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EPISODE 66 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

This is episode number 66 of Dirilis Season 2 with Urdu subtitles. In the previous episode, you have watched that Noyan and Gonchagul were trying to convince Shaheer to become a new Sultan. They were telling the story to Shaheer that Sultan Alauddin was the enemy of his late father. Sultan Alauddin with Mr Arfeen has killed his father. Ertugrul also knew about this. They are now convincing him to become a Sultan and take his father revenge on Sultan Alaaddin.

Sarim along with Ertuğrul Soldiers or in search of Noyan place. Sadettin Kopek saves the life of Zuljan from Mongols. This all is a trap of Sadettin Kopek. He wants to win the trust of both Tribes after giving Zuljan to them. Ertugrul is in the tribe because of his son birth. All the women are busy with Halime in her difficult time. Taimoor and Mr Arif are couraging Ertugrul to don’t worry about his child.

In a while, Ertugrul sleeps in waiting for his child. In the dream, his Father Suleman Shah comes to his tent. He also encourages him to stand tall. He also tells his son that as he is worried about his son now at this time he should worry about his people and nation to become a respectable Bey. Suleman Shah tells him that nation should be like a child to their Ruler.

He also prays for Ertugrul and his descendants.

Gonchagul is with Noyan and entertaining this dog for the sake of her own revenge. Noorgul sees Shaheer that he is with Noyan and remember all the previous time when he and Shaheer both were captive to Christians. This Episode is the easiest Episode till now I have to add subtitles because its have more sequences with music and fewer dialogues. I want to upload this Episode on youtube but if Youtube blocked this and People have to wait again for uploading it on another platform. Suleman is the password for this video. Thank you!

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