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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 125 Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

The start of this Episode is amazing that you cant stop yourself to watch th whole Episode

This is Episode No 125(27th) of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 27 of Season 4 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.You are a demon, Ismihan!You are a demon, Ismihan! A demon! I did not do anything to you! No one will believe in this slander! You will be drowned in the blood of the innocent people you killed! Even if I killed Esma and caused this wound this dagger belongs to you, Malhun.I also have witnessesTake her!.. 'I also have witnessesRight Bengi HatuI did not see anything’I witnessed nothing!Stand up!I said stand up Bengi!Esma tried to kill me, but she failed! And I killed her! What did you do?Esma was a young girl Esma -Esma was my daughter’ After Esma failed, Malhuntried to kill me!

And you saw that she stabbed me! Celali also saw herYou will appear in the court I will set up and you will be my witness.Do you understand, BengEsma didn t do anything.She would not speak.You killed Esma?She would not speak She was going to take her brother and leave! I told you' I told you that if you want power, you could not show mercy! I told you that you would not show your weaknesses Bengi Hatun! Now go and bury her! Then you will come and be my witness at the court’ If you dare rising against me for this poor girl......this time I will not take the one you raised....but the one you gave birth to!

What happned next in this Episode Read Here

You are a smart womanUse your wisdom.Alps!We will not say eyvAllah" to Ismihan s trap'I lost all my patience, and the balance is broken’ I will not let that cruel woman keep my mother! Everyone to their horses! We will raid Sogut’ Come on! BrotherWe are setting out before talking about it But my father..We cannot stop when this is happening, Alaeddin.We cannot Isnuhan wants to execute my mother.We cannot lose any timeMother.My sonsMother.-My mother Malhun We knowWe know everything First we will calm down I will go and take my mother .. then I will calm down.-My sonStop How can I stop, Bala mother? Are we going to bow down the slander they put on my mother?

When did we bow down’ How do you think we will let Ismihan do that Orhan Bey?Don't worry Osman Bey is n Sogut with his Alps now.He will do the necessary thing I do not want to disobey you but . .! cannot sit here and wait Bala mother It is the command of Osman Bey, Orhan Bey’ You and Alaeddm will protect Yenisehir Sure, the order is given by my Bey. Orhan.Nayman expects us to leave this place empty Our duty is really important Don t you see?You will protect this place..and I will go and learn the truth from Bengi who witnessed everything Go nowtYes, she did it! Malhun tried to kill her.She must be punished.This cannot happenHow could she hurt the Vahde of the Seljuk?

Episode is going on very interesting read more

O people’The one who did this to our Sultan today......can do worse things to us tomorrow! They say Malhun Hatun did this because of her greed.She must be punished.The one who did this to our Sultan .. even if she is the Hatun of a Bey, she will be punished heavily.They must gather the members of court!But . we will learn the truth We will not leave our Sultan alone We want her to face the court!We want her to be punished! Ismihan!I hope you did not find it strange, Malhun.I don't Isrnihan butwhen I put you here you will find it strange.You will be crushed underyour dreams.You cross the lineThen you will pay the price.Are you going to make us pay for it with slander?Look at you..Guards Malhun Hatun wants to finish the job in the dungeon that she couldn t finish earlier If I wanted to kill youYou wouldn't be able to talk right in front of me Ismihan And I d pay the price as I want.

You look miserable MalhThe actual miserable thing is, that you are thinking you can beat me.Neither younor Osman BeyYou are the grass that I crush with my feet on my way to power.You cannot tell the difference between a sycamore and grass, Ismihan.We will see.Will you step on us or will we fall over yoiP Moisture confused Malhun Hatun She is dreaming the impossible Take her out one finds peace when he goes to a different place Where are you taking me? You will see What s your order my Bey?Wait. It is obvious that they made the people angry We will return We will return Osman Bey’ -Wait!What's happening here?Malhun Hatun tried to kill our Sultan!

There's no such thing Where is your justice?! We were trusting in your justice Desturi Destud Do you know what are you doing?’ Do you know who are you talking to? Just wait Calm down What are you doing?Is there such a thing?Calm downWe prepared all the precautions Everyone is gathering around.Good Good.My hands are tied but your heart is tied.Are you that scared of us?I'm not afraid of my life.My only worry is my state s future.Even if there is that little ant blocking it, I will take great precautions The future of the state?on’t trick yourself. Vour only worry is Osman Bey.You hate him so much thatYou eat from the same plate with those who have the blood of a Turk in their hands.

Stop Celah. Let her talk.You are talking about state and the future but They thank those who will put chains around the neck of the state, but you kill the children of this country without blinking And then you are blaming us.Ismihan, how are you going to die You will never see this Malhun Hatun Because you tried to kill the Vahde Sultan of Seljuks.You don t have much time left Listen ListenEven the people,will think that every breath you take is haram to you.Soldiers’ Open the door'Open thisMy Bey. Let us clear the path.Wait. Open here!Osman!Osman I am alright, don t worry! MalhunMalhDraw your sword, Osman BeyDraw it So the people will see that you and your Hatun have the same soul Don t you have shame?How can you come to the property of the Valide Sultan of Seljuq state without permission?Do you see, my people?If there is someone who is not scared of Allah and not ashamed of people, that is you, Valide Sultan How dare you put my Hatun in prison?Everyone saw Everyone found out about your treason.

If you reached here reading this then you have understand that how interesting this Episode is

Malhun sneaked in with her traitor by her side First, the assassin Esma.. .then she attacked herself when she failed Here it isIt is your Hatun s bloody dagger.She must be punished!\ %•nVahde SultanSo you are saying that you made the biggest plan, huh?WkftjYou shed the blood you slandered her And you are telling me to wait for the end of your move.Tell meHave you ever witnessed a situation that I stopped?Do you think I will let you do that’ Everyone knows about your enmity you have for me Your Hatun let her anger control her and made a mistake Don t you make a move Osman Bey Or else, I will make you face court with your Hatun Valide SultanIf I was to make a move, I would destroy this place when you were in it..! always make my moves in order But you you will set my Hatun free who you caught without an order.Set her free, or else .-0, people ..Look at my woundLook at the situation these rebellious people put the Valide Sultan of Seljuk in Now he comes, stands in front of me with no shame and threatens meHe asks for favoritism because he is a Bey Because he is a Bey he wants the laws to ignore him Do you see your Osman Bey?

How could you do this to the Sultan of Seljuq^ Even if it is Osman, he will be hold to account!Mother . Speak!What happened? Who did this to my sister?I could not stop them.I could not stop them..Ismihansmihan killed heMalhun Malhun caused thisThey caused this!What did my aunt Malhun do, Bengi mother? Mother what are you saying?Aybars. Tell me somethingMalhun Hatun sent Esma to kill Valide Sultan And when Esma got caught, she got in and tried to kill Valide Sultan.Now she is arrested.Malhun Hatun huhI entrusted my sister to them.My aunt Malhun would never do that Don t you hear hMy Esma died! Who are you defending? AlcicekDon t speak like you don t know my aunt.Killing Ismihan..See it Aktemur! See it!Your aunt burnt my sister to kill Ismihan Sultan! From now on, Ismihan Sultan . and Malhun Hatun are our enemies’ Enough!

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