here coz maybe it could be ruined your interest. So keep watching Dirilis Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles. Enjoy! Our videos are again blocked by TRT so here we are video with password. The password for this video is Gumustekin.

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