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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 102 Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

What a start of the Episode you can read here

This is Episode No 102 (4th) of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 04 of Season 4 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. I'll cut your head off, Osman!You couldn't even cut my beard!Come with me!You tried to kill me, huh?There is no turning back here now!You'll also die, Oktem!If I wanted to kill you with an arrow, I'd have never drawn my sword infidel!BeysStop! If you seek justice, we need to wait for Osman Bey!And don't push my patience, Oktem Bey! Why don't you listen to me?Stop now!If there is someone crossing the line, he is this infidel.My blood has spilled on this lands, Turgut Bey.It won't be left unavenged! Soldiers!

Alps!I want to solve this in peace, Oktem Bey, but you don't listen to me!You draw your sword!You shoot arrows!There is no toleration for you anymore.You'll be detained!My Turgut Bey! Please, do something!Where is Osman Bey?Do whatever you want to do, Turgut Bey.The time has passed for talking now.Don't do this, Oktem’ Bey.Don't do this.You are bleeding, Osman.And bleed it all out!Come on, then.You can't beat me, Osman.Bring it on, then!

What happned next in this Episode Read Here

The revenge will be taken by your blood I When you have no blood left, there will be also no revenge to take.UD 0080 IEmperor Andronikos has invited you into his presence.If someone rejects to stop......I'll have to take his corpse!What are you waiting for, Beys? Draw your swords!Every time you have a trouble, you instantly come to the Oktem Bey's tribe!What is the reason of this hesitation now?Beys, don't even think about it!If someone draws his sword, it means he draws it against Osman Bey You can't see the truth!

But I won't let you drag the Beys into this darkness!Know your place, Alcicek Hatun!Oktem Bey.If you don't trust the justice and draw your sword become a rebel.And you know we believe the rebels' execution is necessary. Don't do this!Be careful, Alps!Be careful, AlpsTurgut Bey.The alps surrounded the tribe, we are waiting for your orders.There is no tunning back from here.Trust Osman Bey's justice.Now tell your put their weapons down, Oktem Bey.What justice are you talking about, Turgut Bey?

Episode is going on very interesting read more

What justice are you talking about, Turgut Bey?Do you think Osman is still just?This bastard you brought into our tribe carries the blood of our brave soldiers on his hands!My brother's blood is on his hands!Osman Bey's fairness is gone. We will not sacrifice my father to his justice!We will not believe the infidels!Oktem Bey, we stand behind you!Give us the order, and we will stand our ground for you with your alps!You are talking wrongly, Uraz Bey!Do you want brothers to kill brothers!We are all of the same blood!Oktem Bey.

Before something worse happens.....surrender.Come on.Who......are you protecting,commander?I am only protecting Rome, commander Olof.Ophelia wanted to kill the emperor!And Osman caused her to escape!Commander are protecting him......then I am going to kill you together with him!Osman Bey, welcome back to the arena where you saved Rome.I salute you with respect.The emperor waits for you.EyvAllah.X• *Then.....let's go visit the emperor.Is the emperor in a condition to give orders?

What kind of games are you playing? Sarkis escaped!Ophelia escaped!You were not going to secure justice, right?Know your place!For someone who's protecting talk mightily!You are too brave for someone who hits his axe to stones!If you act this bravely, your skull will be split in two!Let's not keep the emperor waiting.Let's go.You too, commander.The emperor invited you too.Excuse me, Turgut Bey.Oktem Bey.They are going to kill all these brave men, with one word out of your mouth.

If you reached here reading this then you have understand that how interesting this Episode is

They are going to kill all these brave men, with one word out of your mouth.Turgut Bey is telling the truth.It's our blood that is spilled.Surrender.We will stand behind you.Alps!Put down your weapons!You heard your BeyNow, sheathe your weapons, come on!Soldiers!Don't do it BeyThe ones that placed gold in your tribe today will put a rope around your neck in the future! Don't do this!Put down your sword.Father.From now on......I surrender......for the good of my Osman Bey's justice.Trust your justice system.

You did the right thing.The Emperor will want your head.You helped Ophelia escape.I'll be your killer.I'll find out who you serve.Then you'll see who the killer is......and who the prey is.Odin's soldiers only serve Odin.And of course, the Emperor.You confused Ophelia.You made her kill her father.The Emperor knows everything.This will be your death sentence.Look at me.Do you see a man who's afraid?Allah gave me my judgement.I don't fear the word of a pagan like you.Even if you serve Odin.I'll find him.Olof.The Emperor awaits you.May Jesus Christbless you Sarkis.I was so scared.What if something happened to you?

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