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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 116 Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

Updated: Aug 15

What a start of the Episode you can read here

This is Episode No 116(18th) of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 18 of Season 4 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.Prepare my horse We are leaving!Nayman must have gone to the base and humiliated them.And his warriors must have gone to the tribes.You have warned them, my Bey.They did not listen to you, and they were surrounded unnecessarily.Being right will not save the innocent people.We will fix this mistake together.Nayman is smart.If he wants to take over tribes one by one......he knows that his army will lose power.That's why, he will ask the Beys to disband their armies.

Do you think the Beys will disband their armies?If it happens as we think......if Nayman separates his army and places them around the tribes......then for the sake of the people, the Beys will have no other choice but to accept.My Bey! Can I come in?Come in!My Bey, Candar in North and Karesi in West, they are surrounded by Nayman's army.The Beys are desperate.And Nayman left his base, my Bey.Then Nayman might come here too.Send scouts quickly. Come on.As you command my Bey.If they don't disband their armies......then he might want to destroy their lands.Karesi Bey and Candar Bey can't risk that.

What happned next in this Episode Read Here

We are talking about 40 thousand soldiers with their armies disbanded, my Bey.How can we win against them?Everything is over, huh my Bey?No, he will ask for gold.Then he will givesome time to them.But the Beys have to accept this.juejogIt's not over until we say it It's not over until we say it is.We'll own all the lands in this area.We won't let Nayman have any lands......or money.Now start preparations.Remember what I say.Nayman spoke his piece.He offered his deal.And you heard him.It's not a reason to bend the knee Mother Sultan.Nayman already made his move Yakup Bey.He said "My army is at your gates....and they're waiting for my signal."You heard him.And this is what your soldiers say.

And this is what your soldiers say.Your people are in fear.He took us by surprise.He trapped me and threatened my people.We should'velistened to Osman Bey.The past is gone. It can't save us Candar Bey.It's enough.We'll fight him off together.If we're trapped......then it's time to drop the swords......and fight with our brains.Isn't there any other way to fight than making a deal?Unfortunately no.You can't fight this army alone, And we can't make a deal with Nayman without you.We can't put Candar Bey and Karesi Bey's lands at risk.We'll make a deal.My priority is my people's well being.But 150 chests full of gold.150.This is too much Mother Sultan.Are we wealthy enough?If we're not, we'll become wealthy.We'll find it.You'll increase taxes if you have to.They will do this for their well being.

Episode is going on very interesting read more

Gold can be replaced. But life...If my people pay Nayman's taxes......they will all starve to death....they will all starve to death.There must be a way out.Believe me Karesi Bey.Mogol's wrath is worse than starvation.Konya will help your people.Who will Konya help? My people?What about the taxes, or the horses?What will we do Mother Suita I said what I said.We'll figure out a way out of this mess.You'll find the routes for the golds leaving from Karesi, Candar And Germiyen.As you wish my Bey.Will we attack?We will. We will.Prepare the map.As you wish my Bey.My Bey.What will we do with the gold?

They'll increase taxes to get the gold.And the people will grow weaker.We'll give the gold the innocent.EyvAllah my Bey.Take precaution.Place the archers on the hills.As you wish my Bey.Gurbuz.Place traps around the tribe.Nayman might pull a trick.We'll be careful.As you wish my Bey.May I come Bey?Come in.My Bey. The watchers sent word.Nayman's coming to the tribe.So, Nayman's coming to the tribe.We'll be waiting.We're always ready.The news have gotten to Konya.75 crates of gold......and 5000 horses will be......provided from SuitaAlaeddin's treasury.You will provide the rest.I will give 40 crates of gold......and 3000 horsemen.

The Mother Sultan is right......we're all in this together.You should give as much as you can, Karesi Bey.EyvAllah, Candar Bey......but even if I shook down everyone in my tribe......I still wouldn't have 20 crates full of gold.How are you planning on bringing 15 crates......whereas Yakup Bey gives 40 of them.GentlemSend your messengers to ask for gold and horses.We don't have any time to waste.We have to figure it out.Now, go back to your rooms and think about it.We'll ask the Beys......or even the Emperor to borrow some gold, if necessary.But we will figure it out.You're going to wait ahead.You'll attack once you have the sign.I'll take Frigg back and burn the tribe down with the people in it.Olof.....I've got a message from the spies.

If you reached here reading this then you have understand that how interesting this Episode is

Tell me!Nayman...Nayman must be getting closer to the tribe as we speak.Nayman?What now, Olof?I told you that it was time for you to pay, Frigg.Time to pay for what you've done.Kill me.Kill me!You're not going to get off that easy.First of all, you need to tell me which poison you gave Orhan.And after that, you're going to walk me through your evildoings.Poison?I didn't poison anyone.Liar!Tell me who made the poison!Who brought it to the tribe?You're going to tell me all about it!...never speak.You won't be able to make me talk.You won't be able to.You will speak, Frigg.You will speak so loud're going to start wishing that you were dead.I don't beg to die......or to live anyway.

Well, Olof's going to kill you......without even letting you beg first.He'll be here.He will destroy all of you.Bala Hatun, Malhun Hatun..What is it?Nayman is coming.Keep your eyes open.Osman!- Commander NaymaDo you know what greatness is?When your fame goes to your destination ahead of you, that is greatness.Did my fame reach you?A-brave man's,bones may become dust, but his fame remains.Well said.But you forgot one thing.When everyone that knows your name, your fame is lost, too.I have the power to do that. You know it.I know.But there is one more thing I know.Say it.

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