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EPISODE 74 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

Hello everyone the series is going very well. Now the only 4 episodes are left of Dirilis season 2 with Urdu subtitles. Now we are very close to season 3 with Urdu subtitles but people have no more patience. People are talking about the delay of episodes, therefore, we are very very near to our announced schedule. This is episode number 74.

Saarim is going to Saeditin Kopek. Köpek was angry with Saarim that he didn’t do anything. Saarim tells Köpek that he knows the place of Ertugrul. Saeditin Kopek asks the location but Saarim tells him that Sultan Allauddin gave this assignment to him so he handles this issue himself. Saeditin Köpek tells him to do something then before Sultan comes here. Saarim is searching Ertugrul and Guldaaro is talking to his Mother about Ertugrul ambitions. Noorgul is now ready for departure from the Tribe. Tahir comes to his ten to stop him but he didn’t listen then Guldaaro also comes to his tent to persuade him to don’t leave his tribe but he has already decided. Later on, he comes to Hayma mother tent to take her blessings. Hayma mother tells him that her doors will always open for him. He is like his own son to her. Guldaaro is also there. He also says him to not go but Norrgul has done his final decision. When Noorgul is leaving the tent. Ertugrul comes to in front of him suddenly but they don’t talk to each other.

When Guldaaro was talking to his mother about Ertugrul. There is Zuljaan start talking to Guldaaro that he is wrong. Zuljaan tells his elder brother Guldaaro instead of doing all this he should talk to his brother Ertugrul. Guldaaro becomes angry to Zuljaan that he has no right to talk in elders matters. Zuljaan doesn’t listen to him and continue his support for Ertugrul. Guldaaro becomes more and angrier and at the end, he slaps Zuljaan When Zuljaan crosses the limit of Guldaaro Patience.

Hayma Mother is very upset to see his sons like this. There is Bey comes from Byzantine borders in the Tribe. Apparently, his horse nail has some problem and he goes to Noorgul to repair it. Dodurga new bey election meeting is started and Hayma mother is leading the council.Rest of Episode you will watch on screens. Ertugrulambitions is the password for this EPISDOE. Enjoy!

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