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EPISODE 71 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Dirilis season 2 with Urdu Subtitles is going now to its end. This Episode of Dirilis season2 which is No. 71 is very tearful Episode. While translating and subtitling lot of times my eyes were full of the tear. You have watched in the previous episode that Kopek raid the Turkmen Beys headquarters. Now Beys knows that Kopek is a trapper but it’s too late now. Ertugrul is successful takes wounded Shaheer from the hand of Kopek’s soldiers. Saedetin is ordered to kill Ertugrul and Shaheer on the spot.

Soldiers are searching Ertugrul and Shaheer in the Tribe.

They meet with Hayma Mother. She was very angry to Kopek when she listens to the death sentence of his son.  Ibn-ul-Arabi is doing cure of Shaheer and Shaheer in no well. Roshni is dead and Taimoor is fighting with Noyan. Noyan has finished the fight withTaimoor but Taimoor is still alive. Sarim is setting an ambush for Noyan as Kopek tells him the place where Noyan has to come. Sarim is waiting to attack Noyan and learn about Gonchagul. Shaheer also tells Ertugrul about Gonchagul. Saarim goes to Kopek to tell him that He sees Gonchagul on Noyan Place its mean Ertugrul was right about Maherdin.

Ertugrul sends words to Mr Arif about Noorgul and Shaheer. Arif tells Halime and Mother Hayma. They are very happy to listen to this. Shahnaz is waiting for the news about her sister and taimoor. Their news not come but they come. Their returning scene is full of emotions and tears. You people cant control your Emotion while watching this scene. The Sentences of Shahnaz about her sister and her acting was fabulous. Websitedown is the password for this video.

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