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EPISODE 70 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

What an Episode! Every Episode of Dirilis is another thriller. This is Episode number 70 of Dirilis Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles. In this episode, Ertugrul and his family have known that Shaheer is not a traitor. He writes a letter to Ertugrul with forced by Noyan. In that letter, he has a hidden message. From that message, they all learned that he s actually doing a game with Noyan. Shaheer calls Ertuğrul there to stop the rebellion. Ertugrul is ready to go and Guldaaro becomes worried about his brother that he is playing with fire and because of Guldaaro’s arm he cannot help his brother.

Ertugrul is going on this mission to become a martyrdom. He tells Mr Arif to send his greetings to White Beard wise men. He also tells Taimoor to be patient and not comes into the trap of Noyan. Taimoor tells Ertugrul that I’ll go on Byzantine borders with you along my tribe.

Roshni has a thrilling fight with Gonchagul after cutting her ropes and get free herself. In the result of this flight, Roshni kills Gonchagul and escaped. Unfortunately while escaping Noyan meets her on them the way and he followed her.

Roshni has done a struggle to run and caught up by Noyan at the end. He comes back to Gonchagul with Roshni and he sees that she has died. From there he decided to kill Roshni along with Taimoor. On the other side, Shaheer gets a chance to talk with Noorgul separately. He tells Noorgul that he has intentions to become a Sultan. He is only want to save you and Zuljan.

He is going to help him to escape. Shaheer gives him a knife secretly. Noorgul cuts his rope and runs away. They all follow him. Ertugrul is coming to Shaheer as he called him. On the way when messenger asks to give his sword to him. Ertugrul starts the fight with them and tells the messenger that Suleman Shah’s son Ertugrul never give his sword. In that fight, Noorgul also reaches there.

Babar and Roshaan are also following Ertugrul and become a part of that fight. In that fight, Noorgul split the head of Shaman (Baachhu) with a wonderful style. While fighting Baachhu was beating up his drum. Ertugrul just asks Noorgul to shut him up.

Baaqir lures Taimoor and traps him. Taimoor again in the love of Roshni and reaches to Noyan’s place following Baaqir. Roshni begs to Taimoor to go but how he can leave Roshni like this. The cruel Noyan slaughters Roshni in front of Taimoor.

This scene is very very emotional. Ertugrul tries to persuade rebellious beys that this is all the game of Saeditin Kopek but they don’t listen to Ertugrul. While fighting Shaheer has been shot by an arrow and this is the end of Episode 70. Sadepi is the password for this Episode.

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