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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 109 Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

What a start of the Episode you can read here

This is Episode No 109 (11th) of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 11 of Season 4 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Attack!After I kill you......your lands will become ours!Like a dark shadow.....I will fall onto your lands!I will break the hand of anyone that touches my ring!You will be hanged!Even when there is a rope around my neck, I am a wolf!But are jackals even when you are standing!When I get up......then I will make you all pay!Peace be with you.Peace be upon you.The protector of the Turkmens, Osman Bey's son......Shahzade Alaeddin,He wants to be accepted in Sultan Alaeddin's presence and talk about an important matter.Since when have you started barging into the palace, Dursun Fakih?

Did you forget about manners when you went to the border lands from Konya?Don't get offended, Alaeddin Bey.Sultanhood is not like Beyhood.And the greatness of our palace is the proof of that.InshAllah you are not embarrassed in front of this greatness.Being big can only be possible by being free, Vizier.There are no enemies in our mansion.We would like to host you there.But now, get out of our way.It's important.Guards!Open the door.Allow me for a second.Wow, Osman Bey.Look at you.I guess things change.You belittled......despised Bayindir.Now he defeated you.Border Bey Osman.

What happned next in this Episode Read Here

The judgment of jackals......cease when wolves rise up.Stop resisting Osman! You will die!Don't!Don't try to take my prey from me Bayindi Come here.Mother Sultan will have your head cut off.She gave strict orders.WhyThe tribes trust Osman.If we kill him now, they'll fight against us.First, we'll say he's a traitor......then we'll kill him. Stop your men.If you steal a dog's'll be harmed.This is the last time Bayindir.Catch him!Catch him alive.Brothers, our Bey's in trouble.We're here my BeyYou want to become the host here Mother Sultan Hadrath.You can't do that.

I won't let you take what belongs to my Bey.Bala calm down.Let me go Malhun.You're making it harder.Don't you hear her?Not now.Now! Let me go!Bala.Malhun let me go.Arrest those dogs!Alps!Bala not now.-Now!Bala Hatun.What are you doing?She is Mother Sultan.She might be Mother Sultan.But this is Osman Bey's mansion!And I'm his Hatun.We won't give you what belongs to him, even if it's you.We are willing to die......or kill for this cause.Soldiers!I'll kill them all if you order so, my Sultan.You better save yourself first.Bala.Let me go.Put down the swords.Alps.MashAllah.MashAl I ah.

Episode is going on very interesting read more

Now I know where Osman Bey......gets his strength.Bala Hatun.....if you didn't respond to what I've said......and stayed silent.....I would be very disappointed.What are you trying to say Mother Sultan?Let's just say......I wanted to see who was braver.I saw what I needed to see.And I'm very pleased too.Look well.Mother Sultan.Don't let what you see deceive you.My eyes are never wrong.Malhun Hatun.As soon as possible......come visit me Bala Hatun.I want to get to know you better.Osman you're standing there like a deer caught in a trap.If the deer knows the'll be the kill instead of the killer.

You shouldn't have come into this palace which is mine.Now how will you leave?We're here so this isn't yours.We know how to get it too.Get him.You know what to do. Come on.Orhan Alp.This is a nations matter.Be calm and therewon't be a bloodshed.That won't happen if I don't give this life away Bayindir.Bey.As long as youhave that mindset.....that life won't stay in your body for long.Surrender Osman.Surrender so I can allow you to breath one more night.I won't let you breath.Warrior.I'm the great ruler Samagar.Warriors are the people that are under my rule.Warrior.Warrior take his sword.

Osman Bey......whatever happens to you happens because of your reckless acts.Bayindir Bey......that recklessness is in all of our bloods.I am going to pierce your throat with my fangs.Tevbeh, AstagfiruIlah.Come on take them to the dungeon.Stop.Take them to the yard.I have great ideas for Osman and his alps.Take them away come on.My Bey.Let g@My Bey. Let go.They've crossed the line, my Sultan.-They can't get away with-They won't get away with it, Bengi Hatun.I will make them pay for what they have done.Their time will come.We can't stand it anymore!This happens because Osman Bey isn't here!Let's go!

If you reached here reading this then you have understand that how interesting this Episode is

The merchants now have the news, my Sultan.It's Malhun Hatun's problem now.What's happening, my Sultan?Why are the merchants getting together?You were talking about them getting away with it, Bengi Hatun.I've sentenced them with the worst punishment ever.You said that you'd only speak in our Sultan's presence.You said that you'd only speak in our Sultan's presence.Speak your mind now.We're here to warn the Sultan about a trap being set for him.My Sultan, forgive me but......which shepherd can see threats that we failed to see?Are you among those who are setting the trap?

You're trying too hard.You should choose your words wisely, Vizier.The person you call a shepherd is Alaeddin Bey, son of Osman Bey....-who was personally given independence by the Sultan.Look at you, Dursun Fakih!Do you see yourself equal to Viziers now?Vizier!Let them speak.Who is trying to set me up, Alaeddin Bey?It's such a trap that, dear Sultan, I can only speak to you.We don't know who's on our side.I trust everyone here, so you can speak.You might trust them, my Sultan......however, you shouldn't even trust your own kin while sitting on that throne.

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shahzaib khan
shahzaib khan
Feb 10, 2023

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