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EPISODE 68 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

This is Dirilis Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles and you are now watching Episode number 68. In this episode, the story is in a twist. Ertugrul has gone with his soldiers to Noyan’s cave as Noorgul and Ghani learn it’s location. Saeditin Kopek has planned to kill Taimoor. Noyan has left the cave with Noorgul and Shaheer.

As Kopek give the duty to Sarim to kill Shaheer. He is also with Ertugrul and Qai Soldiers. Taimoor is also with his soldiers but Baqir who is faithful to Kopek betrayed with all. Kopek gives him the duty to kidnap Roshni Khatun and bring her to Noyan. When everyone reached the place where Ghani left Noorgul. They couldn’t see Noor Gul there.

They understand that Noorgul has captured.

Ertugrul warns everyone to take care because if Noorgul is in hand of Noyan then he must know that we ll attack. Before leaving for this raid there was a quarrel between Sarim and Ertugrul about Shaheer. Mother Hayma was very worried to see her sons like this. Guldaro arm is much better after coming back from Erzurum. When everybody goes to raid baaqir soldier tell a lie that his horse is stumbling and cannot go further. Taimoor tells him to go back to the Tribe as he doesn’t want any burden like that during the raid.

Baaqir comes back to the Tribe and tells a false story to Roshni that Taimoor and Ertugrul went on each other. He further said that Taimoor is on her mother’s grave. Roshni comes to find Taimoor to ask him the matter to fight with Ertugrul but she fell into the trap of Noyan. Shaheer is going to his Army. Rest of Episode you can watch. Thank you very much! Keep watching Dirilis season 2 with Urdu Subtitles only on

This Episode is the easiest Episode I have ever done till now. I don’t know when it comes to an end. I was working on it and suddenly its came to end. Baqirbetray is the password for this video. Wow!

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