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EPISODE 67 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

This is Episode Number 67 of Dirilis Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles. In this Episode, Noorgul was captured by Noyan Soldiers. They bring him in front of Noyan. Noyan wants to kill Noorgul because Noorgul knows the location of his cave. Zuljaan was thinking that Saedtin kopek saved him from Mongols. Sarim is also worried that who is behind Noyan as he can dare to kidnap both children. Saedtin Kopek is playing dangerous games to Sultan Alaudin.

He is trying to bring Sultan Alaudin to Erzurum and set a trap for him. Noyan is worrying about that he is a great Mongol and submitted to a lad. Noyan has already understood the game of Saedtin Kopek and he threat Gonchagul that what is her game? Gonchagul tells Noyan that she is with him not with that Saeditn Kopek. Sarim is fully depended on Saedtin Kopek words and he is faithful to state.

He cannot understand the games of Saedtin Kopek. Ertugrul is trying to open the eyes of Sarim. Kopek comes to Tribe and Ertugrul and Taimoor are on one page. They both dislike Kopek. Sarim wants to welcome Kopek in front of his tent. Taimoor does not welcome Kopek with respect shown. Saedtin Kopek tells them that Sultan Alauddin wrote a letter to him. He writes in the letter to kill Shaheer on the spot as seen. Ertugrul was talking with Kopek on this matter.

A soldier comes and gives the letter of Shaheer in which he declared him as a new Sultan and want the obligation of Mother Hayma and Taimoor. kopek gives this duty to kill Shaheer to Sarim. Ghani is back and tells Ertugrul that they have found the cave of Noyan and Noorgul is there.

They don’t know that Noorgul is captured by Noyan. In the Episode, Mother Hayman and Guldaro are back to the tribe. Mother Hayma is very happy to see her younger son Zuljaan. Guldaaro is also very happy as his arm is very fine now. Ertugrul tells his mother that Allah blessed him with a son. Mother Hayma bless his grandson with a lot of prays.

Saedtin has new plans to not kill Ertugrul right now He tells a new plan to Noyan you will know in this Episode that what is that plan. My finger has a lot of puss in it. and it was very painful, It was too hard to mouse click with the finger or type a word on the keyboard. The speed of work was very slow because of this. We are sorry for upload this Episode late. Fingerprob is the password for this Episode.

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