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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 115 Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

Updated: Aug 15

What a start of the Episode you can read here

This is Episode No 115(17th) of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 16 of Season 4 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.Move, Osman Bey!You will stopWould you stop if someone close to you were murdered here!?Of course I would!Of course I would stop!When you act without knowing the truth......more people will die.Karesi Bey.I know.I know, you are in pain.I understand you.But you will stop.You took the manI considered a son!Beys, stop! Beys!Especially in a hard time like this.We need to be united.Karesi Bey!Karesi Bey!You speak of truth!will stop until the truth is revealed!I will stopAlps! Arrest.....Osman Bey's nephew!You are making a mistake, Karesi Bey.When there are this many wrongs in doesn't matter if I add one to them!I am sparing your life, I will control my anger!I am not killing Aktemur, and arrest him instead!Don't want more than that from me, Osman Bey.Karesi Bey.I am telling you that I vouch for my nephew, and you still arrest him.Don't fall for these schemes.They are doing this to ruin our unity.

Don't fall to these schemes.Let the unity be destroyed.We can repair it again.But my son-in-law......will he come back, Osman Beyl?j 9A0[a1Move!No one will make a move until we get an order from inside, Alps.If they don't attack, we won't either, Konur.You are drawing weapons in a place you are guests!We are drawing them until the situation is cleared.When we know what's going on, we will sheathe them.Take him away.When you are Osman's nephew, you go to jail.Osman Bey......I hope it's a scheme of the enemy as you said.Otherwise, if Aktemur was behind this......there won't be a deal, or unity!Know that!But if you are behind this......then none of you will leave my lands alive!I am not someone that would assassinate your son-in-law.And I am not someone that would make schemes behind you.I see your pain now.For I see your pain, I disregard your threat.This lands is yours, of course.But you should now this.You can never know whose head will fall down in these lands.

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Try it, Osman Bey. Try it.You can't frighten meThe one knowing the truth never fears death. Look at me!I haven't even drawn my sword against you.Karesi Bey.I'll stand before those cruel men with you.Then, you'll see.I consider you as one of my people. I know who you really are.You'll see the truth.Then, you'll ask forgiveness from me.Beys.What is going on here?You've acted without my knowledge......and turned everywhere into a bloodshed again.Do you feel this, Orhan Bey?Do you feel this, Orhan Bey?I feel nothing.It's like a rock. My body is like a rock, Kumral Abdal.Don't be afraid, son. You'll be fine.I was able to get up, mother.My arm was also good.But now...o ‘Now, I don't feel any part of my body.Mother.Tell me something.Am I never be able to get up again?No, my Orhan. You'll be fine. Don't lose hope No, my Orhan. You'll be fine. Don't lose hope.We are here, Orhan.You have some rest.Poison...It doesn't kill but it disables him.What are you saying, Kumral Abdal?Is my Orhan never be able to get up?Come on, Kumral Abdal?Isn't there any cure for this?You have nothing to do? Tell me!I was going to raise armies.

I was going to keep my father's cause alive.How can I conquer cities with my crippled leg?How can I hold a sword......with my broken arm?I am dead.I am dead now.You're not dead brother.You're not dead brother.You will live.I'll be the arm you don't have.And I'll be the leg you can't move.You will live.Karesi Bey.I've known Osman Bey a long time.He's a rebel.He's an assertive man.But he wouldn't do this if he's a guest here.He's not the one who did it Mother Sultan.His nephew Aktemur......had a fight with my son in law Uslu......and then at night he...He didn't do it.I know the traitor who did this.He wants us.....and all of leave the union.This traitor is among us......and is a spy.He with us now.Who is it Mother Sultan.The a worthless filthy dog......who is called by the name of Avci.Have mercy Mother Sultan.You filthy dog.Show us proof.This means you and your nephew is innocent.Why do you want proof Osman Bey?We don't care about that.We want the truth.Now tell me.There was murder here.Show me proof that Avci did it.Osman Bey.You want proof.And I'll show you.

Episode is going on very interesting read more

Cel a I i.If you want proof......look at the dead.They both have Mogol stamps.You worked with those bastards......and killed my nephew.He will die like a dog IDon't worry.Then he will be interrogated.If someone going to interrogate the dog that has been on my side all these years......then I will interrogate him!Take him!He is dead, my Sultan.Don't worry.....where I stand......there is justice.0 »Let this be the last time you distrust me, Karesi Bey.Next time.....I will be the one to hurt you!Take your son-in-law's body, and other corpses.Let's go, we have important matters to talk.Let's go, we have important matters to talk.Brothers...What's going on, brother?This is no time to ask question, we are in a hurry.You will follow Avci together with Aykurt.The dead will go to the graveyard, brother.Brother, just follow him, there must be something my Bey suspects.EyvAllah. If there is something behind this.....then we will findit. Come on brother.Be cautious. Come on.Is Nayman powerful enough to kill my son-in-law in my mansion?He is as powerful as to buy the assistant that has been with Sultan Aleaddin's mother......for'years.

So, the situation is bigger than late Uslu Bey.If we......don't stand united against the evil......thousands will die.Right, Osman Bey?That's why we are here.We made a deal with Karesi Bey.Candar Bey stands with us too.The owner of the biggest army these lands have.....ruler of Germiyanoglus, Yakup Bey......stands with me.That's why, you wi stand by my side.Karesi Bey.Osman Bey.This won't be easy for you.Osman Bey worked really hard to convince me and Candar Bey.He gave me some of his properties.I don't think he would...No.We don't listen to our nWhile there is a trouble coming for us......we are not going to argue about who is going to lead us.Since Yakup Bey is the one saying that he'll fix the issue with gold...Since Yakup Bey is the one saying that he'll fix the issue with gold......we will join the ghaza.....and stand behindMother Sultan.Are your words sincere?Mother Suita...Nayman is marching towards us with 40.000 soldiers.

None oLthe Boys even w arrte3"®« e m I invited them to the ghaza......but now I see that......they're going to join it.If our army is to be victorious, it doesn't matter who leads it.That's surprising, Osman Bey.The one that's going to be surprised......will be Nayman after his defeat.You are invited to the council of war I am to hold in.... Yen iseh i r.We'll discuss the army we're going to raise and tactics we'll use.We will be there, Mother Sultan.I am always ready to destroy our enemies.You're now free, Aktemur Bey.EyvAllah, Boran. The truth always finds a way to get is Orhan Bey doing? Any news?He's fine. InshAllah, he'll get better.InshAllah.Did you find out who did it?We haven't yet, dear, but we will.No one can get away with such an evildoing.So, if Orhan Bey doesn't recover......the post will be Alaattin Bey's right.This is no time to talk about that, Bengi Hatun.Orhan will recover, InshAllah.Of course, InshAllah he will recover.I'm thinking about something, yet......I'm afraid you might misunderstand.Speak your mind, Bengi Hatun.Orhan Bey is the heir to the Kayi post.

If you reached here reading this then you have understand that how interesting this Episode is

I mean, before he became a cripple.I don't know, Alaattin Bey......might have done a mistake.He's still young and inexperienced.He might have been fooled by someone's words.How dare you try to tram my son, Bengi Hatun?Choose your words wisely, Hatun.-Otherwise- -I didn't do it.I didn't do it, mother.Son.Son.I didn't do it.Son!Alaattin, son!Alaattin, son!Alaattin!Mother Sultan...No one saw that Avci's still alive, right?No one did, Mother Sultan.No one suspected it when we said that our man in Karesi Bey's ranks died.We also left the city really carefully.You're a dead man from now on, Avci.It will stay that way until I tell you otherwise.It would've been much easier for you to kill me. Why did you spare my life?Let alone one of my men, I won't even give up on a wooden stick for Osman.The fact that everyone thinks you are dead will let me make my moves easier.You'll go to Olof and hide in Inegol.Taking Beys' support has shackled Osman.And now, we'll shackle Olof.When the time comes......we'll turn Olof into a fire burning for our cause.My Bey was right!The Mother Sultan is playing with everyone!We need to let Osman Bey know, brother.Let's go.

Frigg is behind this and we will going to take her soon or later.But first we need to take her out of Inegol, Malhun.Mother.Can't you do something?We couldn't smash Olof's head.At least, we can help with Frigg.What can I do, daughter?I haven't seen that snake since the truth was revealed.And how can I take that snake out of the castle anyway?INEGOL CASTLEI've sent a message to our brothers in the north.We will be more stronger now.With them or without them, my love.With them or without them, my love.I'll capture the lands I promised to you soon.This won't be easy at all.While the chosen warriors of Christ are with one can stand before us.None of not brave asOdin's warriors.....Olof.I fear so much that you'll see this in the battlefield.No fear there can be in the hearts of soldiers fighting for Jesus Christ, Frigg.You will only understand this, when you feel Christianity in your heart.Olof.Frigg.Tell me. Whatdid you learn?

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