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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 126 Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

The start of this Episode is amazing that you cant stop yourself to watch th whole Episode

This is Episode No 126(28th) of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 28 of Season 4 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.Because SultanAlaeddin supported meYou want to take his throne?You being against me means that I am on the right way.I will bring you death on your right way.Give.. Stop1■ueujAejjWhile we ai e living in Bursa in peace..Our enemies are making moves.Right now in KonyaOsman is trying to enthrone Mesut who supports him.Sir, Usman is dreaming.Konya is under the rule of Gazan Khan He can’t do thatExactly, Commander Faustus.ExactlyThe biggest mistake we can make .Is looking down on our enemy.Osman is thinking what you think A caravan from Tabriz, is moving towards Konya right now.Do notEver feel let dusk fall on your hearts.And answer meAre you ready to spill blood?Our swords has waited enough in their sheats Lord Valens Today..We will strike on four sides We will defeat all of his supporters While Osman is not hereWho will we ram hell to, my Lord.

Those who live in tribesYouYou will march to Kizilbey Tribe.# ; * 3 f & 9YouYou will destroy Cavuldur Tribe And you two..You will destroy Demirkhan and Uraz.Commander Faustus'You will come with me.We will destroy Osman s biggest legion together.Today, rip down mercy from your heart The women of those sheep are also fighters Their children, hold grudges.When they grow up, they seek revenge.And elderly *They are wise and experienced.No mercy112 L r.jr.2 si[?o'2Today, show no mercy for anyone.No one will be taken captive, come on1 uewsoThis Bayindir and MesutThis treachery, can not be silenced This is a waste of timeI manage a community Nayman.To not let this kind of treachery happen again..I will behead them all to make an example.will skin this oneThey did a move .And they received nothing in return except for failure I will hang their corpses for weeks in Konya That is, of courseIf Sultan allows itWhy uncle5Why?

What happned next in this Episode Read Here

You want this throne that much?What throne are you talking about AlaaddirP The only thing I wanted to interfere Is doing business with Nayman.What about you Osman Bey^Is this your wayTo betray who raised youSultan AlaeddinI grew up under the shadow of Seljuk State Because I grew up under its shadow I was a Bey worthy of traditions What about yoiPYou became blind as you grew up under the shadow of Vahde Sultan Vahde SultanNeither seesnor shows truth to you.Because of her hunger for power.Truth you sayo 0<£Truth is what my eyes see.There is no one but traitors m front of me right now.YouYou've betrayed theSultan of Seljuk StateMy Vahde Sultan, you asked if I allowed for punishment.My answer is .Whatever Valide Su tan says Tomorrow, this will be done after the sun rises Take them away1•'» -TP IIVJpfFt;Until Osman s head is cut off No one will enter Konya Bendu.

We put Osman in the cageHe will lose his head sooWhy are you worriedCommander NaymaiPWe put the sheep in the cage .....but we will not stop being careful Until Osman s head is cut off ...I will have the east and the west in my hands You will hold the east; Bendu.Gazan Khan might make a move to weaken . .the people in KonyaIf he makes a move.. we will crush them before arriving in Konya.Come onCelali’ You know your limits nghP I do, my Sultan.That s why you lived for so long.That s why you served Konya for all your life Those who know their limits live long But that Osman never knew his limits Vahde Sultan...Forgive me, but...why didn t we kill him there7 Unfortunately..Osman has a reputatio among Turkmens If he does not die next to Mesud ...his treason cannot be proven.Thus..there won't be a silent death His death will teach a lesson to everyone.It will so his dead body...will be announced as a traitor Soldiers*| > < | THE ONLY WAY TO THE VALLEY'Ce I a I iBut there is such a person that...he won t die easilyUntil I get nd of my anger.... you will not stop, Celali At the beginning we were on the wrong way.But we fell on the right way.

Episode is going on very interesting read more

Being forgiven by you..means nothing to me.May Allah forgive this poor man You were with me when I was playing all those. ... games.Do you think you are on the right way just because you ... stood against me in one of those games BayindiP NoNot everyone who looks for it cannot find it but everyone who found it must have looked for it at one point I did not tell you that I reached the right way.I said I fell on the right way Ismihan HatunI will not hear anything but his screams of . pain, CelaliTake himWe failed huh Osman Bey?\<5Who said that Sultan Mesud7 We have not lost yet.You would not make a move before planning a game in another game, my Bey.Osman Bey We are already miserable in this dungeon.Do not lock us in our curiosity.Unfortunately, Konya is under Gazan Khan s control Unless we receive an order or a will from him .your throne will not be rightful.I told Gazan Khan that Nayman and Ismihan are working together.and that they are trying to drag Sultan Alaeddm into the game Sheikh Edebah and Turgut went to Tabriz for this Gazan Khan will send a troop and take us out of here And InshaAllah, he will let you sit on the throne of Konya.Osman Bey.

You planned your move with details again You did that butwhat if that army cannot arrive in Konya7 Do we depend on the army that Gazan will send7 What if they cannot arrive on time?What are we going to do then, my Bey?Then we will come together with the ultimate ending.We will drink the sherbet of shahada But no... We won t die easily We have valiants like Salancu and Korkmaz, although they are not crowded.Now. . They will give us swords.And we will fight at the risk of our lives EyvAllahYou are coming with us, Osman Bey.Where is Osman Bey going brother’ You should pass our bodies first then Osman Bey can come. -Alps, wait Wait Come hereCome hereThere is no need to be worried Be carefulWe will either succeed or die.We've made good money recently.We II racketeer much moreWhere are we going next?We'll visit all the villages around to racketeer Our pouches will be full of coins Come on.Folks'You ve filled your stomachs.You can't leave without paying.Look at him1 He's talking to us1 Be grateful that we didn t kill you.

Buzz off1If you don t pay, don't • t rn«- h< re .Plain'No food for free1Maybe I will, maybe I won t It's none of your business’ Your mouth is too big for an innkeeper.Let's take care of thatLeave my son* Just get out of here.Leave the boyForumKavi-comGazan Khan s commanderYou are Esrigun BanuBala Ha tundaughter of Sheikh Edebah wife of Osman Bey.I heard your reputation from your father Sheikh Edebali.He sent salaam for you -Aleykum selam.Did they know who you are?In usual stories heroes save the innkeeper's daughter I saved the innkeeper s son today.You've rested long enough’We came here to solve a problem.We can go now.Come on, Sisters' Tell the alps to prepare the wagons May Allah's greetings be upon you May Allah's greetings be upon you O The Most Generous*O my Merciful Allah'My Allah .I ve come to YouThe cruel keep tyrannizing.The darkness keeps living in dungeons.ButBut Your light is eternal, my Allah.YOUR Mercy is eternal my Allah.My Allah.Save me from this darkness my Allah.YOU have all the belongings and the sovereignty.

My cause is being away from the evil and wrong My only cause is spreading....the words of Quran in the whole world.My Allah, help me get nd of ....all the obstacles against my cause My Allah, let me and my servants of IslamAccept my prayers my Allah.We equipped Konya like an impassable army, Valide Sultan.And we placed the loyal the secret passages as you ordered And we laid traps in the passages as a precaution If anyone comes through those passages will be their graves’What about soldiers?Did they mingle with the people?Yes Valide SultanIn case of an attack, they will agitate. .and make the people attack all together GoodNeither a sword nor a commander can capture ...a city that has become a whole with its people.What are we taking measures against, Valide Sultan7 Won t you let us know7 Measures are always required, Celali Both Mesud and Osman will be beheaded I will show my power to the whole world So if anyone makes a move to save them, . I will destroy their courage Until Mesud’s head falls down .

If you reached here reading this then you have understand that how interesting this Episode is

you will always be with my Sultan son Celali.Some will intend to leave the palace without a Sultan and Konya without a head.You will drown them in their own blood.Now let s go. .. .and talk to my Sultan son before the executions tomorrow Sultan Alaaddin isn't in his chamber Where is he?What is it. Mighty Sultan’You wanted to see your servant Osman in the dungeon?Neither I see Osman as my servant... nor does Osman accept me as a Sultan You're just a traitor, Osman.Mighty Sultan.The state isn t ruled by you ...but by Valide Sultan.All the soldiers obey herBut you are ]ust ignoring that I can t serve thatAnd what is so-called traitor Nayman doing?He's protecting my throne.And fighting against the rioters within the state Supposedly, Wayman is the enemy And what about you? An ally, Osman?Mighty Sultan’I m the enemy of everyone who is against Turks and Islam.ButYou claim I’m a rioterSo tell me..What did I not against?Against me Osman1Sultan AlaaddinI have no hostility against you.But you are ignoring Valide Sultan s evil games.

Tell meHow did you ascend the throne?Are you questioning the legitimacy of my sultanate now7 Sultan Mesud wanted to make Konya free He wanted to break Mongolians But Mongolians.... wanted a Sultan who would do whatever they wanted So Valide Sultan made a deal with Mongolians That’s how you ascended the throne, Mighty Sultan Tell meWhat did you dofor the cause of Turks7What’s the cause of Turks?My cause is the freedom cause of Turks If Konya is to be taken captured, . .then the frontiers will remain free If Konya is to be crushed.then the frontiers will rise If one hand leaves the flag, . the other hand will carry it That's how we ve existed so far And so will we foreverYFNI1- FTTTR BF'r KON'\KDo you know what threw Hadrat Ibrahim to fire?Because he broke the idols, Kumral Abdal NoBecause he didn’t prostrate to Nimrod.That Nimrod~ jQOsaw himself as the god of his people.When they tookHadrat Ibrahim before him with the crime of breaking the idols, Nimrod wanted him to prostrate to him When Hadrat Ibrahim told Nimrod that I swear that I will not prostrate to anyone but my Rabb who created you and me and all the worlds,he showed his sideMaybe he would forgive what was done to the idols but the greatest idol was Nimrod s nafs (self).

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