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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 100 Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

What a start of the Episode you can read here

This is Episode No 100 (Second) of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 01 of Season 4 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. They will come down on us altogether now.That's why you need to grow.You will grow, so the innocent people in our lands may have peace You'll get stronger. You have no other option.You are wasting your strength.If you waste your strength like this, you don't have enough to defend.Come on, get up.So, you say I burn out quickly, huh, Osman Bey?This must be because of my frailness.Then, you'll keep defending yourself on the ground!Come on. Attack.Son. Give me your hand.Son! Come here!Come here.Your training is over. Continue your schooling.Alaeddin. Come on, son.Come on.Come on, Alaeddin.Bala.My Bey.You pushed my son enough.

Train with someone equal to you.You are the one equal to me?You can only see it in the battle, my Osman.Show me then!Come on.Time has taken nothing from your strength, my Osman.And it has taken nothing from your beauty.You are still beautiful as you used to be.Just like the first day.My Bey.This is Runner Hasan, who is going to Constantinople.EyvAllah.Now...You'll take this to the Emperor.This dagger is the evidence for the contents of the letter.When you reach Constantinople, make sure you say this to Konur.The ones, who attacked us on the road, will not stay idle there, too.I set out with two assistants and two spare horses.

What happned next in this Episode Read Here

May the moon shine on my road. I'll take it there at the cost of my life, my Bey!EyvAllah! May Allah speed you.-Boran.-My Bey.Increase the precautions. Send horses in disguise.The enemy is different.Their moves will be different, too.The command belongs to my Bey.The enemy is different but......we are not as we used to be.I deserve the throne.And Rome also deserves me.That idiot Osman prevented me from taking the throne.But he will pay for it.

He will..He knew everything.He knew everything!He even infiltrated my city with spies.I will have a spy in Yenisehir, too.I will have a spy in Yenisehir, too This smell...It's the smell of death.Who are you? What do you want?I have gifts for you.I am the herald of death.Frigg.You bastard!I will make you pay for that!I am Martha.

Episode is going on very interesting read more

I came to Yenisehir as a cloth merchant.I am sure you will like me a lot.I am asking you.Do you think the price fo the throne is only a spy"!No! No!No! No!It's not!I will take everyone around him from him!I will take his beys one by one I will take his beys one by one I will create a cliff between them......and throw Osman off of that cliff!

He will think that he made a deal with that coward, stupid emperor.I will destroy that deal!I will destroy it!Makri Site.Is that enough?No it's not.It's not enough!The throne...The throne was going to .promise power to the children of Rome.I will take your children, Osman!First, Orhan!Little bey will die by my hands!

My Beys, we are going to Saripinar to hunt.' My Bey, that place is steep, it's hard to hunt there.When the deer knows the land better than the hunter, the hunter becomes hunted.These are our lands.We will know every corner of it. So that we won't be the prey.It doesn't matter if it's steep or arid.Let's go hunt my Bey.My Bey.You're trying to push them.What if they can't?That's what a Bey should do.Let's push them so we know we can trust them.Come on.May our hunt be fruitful.Come on.You're going to hunt with your Beys?»■?*Yes sir.You're the prey today Orhan.•>You ruined this city's fate.And I'll put you through hell, Osman.

If you reached here reading this then you have understand that how interesting this Episode is

As for you......Cardinal.Pope will be very mad that Osman killed you.And he'll give me a grand army.And I'll take the throne by killing Osman.Shame.What a shame.What a shame.Shame on everyone who dares to stand against me.May it be easy sisters.Thanks.MashAllah. What are you cooking Ulgen Hatun?I can smell it from outside.Can you give me some?No I can't.Sisters. Give him some bread.Eat it.But you can't have this.It's for my Orhan Bey.EyvAllah Ulgen Hatun.EyvAllah.This smell...No, Cerkutay.

No.I have to.Shake it harder.Cerkutay.Ulgen Hatun.Have some food Cerkutay.Wait.give you some of this.Here.I'll get you a spoon.Aren't you mad at me?No. I'm not mad at you.Can I eat this?Eat it. Eat it.Wait.give you some bulghur.Enjoy it.Thanks for the food sisters.Thank you.Enjoy it Cerkutay.You deserve it.Cerkutay...He...He knows.....what Orhan Bey likes.That's why I gave him some.If he likes it,Orhan Bey will, too.Ulgen.Oh no. We're late.Yes Malhun Hatun?Come on Ulgen. Let's go.Is Orhan's food ready?In a minute Malhun Hatun.Okay then.Hurry up, ladies, we're running late.Peace be with you.

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Abdullah Rajput
Abdullah Rajput
May 13, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Love this Subtittles💎💎💎

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